Groupon: $25 For A $40 Staples Gift Card


Update: Sold Out!

Groupon: $25 For A $40 Staples Gift Card

-Valid in-store only.
-Limit 1 per person
-Never expires.
-Cannot be used for credit card payments or to purchase other gift cards.
-Must redeem Groupon voucher here for a Staples eGift Card, which can be redeemed in a Staples store.

HT: DovtheBear, via DDF

Save on all your Groupon purchases! You can buy Groupon gift cards at Staples with your Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, and the Chase Ink Cash Card card to earn 5 points per dollar (worth roughly 9.5% back)!

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only one per customer

new yorker

can you really use 5 gc’s for one purchase as stated in the fine print?


Please explain how this works


@new yorker: yes, just did it.

David R

You can even start by buying a Groupon card at Staples with a credit card such as ink so you still get the 5X points.


i just bought it and for some reason there was a $10 groupon discount so i payed 15


Does staples price match to Amazon? Thinking about getting a Bluetooth?


Any recommendations for a Bluetooth in $50 range? Is the Plantronics Marque 2 good? It’s $50 on Amazon $60 at staples; so will cost me $35.


coupon is only good for in store.
store doesnt match on line venedors
Staples retail stores will price match prices at competitors’ brick-n- mortar retail stores and at


Wait! Staples sells items other than gift cards???


Does this work at Bureau En Gros??

Howard L.

@mo: Yup! Paper and Staples!!!


Can I sell it at Cardpool?


There is the possibility of getting an additional $10 off Groupon. I did, as did DJW. Check your Groupon account b4 you purchase it.


Thanks for the deal!!!! Going to use it to buy K-cups.

Staples has a 15% coupon online for Breakroom supplies and with this deal. It costs .36 per K-Cup (nantucket blend).


Or you can get the 8 o’clock brand and end up only paying .31 per cup.


i am searching staples to buy a Groupon gift card with my INK cant find can anyone pls provide link


They sell them in-store.


If u want the soda stream today is last day 4 this deal. Buy Groupon. Buy soda stream $80 use 20% off coupon=64-$20coupon=44. Pay w Groupon. Get 25 rebate=19 got free 15 from Groupon. Out of pocket cost= $4 plus tax instead of $80


DanR – Where do I check for this in my Groupon account? Thanks.

>>> There is the possibility of getting an additional $10 off Groupon. I did, as did DJW. Check your Groupon account b4 you purchase it.


Dan R, How would your groupon account have additional $10?

where do I find it?

This is $ off, not a gift card, and will not work for Miguel above.


btw, staples store is not easy to get a match to

they asked me to bring a print from on line staples (their own!!) or walk over to computer and show it. It was a long story, and didnt have time, so I just paid retail.


@Nun, sign into your groupon account. You will see the offer on that page and then see the $10 credit, before you finalize the Staples offer, or any other. Offer via groupon….


@Ask. There is a promo $10 off on both my Groupin account and my wife’s acct. It is a Groupon offer that is available for another day or two. Sign into Groupon first, and start to make a purchase on anything and you should see $10 credit offer before you finalize your purchase. I did it twice (wife’s acct and mine, as we both had the $10 offer…. I think everyone with a Groupon acct will get it as well). I paid $15 for the $40 Staples GC.


Purchase History
Discount: − $10.00
Visa ending in xxxx $15.00
Total charged: $15.00
My price:


Thanks, got it for 15


Sold out!!


Cr@p. I put this off while I figured out the $10 discount and now it’s gone!


Dan R, signed into groupon, didnt show on welcome screen the 10 discount. does it show only when checking out?

which purchases would it apply to?


ok, sold out….

if anyone is able to use the 20% PLUS this, please report back.


does anyone know if you can use a canceled amex platinum for the lounges if your card has not yet expired?


@Nun, thx to SAM, I used 20% off printable coupon at the store and also got the free bag… I purchased some houself items and a wireless speaker for Bluetooth capable gadgets..

You have a couple more days for that 20 % coupon


Dan R, you are the star of the week!


@Kugel thanks

@Ask the $10 applied to any Groupon deal over $25.. Keep an eye out, maybe it will return in the future


PS : it is all about the TEAMWORK


was the $10 displayed on welcome screen? where would it be located?

is it for referral, or just for being a nice guy?



@kugel ….The $10 was on the welcome screen when I am logged in…. I have not personally done the referral option yet.