Reload Your Starbucks Cards With $10, Get $5 Back With AMEX Offers

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I wrote a few minutes ago with the new AMEX Offers, “The trick is with many of these is to be creative…”

Well Starbucks had $5 off $10+ on through 12/31, but DDF’er D93 confirmed that he got an AMEX email confirmation after reloading his Starbucks card for $10.

Just tweet #AmexStarbucks and load your card with $10 online or via the Starbucks app and you should get an email confirmation as well.  Allow a week or so after the charge posts to get the $5 credit.

For full instructions and how to register each of your AMEX cards, see the original post here.

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what about just buying gc

Jennifer Frishman

do you need to pay the reload with an amex card?


Reloaded $20 from 2 cards but now I am getting “Oops, something has gone wrong! We’re sorry but we can’t perform the reload right now. Please try again later.”

Anyone else start getting this?


@Jennifer Frishman:
Yes, lol. Amex will not give you a statement credit, nor will they know you spend the money if you dont use the amex registered with your twitter account.


@Jennifer Frishman: yes. You have to use an Amex card that you registered with the #AmexStarbucks offer. See here for more details –


Can this be for a new starbuks card as well?

Aerial Dag

Thanks, worked for me.


Can you use your loaded starbucks card to buy a GC online or in store?


Thanks Dan! just what I was looking for


Thanks dan!

Happy Thanksgiving

Oops, something has gone wrong!
We’re sorry but we can’t perform the reload right now. Please check your payment method and billing address before trying again.


Thanks!! Worked for me.


Thanks. Worked for me too!


Thanks! Worked!


@Happy Thanksgiving: I got the same error message. Not sure why. My mom did the exact same thing and her reload went through right away.

Mike W

Yeah, same for me after two $10 loads. I’ll just wait a bit and try later.


got the same messages, i see the charges are pending on my cc and i got the email from amex that i used my offer,

Heather L. Cannady

Went on the app and through the store (which kicks you out and forces you to the card site). Pending charges but still no confirmation email for either card. Odd!

Heather L. Cannady

@Heather L. Cannady: Nevermind. Waited about 10 minutes and the emails came.


do they sell gc, that this would work?


I never got the email
Several hours now since I did the reload thru the app


From the Starbucks site

‘For every Veterans Starbucks Card or Starbucks Card eGift, purchased November 4 – 11, Starbucks will donate $5 to Onward Veterans*, an initiative to support and empower veterans and their families as they transition to civilian life. Together we can say “thank you”.’

I bought 4 $10 cards so that means Starbucks will donate $20 to this charity as well.


Worked for me! Thanx!


Worked for me! Thank you! Do you think I can use it twice?


i assume I got the credit on my card…not sure how I can tell…and it is disappointing because twitter says that you get the credit for online purhcases only…I’m not sure if I will ever use the Starbucks website to purchase sopmething in my lifetime