Earn Triple Gas Rewards For Buying Visa Gift Cards At Giant Or Stop & Shop

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Stop & Shop stores are offering 3 points per dollar towards discounted gas when you buy Visa gift cards through 10/23. Giant stores have the same offer through 10/25.

A $500 Visa costs $505.95. With this promo it will earn 1,500 gas points.

Every 100 gas points saves 10 cents off every gallon of gas at Shell stations. You can redeem up to 2,200 points in a single fillup. Redeeming 1,500 points would get you $1.50 off every gallon of gas that you buy during that fillup (up to 35 gallons of gas max).

1,500 points is worth up to $52.50 of free gas (as each 100 points saves 10 cents per gallon for up to 35 gallons…get those gas canisters ready ;)) Plus of course you get the miles for buying the gift cards on your credit card.

You can buy as many gift cards as you want with triple points, but gas points expire after 30 days.

Don’t forget to scan your Stop & Shop card when buying the gift cards and when redeeming the gas points at Shell.

These are MetaBank issues gift cards just like the ones sold by Staples.  Click here to read more on how to cash out those gift cards here.

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$500 Visa GC seems hard to find at S&S in the Tri State area


Plenty of folks on DDF have found $500 ones in the tri-state area.
Try another store.


Do you need a stop and shop card for this deal to work? How do you get one?


In the store I’d assume, just like any other store loyalty card.

Yechiel Mechel Jones

@frog: Froggy, you are joking, right? Go to the customer service desk and get one!


Anyone gonna be surprised that after this post by Dan
you won’t find another visa gift card. Quick, you have 15 min to get some at your nearest store!
This deal is too good…. Wonder what they are thinking giving away so much
Gas rewards. Either way it makes us quite happy to get 1.50 off and pay app $1.25!! Per gallon. S&S rocks!!!!!



You can get 35 gallons max per fill up or per 30 days? In other words if I buy lats say $2000 worth of gift cards i can get 4 x 52.50 off of gas in a 30 day period?


Per fillup.

A reagular

Dear Dan, don’t you know better than to post about the low hanging fruit…


This will die a quick and painful death.

Last time it was posted here, it made things alot worse. Now it’ll actually die.

Certain things just aren’t meant to be main sited.


Just a word of caution about getting more than 2200 points at once. When stop and shop had this promotion a while back, I had over 5000 points in my account. Somehow, they all disappeared the same day I filled up. Took a while and a new stop and shop card to get those points back. But it was a hassle. Be forewarned.


@Dan: Recently???


What’s the most points you can earn? If you buy 5k you’d
have 15,000 pts. Any brokers out there that would buy these points!!
What would going rate be? Thank you


I’ve posted this several times already. Why is this time different?

Look at the DDF thread linked to in this post.



I know the deal is a decent one, but Shell seems to always have prices of + 20 cents near me.

PS. A reward card at Pep Boys got me a FREE flat fix and a FREE tire rotation last week !! Who knew ? I asked the auto manager how much for a flat fix and he said “it is free if you are a rewards member” . While the tech was fixing the tire, I asked how much to rotate the tires (same answer). Freeeeeee 🙂

Please pass this on… It can be helpful for many DD’s followers (PepBoys are everywhere)


Is 3x gas points typical or this will end this week and usually stays at 1 point per dollar



I have done this many times when this promo was available without any problems. But after last time you posted it, I was told my store manager and also corporate offices, that they probably wont offer it again due to the overwhelming response of people buying alot of cards. Its been a while since the last time it was offered and I suspect after this response it wont be offered again.
I was planning on going to SS yesterday, b ut now its probably to late


this week only

Dan's the Man

@David: No. Gift cards usually give 0 points as gift cards are excluded from receiving gas points unless they are offering one of these promotions like they have this week.


Can gas points earned at Giant really be redeemed at Shell, or only gas points earned at Stop N Shop? Last time I was in Giant I was told the points I earned there could only be redeemed at Giant gas stations.


In 2014 I’ve made posts in February, May, and October.
Seems like every few months is the sycle.

Why would they advertise a promotion that they don’t want people to use?

And why were you even talking to corp about this promo anyway?


@David: Actually it usually stays at 0 points per dollar. The only time you can get any points is during one of these promotions.



Can the points be used at a Stop & Shop Gas Station also?

Lora Swartz

can you take two cars to a gas station and fill them up one after the other? Thanks


@Lora Swartz:
YMMV. It is posted as “one vehicle per fillup” at several S and S’s I have visited in MA.
But I would suggest: If they tell you no, accept it, and try somewhere else. Don’t fight them over it.


There were many other times that you were not aware of. But in last few months was not offered.


Its meant for people buying few gift cards for friends…not for people buying $5k-10k


So have self control.

Otherwise let’s just shut down every deal blog and every forum on the internets. Don’t want deals to be killed after all…


whats the best cc to use for these gift cards?


Shouldn’t I buy 2 $500 gift cards and get $2.20 off each gallon? (2.20 is the max off)




if you’re filling up at the shell in LKWD, the attendant is expecting a tip if you fill up multiple cars


Is family dollar cracking down on GC usage to reload serve, all my attempts were denied?

David R

@David R: huh


where is this found? Usuaully it is printed in the circular

circular screenshot
Jason Smith

Dan, I had to go to 5 different stop and shops in New Jersey before I finally found one that had the gift cards in stock yesterday.(someone was actually restocking the gift card display in the 5th store, which was probably why they had it.) It was only because I happened to be driving around, otherwise it definitely wouldn’t have been worth it to make the trip all around to get them.

Also, when I do this deal at Shop & stop I make sure to take a new rewards card each time, otherwise, the people at the gas station are known to steal your points (they did this to me once before) and Stop & Shop and Shell were no help in getting back my points.

more info

– Total points can be tracked on the bottom of your receipt, via the FREE Stop & Shop mobile app or by viewing your account page online
– Earned points are available for redemption within 24 hours

From Q&A

@Jason Smith:

Q: do I have to use all of my available points when I fill up?

A: Yes. Your available points will be redeemed in their entirety in 100 point increments. Any leftover points will carry over. For example, if you have earned 125 points and redeem 100 points for a 10¢ per gallon savings, 25 points will carry over. Please keep in mind that Gas Rewards points expire 30 days from the day they are earned.




why not amex everyday card?


Hi does it need to be 1 gift card of $500 or it can be a few and add up to $500 cause my stop n shop only ha
s a few $25 left



You will have to pay an activation fee for each card! DON’T DO IT!


whats the best cc to use on this deal?


@Lora Swartz:
I go with my wife and we just park on opposite sides of the pump. As long as you are close to the cub the hose will work. Filled up 33 gallons in 2 cars today at a Shell. Yes, Shell is usually 20 cents more but that’s still a $66 savings so I’m not complaining.


Can’t find 500 visa gift cards . Went to 3 giants . Only found &100 ones


Went to the Stop N Shop in Flatbush and they only had the $100, $50 and $25 cards. The $100 had $5.95 activation fee so i just left. Not sure if anyone can add any insight into whether its still worth it?


Dose a $500 master card gift card also work?


Giant also ends 10/23


Dan, you every time it gets worse and worse.

Certain things just aren’t meant for main.

(In a case where theres a gain for you, I cant complian. But where there’s no gain for – just to ruin it for everyone else. . . .please)

David R

@Chanan: If you buy 19.834 gallons at once, your savings from the 300 gas points are $0.30 X 19.834 = $5.95 so you break even. If you buy any less than 19.834 gallons at once, it’s a bad deal. If you buy more than 19.834 gallons at once, you saved.