New Or Existing Customers: Save 20% From All Stores On Google Express; Check To See If Your Costco Is Back To In-Store Pricing!

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If you are new to Google Express and click on this Google Express referral link you’ll get another $10 off $10. At checkout just click to redeem the $10 code that will be in your account or use code: J654NK3HH

All customers can use the following code for 20% off when using the Google Express app: APP20OFF

The max savings for that code is $20 and the code expires on 2/12 or while supplies last.

You use the code once per account and you can only use one code per order.

Google Express launched with a membership based model charging $99/year after a free trial. However Google Express abandoned the paid membership model in favor of higher free shipping thresholds from most stores.

The amount needed for free shipping varies by store. Some have free shipping on all orders while others have $15, $25, $35, or $49 minimums.

Stores include Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and more stores that vary by region. If you’re in the LA region you can even order from Western Kosher.

Google Express charges the same as in-store pricing for most stores, however Costco pricing varies by region.

It’s worth noting that several regions are back to charging regular in-store pricing for Costco. For example there are zip codes in Brooklyn that were adding a premium that are now back to normal.

You can tell when Costco prices are higher when you click here, set your delivery address, and see if the banner says than prices may differ from in-store prices:

If prices are the same it will just show:

You can try different addresses to see which banner comes up. Nearby zip codes may have different policies.

It is cool that you can still use an AMEX at Costco with Google Express, as that allows you to take advantage of benefits like extended warranty, etc.

Non Costco members can also order Costco items with a 10% surcharge in most regions.

What do you buy with Google Express?


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That Costco link to check the pricing is not working

ron lawiski

@Dan I tried using a amex at costco on google express and it told me that this seller doesn’t accept amex


So excited for my first HT!!!
Thanks Dan, DDF rocks!


Still the higher Costco prices in DC – I won’t use Costco on Google express and will shop less frequently at Costco until they change this.


Mine just says free delivery over $35 but the prices are still a lot higher than in the store


I am getting hughes prices than my Costco store without the message in the banner. Cle zip code


My LA Costco is still charging a higher price. Even though the banner doesn’t state it. Ever since the price increased I no longer buy Costco on Google express. I used to spend 50 a week at least. I live too far to drive there often. They lost my business until they lower the price .


They were losing money with the lower price so in your case it’s a wash.


will you get the 5% rewards for wholesale clubs from discover ?




So is it just Brooklyn that lowered the prices?
Any other cities got lower prices?


11234 lower
11230 still high


It doesn’t say in the banner that pricing may vary but they’re still charging more than the store. I checked a few items and they are definitely marking up the price.


Google Express started out promising but they have degraded the service so that it is essentially useless unless you are a wealthy home-bound grandmother who can’t get or Amazon on your whitelist.

Google Express used to be home delivery from stores in your neighborhood the same day you ordered. Now you order and they send it using random carriers and you get it three days later – unless it is delayed. There remains a shortage of useful local delivery options. There has never been a shortage of retailers from whom you can order for delivery three days later.


Can you put one Costco account on more than one Google Express account?


It’s not worth it to try to take advantage of Google … (Unless you are using your second household account with a different Google account)

Andrew Markowitz

Case Kedem Grape Juice for Passover, Stop n Shop in 10977.


Ordered toner as I always do with these Google Express discounts. The original prices are competitive and with the discount the price is a steal.
Thanx, Dan.


Message from Google Express 2 weeks ago:
Memberships are required for Costco orders starting February


Because you’ve recently ordered from Costco with Google Express, you’re getting this note about an upcoming service change.

Starting February 5, you’ll have to be a Costco member to shop Costco on Express. Focusing on its membership program will allow Costco to increase selection on Google Express and maintain low prices.

You can buy a membership (starting at $60 per year), or enter an existing membership number at under Loyalty programs.

Thank you for shopping with us,
The Google Express team

Chaya Aizenman

woohoo! TY


Brooklyn costco still has higher prices. also it’s not letting me use the code online. it says it can only be applied in the app


k just checked again and saw that you posted that. sorry