Intro Offer: Paul Fredrick 100% Cotton Non-Iron White Dress Shirts For $24.95, Plus Get Free Monogramming!

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Update: DEAD!

Paul Fredrick Intro Shirt Special Linky

Paul Fredrick Non-Iron cotton dress shirts are normally $89.50 each and monogramming is normally an extra $10.95/shirt. With this deal you’ll pay just $24.95 for non-iron cotton shirts and you’ll get free monogramming!

You can purchase up to 4 shirts at these rates.


Via the link above you’ll be able to customize your shirt by selecting from:
-Regular, trim, or big & tall fit
-Collar size and sleeve length
-Several types of collar styles
-Button or french cuff
-Optional monogram at no additional cost (Font style, color, location)

Shipping for 4 shirts is $15. There’s no sales tax collected outside of PA, MD, and MA.

-You can add up to 2 silk ties, normally $72.50, for $19.95 with this promo.
-You can add up to 2 non-iron blue shirts, normally $89.50, for $39.95 with this promo.

“We GUARANTEE a perfect fit. If you are not completely satisfied, we want to make it right. Exchanges are free within 90 days, domestic shipping fees waived. Return it within 90 days and receive a prompt refund of the purchase price.”

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I wear these shirts on a regular basis and love them!

CPA from Boro Park

Excellent price for these shirts. Not as good fit as Charles Tyrwhitt, but the quality is way superior. CT Shirts shred very easily and going down in quality. These Paul Fredrick shirts last much longer, better material, and a nicer white.


Good to know I’m not the only one who has had major issues with CT shirts of late, I’ll try these out and hope they’re better than the junk that CT has become.


Are they still a stickler that you have to be a new customer? Last time (on the regular shirts) they emailed me back that they are cancelling my order since i’m not a new customer.


I reorder these all the time with no issue.


Wow what a deal!! these are really good quality. Already got one and let my dad know.


Seems like sometimes it goes through and sometimes it doesn’t. Have you bought the non-irons before?

sandi raven

Got the non-irons for my son 2 years ago and after they are washed and go through the dryer without any special care, they still look like they have been ironed(even with the crease down the sleeve).


Its not letting me pick a size


never mind got it
@dan,how is a new customer determined? email, shipping address, or cc number?

Aharon Schonfeld

They use billing address, my brother tried and they refused him Becca had bought previously (but I bought this twice so it doesn’t hurt to try)


How do they compare to Brooks brother?


My husband has CT, Brooks Brothers and Paul Fredrick and I like Paul Fredrick best as far as quality and fit. It sits nicest on his very big and tall figure. Highly recommend!


Does PF ship to Canada? IF so, extra shipping charges?


They ship to Canada but you’ll have to pay extra border taxes and your package will not be released unless you pay. On four shirts it’s close to $50!!!


Does shoprunner work?


I have many of the Paul Fredrick non iron shirts, and they look and feel great! I am changing over my whole shirt stock to them. I was not impressed by the CT non iron shirts at all.


They canceled on of my orders because the billing address is the same, yet shipping addres, name, cc and email were different.
So only one person in my family can order?!?

First time ever ordering fredrick. Stupid move one their part….


Why are their extra-trim-fit shirts never included in their sales???


Because they took so much out of them to begin with *rimshot*


how does it compare to the ones that are NOT non-iron


does paul mind if you an existing customer, or its just marketing to think you are getting a “one time” special and they’d love for you to order all the time??

montri all

They keep canceling my order if any of the info is the same from a previous order; name, address, or CC#


How does the fitting compare to CT shirts? Is trim fit the same as slim fit? are the arm lengths the same? I like the way CT shirts fit and look but I’ve also had issues with them ripping way too fast.


Thanks Dan! Great shirts and price.


Anyone got these in the past? How “non-iron” are they actually? And is the thickness and quality comparable to the “wrinkled” ones?


does anyone know how i can get free shipping

Hock purposes only

I’ve bought these shirts before they are great shirts very wrinkle free and much better quality than ct


Can anyone confirm that they indeed do not wrinkle??


They really don’t!


i love mine, but they come out of the dryer needing ironed. Do you let them complete the cycle or do you take them out early? we dry on delicate cycle.


Bought these last time they were on sale, they look perfect out of the wash and after wearing them for a day.


is pfs slim more slim than of ct or less or same thing?


If they cancel, do they do it right away l?

Slim Jim

Is there any way to get the extra trim fit at this price?

Slim Jim

@ely: no, and they’re much longer

Slim Jim

@ely: sorry, I wasn’t clear – I meant not as slim


How’s the fit? I s it the same as Brooks Brothers?

gee rose

Is this offer still valid?


We tried to order but we didn’t find the discount.
We tried to enter the code JWAELS in the checkout,
but it says that it’s not valid.
Can you please help us?

Thank you!


my problem with these shirts is the spread collar is not really spread. BUT I do agree with the above – CT shirts have become garbage…


It seems to only go up to a 17.5 inch neck size … oh, well.


I was able to call them up and order my 18 1/2″ shirts over the phone … Thanks!


You cannot use mailing or shipping address more than once for this introductory offer. If you do they will call you and tell you that they are cancelling your order.


@marko: paul fredrick has shopruuner. you need to add the shirts to your cart in the regular website and use the promo code. this link doesn’t give the option for shoprunner. but if dan gets something if you use his link, you should defintely use the link and forget the $13 shipping. 🙂


Whas’s the promo code for this offer?


@Dan: i don’t see the option for shoprunner anymore and i am %100 sure they had it (i looked up my last order) did they stop it?


How does fit and quality compare to the old regular Paul Frederick that always had intro special a few years back?


These are great quality shirts. Fit is great. I only buy no iron shirts and these are my favorite


Hi Dan,

Just wondering, how often may one take advantage of this offer?


Is there a code to use or is the 4 shirt deal expired? Not working…


can this be used together with their general 30% off plus free shipping that’s running today?

Liam K. Nuj

Any recommendations for similar quality shirts for teenage boys (Boys size 16)?


I know it is not relevant to the shirt discussion, but I know Paul and taught his kids in the Jewish Day school. Very fine man and nice kids (grown by now)


I’m confused about the fabric. Website doesn’t specify: twill, broadcloth, etc. At full price they have options, but they don’t seem to say what they provide on this sale. Anyone know? Thanks.

(Looking for CT alternative. Lewin shirts fit me great, but I happen to like a chest pocket, plus they always seem to be (in)conveniently out of stock of White.


@dan does the offer still exist? Checkout is regular price by me! 🙁


how long does it take to receive them?


How do they compare to Jos a bank Traveller shirts? Is tailored fit same fit as Jos a bank tailored fit ?


Every time that Dan posts this offer I get 4 shirts. Are great for every day use if you work on an office.


Are they better than TM Lewiin?


What is the most popular collar style for teenagers? Thanks


I don’t see an option for sleeve length. I want short sleeve


Short sleeve is a different type of shirt – not part of this deal.
“Sleeve length” is measured shoulder-to-wrist, not shoulder-to-elbow!


Must you buy 4 shirts for this deal?


4 is the maximum. You can buy one, but the shipping will be expensive…


Shirts quality – can anyone compare CT/BB/ This one?
Have CT, happy user, recently ordered BB and cotton seems plastic, and thin- not same as CT. All comments of shirt users appreciated!


@Dan Shipping is $15 for me.


same by me


Not happy with ct at all I think it’s because there quality got worse and I use oxi clean on them, can we get some kind of vote which brand is the best? Ct B.B tm Lewin or Paul Fredrick? So far it looks like Paul is the way to go.


I can’t seem to choose a size . Anyone having this issue?


Forget it. I refreshed it and it worked. Thanks Dan


Can I still return or exchange if I order my shirts with a Monogram?


I see it says free returns
But can the shirts be opened and tried on and still be returned for free with full money back?


Dan, is this deal for short sleeve shirts too?


Thx. i like them better than ct


just tried and didnt get it
here is the link to my basket, do u know why not?


Are these slimmer than CT slim fit shirts?

isaac ashkenazi

is it dead?


is there an updated link for this?

Paul az

Is there a updated link for this?


These going to happen again any time soon?


Anybody know how to get this offer again?

Menachem y Laskar

when will it come back again?


Anyone know how we can get this deal activated again? These are great shirts, but just can’t pay close to $100 each!