Hurry! Dell E1405 Notebook For Just $549 After $584 Coupon!


Dell E1405 Notebook Linky

Use the following code in your cart for $584 off (Exp: After 2,200 uses): Z90W2HH?S0849L

Specs @ $549:
-Intel CoreDUO T2350
-Vista Home Premium
-14.1″ Wide Screen XGA TFT Display with TrueLife
-1GB RAM at 533MHZ
-160GB SATA Hard Drive
-8X CD/DVD Double-layer Burner (DVD+/-RW)
-Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
-Dell 1390b/g wi-fi

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Just ordered it… with the upgrade to the 100g, 7200 RMP hard drive, the total comes to $604. Not a bad deal considering I live in Israel and will be picking it up when I’m home for sukkos. Hell, I could order a dozen of them and sell them for twice as much here in Israel, easy.


why would u pick the 100, the 160 has more memory, dan which is better?


just ordered this, seems like the same as the more expensive notebook except that this screen is 14 inch (not 17) and weighs a bit less.
But the Dell rep. said that these are discontinued and that my order will be cancelled.
We’ll wait and see.
thanks for the post, dan.


Because the 100GB is 7200 RPM and the other is 5400 RPM. (Faster hard drive)


Your order will be cancelled? I got a confirmation e-mail right after ordering, and about an hour later a nice Dell rep from somewhere in Punjab province called to confirm my credit card number, etc… She told me it will be delivered before Aug. 21st.

It seems that the more expensive notebook has a faster processor than this one, and it had different hardware options.

As for the hard driver, the difference between 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM when it comes to booting up and loading programs cannot be underestimated. I’ve seen laptops’ speeds improve more by upgrading the speed of the hard drive than by going from 512 to 1g or ram. Alas, I’ll have to make do with 1g of ram and a 7200 RPM hard drive. What ever shall I do with myself.


the code doesnt work anymore, do u have any other codes 4 this laptop??


thanks so much!!!

although somehow my total came to 800, it was still a great deal!


I would be skeptical that the system will actually arrive. The e1405/640m line has been phased out. The new lines, the 1420, 1520 etc are what Dell is currently building to order. Seems to me the only way that you can get a e1405 system, which is old, is through the Dell Outlet link from their main site. The fact that you can get to this site and choose options to configure a system is a result of how Dell sets up their website, via e-value codes. I wouldnt be suprised if you dont receive your machine… understand that on their production line for the states, they arent making these model of laptops anymore! Whatever leftovers that they have from the line they try to get rid of through DEll outlet….or mayeb by small chance they have enough parts left to put together a system….but its pretty unlikely. GOod luck!


you dont know what your talking about since they billed you they have to send you the product thats number one. number two even when they wipe a line out they have dozens of computers if not 100’s left over. so it is no suprise to me that my computer will be here next week. i ordered the xps on thursday and they wiped the line out on monday i recieved the order today