Express 9 Hour Flash Sale: Additional 50% Off Sale And Regularly Priced Items Plus Stackable Coupon Savings!

20 Linky Clearance Linky

Click on the 50% off sale banner for an additional 50% off select regular and sale priced items good only through 8am EDT!

Plus you can use one of the following coupons on top of the 50% off:
-$15 off $30+ orders with code: 4246
-$30 off $75+ orders with code: 4246
-$40 off $120+ orders with code: 4248
-$50 off $150+ orders with code: 4081
-$75 off $225+ orders with code: 4083

Orders that are $125+ after all discounts receive free shipping, otherwise shipping is $8.

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20 Comments on "Express 9 Hour Flash Sale: Additional 50% Off Sale And Regularly Priced Items Plus Stackable Coupon Savings!"

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Only codes 4248 and 4081 seem to work…


They all seem to work for me.


warning: coupons will not work with the clearance sale. I tried checking out and calling them and it wont work.


@dan, i posted on that last thread that it goes into cart but wont let you check out. Please advise if you actually tried checking out or only saw that it worked to add to cart.


4246 didnt work for me either


@yj, none of the coupons will work with clearance. if it does please let me know as i have 30+ items still in my cart:)


it worked for me!
just bought a suit and tie for 172.02!


4246 worked for me


JS, have you used the $15 of $30 promo code to buy anything recently? if yes, that may be why its not working. i just signed out of my account and it now lets me use the promo code


That might explain why only 2 of the codes worked above for me. Thanks!


maybe you guys are buying stuff that are not on the clearance. on the clearance only it wont let you do this…. so in essence what you end up getting is suit and tie @ $75 cheaper without the 50% off (which is the whole point for us)


@yj: NOPE. it wont combine with the clearance. i called express and they confirmed that you cannot use these codes if you have clearance items in your cart. Another words, to get the codes to work you need to have a total of lets say $30 of NON-Clearance items.

Try it again with clearance items and let me know if it works…..


works on clearance for me, try from a new account?



its including the 50% off
for example: the jackets original price is $298.00 – 50% – the $75 off u end up paying $101.04 for it!


It just worked for me. i just processed an order of clearance items and 4246 worked. make sure you are not signed in to your express account!!! the website has been getting maintenance tonight so try again now


code 4251 also works for 15 off 30


4246 worked for me Thanks Dan


I got five really nice items, including shirts, pants(men’s) and sandals for $60!!
They were all in clearance and got $30 off of $90! Icalled express because it didn’t look like it worked but once I got order number I was able to see it!

Thanks Dan!


4246 worked for me. I placed the order online and then called them and they refunded my 8 dollar shipping as a courtesy. They will not apply promo codes to clearance items over the phone but you can do it yourself online.
Thanks Dan


It works, and also – if you order ties they come scrunched up and wrinkled. I called and they’ll waive shipping. They waived shipping for a subsequent order with a tie as well.