HURRY! Save $30 Off $40 Of Activities From Expedia!

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Update: DEAD!

HOT! Save $30 Off $40 Of Activities From Expedia!

Save $30 off $40 of activities with code: THANKYOU

  • Activity must take place in 2018.
  • Limit of 1 use per Expedia account.
  • Enter the coupon and the review and book page.
  • Code valid for limited number of uses.

For example, peak dates during the last 2 weeks of December for the Empire State Building with VIP Skip-The-Line tickets are $40, but will be just $10 with this offer:

Post what activity deals you find!

HT: YossieW, via DDF and DoC

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American in Israel

Any other examples?
In Israel?


Tried the empire state building offer. It shows th at its $40 but at checkout, it’s $39.20. Coupon cannot be applied


Legoland discovery center in Westchester. 2 tickets for 11.26.


Doing legoland with my 3 and 5 yo. Total cost $31.89. Thanks Dan. Thought you were on vacation?


You paid too much. You could have done two separate transactions to have the grand total come out to around $20.


2 separate transactions would not have been $40 each. Got 1 adult and 2 kids tickets… and u can only use promo once per account


My mistake ended up helping me out, as I didn’t have Expedia insider status. Without the Expedia insider prices, two tickets came to $41 (good for the coupon). With the Expedia insider prices, it was at $39 (below the $40 for the coupon).

Ahuva Veig

Hi, just checked Legoland in FL…it is $80-$85 for 1 daily ticket… How did u figure the cost so cheap?


I think Legoland FL is more of a large outdoor amusement park. I think the one in Westchester is a complex inside a shopping mall.

Ahuva Veig

Hi, just checked Legoland in FL…it is $80-$85 for 1 daily ticket… How did u get yours so cheap?


I did it for the one in NY


i used it 3 times this morning for a family activity (international). Used 3 different names / credit cards / emails to get around the one-time limitation.


Which activity and where?


…hmm, and that isn’t stealing because???


….Because the rules dictate that one per account. Is there a rule that you can’t have several Expedia accounts or an Expedia account per each family member. Would you consider it stealing to check 2 bags with the airline (1 bag under your ticket and 1 bag under your husband’s ticket) if the contents in both bags are only your clothing and shoes, not his? Maybe you’d find it more appropriate to pay $30/first bag and $40/second bag= $70 total? Instead of $30+$30= $60?


seems to me that the ESB with skip the line just bumped from $40 to $70. Did they just separate out the admission from the SKL option?

Points Refund

Was always like that. $40 is for non Skip the line option. $70 is for VIP option. Was like that when I checked last night too. Title is confusing, because it says “Empire State Building Tickets with Optional VIP Skip-the-Line Access” making you think you have option to take it.


In for Legoland NY also. $11 for 2 adults total (23 month old is free). Not a heck of a lot of options if you don’t want to do a $40 walking tour of NYC (not sure why that is appealing in the winter) or a food/bar walking tour in NY. Also a plus to have refundable tickets.

It’s a shame this is only for 2018. I’ll be in Ft Lauderdale in January. For those in FL in January, you can use this towards the Miami Seaquarium, and pay $20 a ticket (normally goes for about $50 a ticket.


hmm … Legoland comes to only $38.78 including taxes and coupon does not apply 🙁


Anything nice for CLE Dan?


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Booked a statue of liberty tour!


got 2 tix to THE RIDE NYC $39 each! thanks dan


Thank you worked ! Booked an activity in LA been wanting to do for just $11!!


Who wants to organize a mincha minyan at Legoland Westchester Christmas Day? lol We’ll be there. They are open Christmas and New Years Day for those that are off from work and school.

Points Refund


1) You should update post the $40 ticket is not for VIP access. The $70 ticket is for VIP. $40 is for standard.

2) You can add that Expedia lets you cancel for free up to 96 hours for most of these stuff. So you can book now and think later.


Not all of them are refundable.

Joe S

Thanks, got Audubon Nature Institute Multi-Park Experience Tickets in New Orleans for $14 each instead of $44 and $34. Needed a kid one too which was under $40 so just made her’s an adult ticket.


I got 2 entries to the Miami Seaquarium for $17 each. Basically i opened 2 Expedia accounts

Ed Travel

It worked for the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles …


can i buy a citypass eg for orlando. passes must be used within 1 yr of purchase




Dang, dead.


I used it less than an hour ago. it is not dead, but when buying city pass for new york, it only worked in one specific citypass, and not in the other alike passes.


Now I think that it is officially dead 🙁

Michelle Wudowsky

Coupon doesn’t work anymore

Ahuva Veig

Yep, defently dead.
Dan, update status so to save time & disappintment to others….