Expedia: Dirt Cheap Hotel Rooms With $100 Off 3 Night Hotel Stays, $150 Off 4 Night Stays, Or $200 Off 5 Night Stays

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Update: DEAD!


Expedia.com Linky

-Use the following code for $100 off a 3 night stay: DISCVR105
-Use the following code for $150 off a 4 night stay: DISCVR151
-Use the following code for $200 off a 5 night stay: DISCVR201

To use a promo code just search for hotel, select a room, select the pay now option, and above the payment info click on “Enter a coupon or promotion code”











-Not valid on most chain hotels.
-Coupon expires until supplies last or until 03/15/15.
-Hotel stay must be completed by 08/31/15.

There are lots of great deals in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  Just remember that the total must be more than the value of the coupon, a $27 Circus Circus base room in Las Vegas won’t work, so either book an upgraded room or find another hotel.

Post what deals you find!



























































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Anything in cancun??


Anything in Miami?


Do you guys want to me to search for you, or what?


Thank you Dan!


does free-cancellation still work after using coupon?


@Dan, this is the message i’m getting in Niagara Falls “Sorry, your hotel isn’t covered by this coupon offer.” What are the exceptions?


Of course.

Are you trying to book a chain hotel?



Yes Plz! Miami


Try 1-900-DansDeals for all your personal searching needs.
(Kidding, though not a bad idea for a new revenue stream).


That would be great if you can search for us. Then I can take the gantze mishpuche- shiver and all, and stuff them all into a single room for 3 teg in las vegas, uber men kook nisht oif ale feste shiksas.


@Dan: where do you see anything about free cancellation? The rate I would like to book says non- refundable. Is there a way to get around that?


will it work for the lowes hotel miami August 8-11?


Obviously dsh321 was looking at a free-cancellation hotel. Every hotel is different.

Why don’t you just try it and see instead of asking me?


Do I have to stay all 3 nights, or can I check out after 2?


Never known a hotel to check to make sure you’re in bed at night.


Oh my…..how could you guys be so ridiculous and continue to ask him “if it works in x” after he explains exactly what to do. If you are that lazy you should probably find a new hobby.


just booked 3 nights at a well reviewed best western for 29 bucks a night in PALM SPRINGS. intially i got an error message saying the coupon code cannot be applied but i went ahead and reapplied it and it worked! p.s. dan booked it with visa gift card from staples with ink card


Going to Chicago next week and the code seems to be working on a few of the Hyatts there. Haven’t fully checked out yet but it applies the code!!!!! Thanks Dan, you truly are the best!!


works for Days Inns in Miami Beach


Prima Kings Yerushalayim 🙂


anyone know if those two israeli hotels are good?


If I am staying 3 nights total 2 nights in one hotel and one night in a different hotel will it work?


Dan can you check Las Vegas 3/9-3/13 for me. You don’t need to do it tonight but I do need an answer by Wed.


Just saved $100 on pesach booking at westgate lakes orlando. Thanks Dan!


Thanks Dan, I booked a hotel in Iceland for 4 nights in April. This goes along with tickets to Iceland that I bought a few months ago on Wow Airlines. Now I just need a good deal on a car rental and I’ll be all set!

Peter Leblanc

I booked a hotel (in Borneo) and attempted to book another – and it is a limit of one per “account”. Will book another through my wife…


Just book 3 nights in Larnaca, Cyprus for $10, with the tickets I bought last week on El Al from TLV total cost for me & wife $207.42. Thanks DAN!


Got 3 nights in Iceland for $25.70 total! THANKS DAN!


I just booked 4 nights in China with the $25 I got back from registering my US Airways MC for paperless. I still have 20 cents left!


it’s an ok deal. thanks for sharing, but it’s just $30-40 off per night, is that really dirt cheap?

Chanel B.

Tokyo – 3 nights during cherry blossom season at the Tokyu Stay Nihombashi ($160) after discount!

Thanks Dan 🙂


What are the chances this is still around in a few weeks?



Come on Dan! 900 number is so 1990’s – but anyway can you please give me instructions how I to call you collect on the new 900 line to have you book my ideal travel dates ASAP?


@help me
You rock!!


In Las Vegas at Rivera, that little extra “due at hotel” is for those pesky ‘Resort Fees’!


Dan, did you write post #10? Lol


Maybe you want Dan to come to your house and pack your suitcases as well.


Dan can it be used on vacation packages??


I can’t get this work anymore. I tried using your examples (and others) and I always get

Sorry, your coupon cannot be applied to this booking. Please check the Terms & Conditions.

Seems it’s dead?


Gary killed it.


@Chris: That’s what I thought 🙂




It’s dead?


@Chris: @TJ:

I’m-Chuldiks who is gary and why did he kill it?


Thank you Dan! I am so not an expert in booking things, using miles, etc but because of you my husband and I got the cheap transaero flights to Israel and now our hotel rooms, making our total trip cost for 6 days for 2 people to Israel under $1,000!


Tried a few hotels in Barcelona. No go 🙁

andy shuman

Was lucky to catch Dan’s tweet yesterday. No Barcelona, but booked 2 rooms for a few nights in the nearby Lioret de Mar for the TBEX conference w/half-board for $40+ a night. Thanks!

Marco Polo

Reports of it still working when calling in.


@FlyingLuctionKugelEater: Gary is View from the Wing.

These coupons seem to come on a monthly basis now. I would not be too worried.



The Coupon is still Showing on their website but its No longer working..


Too good to be true!! Looks like they will all be canceled if a Discover card was not used to purchase.

Dear Expedia Customer,

Your Expedia purchase xxxxxxxxx989 has been cancelled due the following reasons:

To make this purchase, you used a coupon that was made available to Discover® cardholders for purchases made on their Discover card. This coupon was improperly distributed to some non-Discover cardholders and improperly used for purchases made with cards other than Discover cards. The terms and conditions of the coupon require that a Discover card be used for payment. The terms and conditions of the coupon also include other restrictions including a prohibition on the use of more than one coupon per account and a restriction limiting use of the coupon to U.S. customers. For your reference, below is a copy of the coupon that you used.


DAN – Expedia cancelled reservations because discover card not used in booking. What to do??


All booking canceled if not made with a Discover card. Sorry folks.


Somehow when I log in the status still says Confirmed. Is that what everyone sees?


Nick: I got the same cancelled message, but when I log in it still says confirmed. This was for an itinerary that was “non-refundable.” I used a visa card to make the hotel purchase.


I got the cancel notification as well. They already charged my credit card and there is no mention of a refund. It still says it’s booked on Expedia’s website and Expedia says it’s still booked when I called them. They called the hotel and the hotel also verified my booking is still valid. But I was warned by the Expedia rep that I should check back with them periodically in case it really does cancel. This whole mix up, not cool.


Got an email from Expedia cancelling my Vegas 4- night booking ( after it was already confirmed) because I didn’t use Discovery card. Is that legal? ( to accept, confirm, and four days later, cancel?)


All canceled. Class action lawsuit time.


Same thing happened to me, anything to do about it?


Same happened here. Reservation was cancelled on Feb 13 at 5:30 pm by an agent. I did not cancel (obviously it was Shabbos by me). Called expedia and they told me it was a discover card that you had to pay with – she asked me which country the card was issued in. I answered USA she went to check, came back and said if I paid with a discover card she could rebook it for me. So I gave her a discover card number and she rebooked it. The price on the room changed a little so it came out to be $13 more than the original price but she was able to manually apply the $100 off code. I hope this helps you folks. Ask if you can pay with a discover card…


All reservations made using a non-Discover Card were cancelled. Refunds are being issued, it may take some time for the banks to get those processed. I’ve heard that the original promotion was sent to Discover Card Holders via mailer and offered on Discover Card Holder Member sites. It was erroneously leaked to “deal sites” without Expedia’s consent or knowledge and without showing the full terms and conditions that were posted on those member sites.

Much like United’s mistaken fares, Expedia has the right per the site “Terms of Use” to cancel travel associated with offers deemed to be mistake rates or where accounts were found to be “gaming” coupons and offers. TL;DR version – buyer beware, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. No Min Spend on coupons like this – common now!


@Danny: just called expedia and after being on hold for an hour, I couldn’t get this resolved. I think there should be legal action since it was a glitch on their end. The payment shouldn’t of even processed if it wasn’t with a discover card!