Get A $5 Bonus When You Use A Visa Card To Auto-Reload Your Starbucks Card With At Least $25! Plus: Some Basic Starbucks Spending Strategies…


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Scroll down to the bottom-right for the “Set up Auto-reload, Get a $5 Bonus” offer.

-To be eligible for the $5 offer, you must sign up for Auto-Reload at by January 31, 2012.
-You must complete at least one Auto-Reload transaction for a minimum of $25 by February 29th, 2012.
-You’ll receive a $5 bonus load within 10 business days of your first completed Auto-Reload transaction.
-Only one $5 bonus per account allowed.

It’s also worth noting some basic Starbucks spending strategies:
-Register your gift card. As long as you use it once you’ll get a free drink coupon every year for use around your birthday.
-Never purchase more than 1 item at a time. Starbucks gives elite status perks based on the number of times you use your registered gift card. 5 items on one receipt earns 1 credit towards green or gold status. 5 items bought on 5 receipts earn 5 credits.
-After 5 transactions you get upgraded to green status and you receive free kosher parve soy milk substitution on any drink (normally 60 cents per drink) and free kosher parve syrup flavors (normally 50 cents per drink) You also receive refills on brewed or iced coffee and iced tea!
-After 30 transactions you get gold status and you start getting free drinks every 15 transaction. Remember if you are buying 2 drinks to order and pay for them separately to get more transactions in order to get free drinks faster!

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Little known fact: Refills are available for coffee and tea (excluding special drinks like lattes) for a reduced cost. I seem to remember it being about 50 cents. With your registered Card (not sure if it has to be Green status) said refills are free. Free wifi plus free refills = all day in Starbucks!

Thanks for the refresher, Dan!




will a visa debit card work?


If you stop the auto-reload will you lose the $5?

Note: be mindful of long lines! I’d hate to be stuck behind someone doing 15 separate transactions.


Coffee is naturally kosher, but ask your LOR for the status of ordering specialty drinks at Starbucks.

I would assume so, but the real question is why you don’t have a Visa credit card yet!

Nope, all you need to do is one auto-reload to qualify for the $5. Then you are free to stop it.

Lol…I was referring more to when going with your wife that you should order desperately or if you buying a newspaper or a bag of sweet potato chips or a bottle of water to buy those in separate transactions.
I’m not sure what you would do in 15 transactions!


Another great SBUX perk when you have a registered card is that you get a free 12 oz. espresso drink (latte, etc) when you buy a pound of coffee beans… in the old days it was just a regular coffee, but now you can get a latte type drink which is worth over $3.00. Enjoy!


1) Starbucks offers 50 cent refills all day.
2) check out a site a couple of lakewood guys compiled a list of all items available in starbucks for the kosher consumer. they even have seperate lists based on levels of stringiness

sam t

there is a website that discusses kashrus of starbucks
my experience after interviewing starbucks managers along the 4 and the jersey 17 is that the filters do not get washed with dirty dishes.(in the case they are washed with dirty dishes soap is added so its pagum-ask your rav)

sam t

dan you’re the best it took me a while to figure all this out and you post it in one post
by the way when you order a drink and ask for a cup of icewater -its free
for all frummies you can order earl grey tea it has a hechsher -ksa and is not brewed


Do you get a regular receipt when you pay with a gift card?


They updated the free anual birthday drink requirement a few months ago in an email. You have to have used the account within the last year (which really matters if you have registered cards for your different family members):

Birthdays are special. And we’re still celebrating yours with a free drink on your birthday. Hooray! As long as you’re an active member (meaning you’ve used your Starbucks Card within the last 12 months), you’ll get a postcard for a free birthday drink. And about a week to use it, in case you need it to be a day-after-your-birthday drink. (Wink.) Check the “valid through” date and come on in for a treat.