Renew Or Sign Up For a New Costco Membership And Get 2 Months Free!

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If you become an executive member you’ll also get a $10 GC.

If you are renewing you must opt into auto-renewal by calling 877-258-6032 to get the 2 free months. “Cardmember has the ability to opt-out of automatic renewal at any time upon request by calling 1-800-774-2678.”

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16 Comments On "Renew Or Sign Up For a New Costco Membership And Get 2 Months Free!"

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I just renewed! Think there is any way I can get them to add this?


what do you mean 2 months free? there is no monthly fee. its a yearly fee!!


Doubt it, but feel free to call the number and try.

Pay for 12 months, get 14.


i guess the only thing i will gain is that i will renew it 2 months later next year but its not like i get extra $$$ in my pocket. just trying to understand as i am already a executive member which means you get 2% back at the end of the year up to $500
Dan Keep up the great work!! thanks


You’re paying $100 for 12 months of executive membership, in other words $8.33 per month.

With this offer you get 14 months for the same price, or $7.14 per month.

Or you can sign up as a new member and pay $90 for 14 months of executive membership, or $6.43 per month.


Can I do this in store?


Is it true that even there membership has a costco return policy? Ie. if i can get a refund for it before it expires.





I just called Costco. They told me I’m already registered for the auto renewal. They offered the extra 2 months on their own. So now my renewal is Sept. instead of July.


Wow, nice!


…use your Yiddisha Kup – WHAT DO YOU THINK GET 2 MONTHS FREE MEANS???


Hi Dan,
Does this work for Costco in Canada


i called and they said i was a canadian member so i cant do it with the US number. I called in Canada and they said they do not have this offer available, so…


Wait whats the second option on the page(Gold)?
Does that mean I can get 14 months for $50?




What happens if you return something at Costco for a refund but the cc used has been closed? Do they give a $ refund or store credit?