Groupon: $5 For $10 At Starbucks


Update: Dead!


Groupon: $5 For $10 At Starbucks

I was able to redeem my groupon voucher online for a Starbucks eGift card about 5 minutes after my purchase.  Then I just logged onto the Starbucks site to transfer the $10 eGift card code onto my Starbucks Gold card.  Remember to buy items at Starbucks in separate transactions to earn free drinks faster.

HT: SPGDude, via DDF

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@DAN I purchased it but it still says ‘processing’….whats the deal with that? How do i get the code right away?


I cannot believe anyone still needs Starbucks after last deal 🙂


sweet thanks!

Chaia Frishman

Keeps saying that groupon will be back temporarily.


This deal crashed the Groupon site. It has been down for a while and has made national news.


Got mine. Thanks! Sucks that you can only get 1 (without putting in extra effort that I don’t have to put in).




Got it. Combined it with my other card.


Got it. I previously did not own a hard copy plastic starbucks card and wanted to get one without going into the store or paying the set denominations on the website ($10,$15,$25 etc). The way I found to get around it was to click “transfer funds to a card” on the groupon redemtion page and then report card lost/stolen on the Starbucks website.
Voila! New card on its way.


its on aagain


Buy your groupon gift card at Safeway now and get 4x gas points for that purchase and 2x points on several different cards with grocery bonuses.