Earn Tons Of Free Gas With Giant And Stop & Shop’s Current Mastercard Gift Card Promotion

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Stop & Shop and Giant stores are offering 5 points per dollar towards discounted gas through 02/20 when you buy select gift cards, including Mastercard gift cards.  More info on page 7 of the weekly ad. (Visa cards do not earn 5x points)

A $500 Mastercard costs $505.95. Through 02/20 it will earn 2,500 gas points.

Every 100 gas points saves 10 cents off every gallon of gas at Shell stations.  You can redeem up to 2,200 points in a single fillup.  Redeeming 2,200 points would get you $2.20 off every gallon of gas that you buy during that fillup (up to 35 gallons of gas max) and you would have 300 points remaining for your next fillup.

So potentially 2,500 points is worth up to $87.50 of free gas (as each 100 points saves 10 cents per gallon for up to 35 gallons…get those extra cars and canisters ready ;))  Plus of course you get the miles for buying the Mastercards on your credit card.

You can buy as many gift cards as you want with quintuple points, but gas points expire after 30 days.

Don’t forget to scan your Stop & Shop card when buying the gift cards and when redeeming the gas points at Shell.

Cashing out Mastercard gift cards can be trickier than cashing out Visa gift cards if you are loading them onto Bluebird at WalMart.  More on Bluebird here.

While the pin number for most Visa gift cards is just the last 4 digits of the card number you’ll have to call to set a pin on a Mastercard.

You should be able to use it to load Bluebird at a WalMart ATM but if you do use a cashier to load a Mastercard onto Bluebitd the system will run it as a credit card by default instead of a debit card by default like when you use a Visa card.
What you can do is just press the red cancel button and then you should be able to select debit and enter a pin.

Or you can cash it out with Amazon Payments or you can always just use it instead of your credit card until you exhaust the funds.

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When cashing out the card are you losing money when withdrawing it from an ATM?


No. But you don’t withdraw from the ATM, you transfer it to Bluebird.
More info: http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/36225


@Dan have you done this in the past.last time around I think you were filling up at BP with 5 off 25 are there no stop and shops or shells in Cleveland


Does it make a difference how I pay for the gas? Do I need to use the MasterCard gift card to swipe at the pump? Need a bit clarification as to what I do at Shell. Thanx


No stores anywhere near me 🙁


Problem we are face with in NYC is that SHELL is typically (always) priced higher than other gas stations. Not worth the hassle… But, always, a big Thank You !


Oh no, another deal that was only able to survive for so long due to not being published.

RIP Gas points


Not every stop and shop has the same promotion. First look at ur stores flyer. For I have showed a manager at my location an offer, and he pointed out the flyer was from a diff location and each location has their own deals.


I petition that this post should be removed.

This will have a long term negative effect.

The s&s ‘s will stop taking cc for Gc

I buy Gv there year round, and this could be detrimental.

Please do us all a favor and remove the post.

It is not your typical simple main site post.


Called local stores, some dont have any MC, ever, some have low denominations, which comes with $40 fee on the deal.

Worth it?

Can anyone explain how to use credit over more than one time? (cant fill 70 gallons in one shot)


Is this offer for Sunoco as well?


Can I use a Visa to buy the mastercard giftcard and still get the points?


Can i use my sapphire Card


no it dose not make a difference I ysed to due it and pay with amex that gave me 3% for gas as for paying with cash I don’t know but it should not make a difference

Super Speed

Another deal under the radar just went live. UPDATE: DEAD won’t be long in coming.


stores I visited do not have a 500 card. 100 cards carry fees of $30 at least

Jason Smith

You need to bring your shop & stop card to the gas station and they will scan that. Shop & Stop has had these gas rewards around for a while, they are very convulted (I don’t know if I spelled that word right) and hard to understand which is why they haven’t really caught on with people. The hassle of running to Shop & Stop (which usually has higher prices than other grocery stores), then the hassle of running to Shell (which in my area has the highest gas prices) just usually makes this worthless.


how do i cash out a cc throu Amazon
Payments ?


By mistake this morning I bought 3k of Visa cards I was unsure why the points did not show (now I see it was supposed to be for MC only). I showed it to the customer service rep and they manually added them on.




Sad but true, couldn’t agree with you guys more.
Just from reading all the comments above I see where this is heading…



Hey Junky,

Which StopNShop were you able to get $500 cards @ ?


People- all the couponing websites have been posting about these deals whenever they come around. I know about the DD effect but they advertise this. It’s not a price glitch. Just be smart about it


Dan its NOT a favor to post this type deal that WILL get killed. Rather keep it low and more people will gain in the long run…


Go to Giant in PA for this deal. You can use enough points at once to get gas completely free. MO’s are only 59cents there, cash out the MC’s that way. Buy enough points to keep using until March 15th, this deal will happen again around Father’s Day. Hardly anyone buys the gift cards where I go.


Clifton NJ

alyssa t KAPLAN

this type of promotion has been done in the past around Xmas etc where I got 4x gas points. I did it 4 times and got to fill up at $2.20/gallon appx 4 times! It is not going to disapear because it is reported in Dan’s deals. It is a way to get people in the store to buy groceries and other items. it is a store wide promotion

alyssa t KAPLAN


just shell no sunoco


@Jason Smith: I shop at Stop n Shop all the time and rack up tons of gas points- the other day I filled up my tank and saved $9.50!!!! it works and its a no brainer…shop, go to shell and fill up gas, and save money…


I just bought a 500 MC, But i forgot to give the cashier my s&s card to scan, any hope?
The CS desk told me that i should call in the 800 number. any thoughts?


can I load a bluebird with a self checkout and avoid a cashier as the atm is always broken at my local Walmart?


@Anon: Same here, and that’s what I was told. I plan to call tomorrow morning as they are closed now. They assured me it should be no problem.


@Anon: Do as they said, it should be no problem getting the points by giving them the information from the receipt and your your rewards card.


@phil: I’ve been told that is not possible.


I was at the store and saw $500 Gift card cards but it says debit on them, is that the right one? The $100 ones did not say debit.


Take a gas price at Wawa here in NJ of $3.20 a gallon. Chase gives me over 5 points per dollar for gas (1.7 or so value. That brings the price down to $2.92. Shell is approx $3.45 a gallon using credit- $2.20 is $1.25 a gallon for a difference of $1.67 a gallon. I can take 20 gallons on empty for a savings of $33.40 (don’t want to hassle with gas cans. Not bad, but not the deal of the century either.


Did it saved $44.92 on about $85 purchase of gas! Thanks dan. Quick and easy!


@anon: Your math is wrong. The 5 points of chase can be collected just as well from shell, as you don’t pay with the shop & stop card but with a regular CC. so that point is just irelevent. and besides of this, the manufactured spend is awesome (specialy when you get a bonus to do it…)


@Abe – which chase for 5 pts? doing it on AA Card, need to meet 10k

Dave, how did you save $45? Can it be filled more than once for same car, a week later?

Not deal of the century, but a deal!


Which chase card gives you 5x gas ?

Is there a limit to how much you can spend in the gas category for the 5x ?


@Abe: Chase freedom 5% spend categories, up to 1500.00 per Quarter. Gas is in this category for the first & third Q 2014


You get the 10 cents also if you use your stop and shop but price in shall is more then other gas station


Anyone knows how to fill up 2 cars on one gas purchase? how will I keep the pump running and not cause it to finalize the transaction before i can pull in another car?


Park the 2nd car on the other side

SoCal Dude

We need a West Coast gas deal!


@don: Yes, and make sure to put the nozzle directly after pumping one car into the other car.


@Jeff: will this work in nj with the esnattendants ? Bc officialy the rulesare you can only fill up one car. I think


Yes, I just did it this morning. Just make sure the attendant doesn’t put the nozzle back on the pump. My attendant just put it on the floor while my wife pulled up after me. A better way is to pull up on both sides of the pump even if you face opposite ways. I would like to take the opportunity to address all those nervous people about publicizing the deal. It is all over sites like FlyerTalk. just like most of these great deals and if Dan stops posting them people will just look elsewhere for them. That being said, since Dan’s readers generally live in communities, in those communities many deals do become limited if not dead once posted here. Therefore it may be wise to try to take advantage of these whenever possible outside of these communities for better results and shelf life of the deal.


Anyone know when this deal ends? Can we wait until end of month to buy the cards, or is it just this week?


Just filled up in bk 23 gallons. And sold 7 gallons for $20 gave attendant 1.22 tip all said and done I paid $1 per gallon as opposed to $3.65 B”H and thanks dan keep up the good work

Jason Smith

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a deal by a company (or a price mistake), there is something wrong with cheating or trying to break the rules of the deal. The terms of the gas rewards clearly state “it can only be used on one car.” People trying to bring in 2 cars at the same time not only violate the rules but just make a big Chillul Hashem. Remember, the first of the Ten Commandments says you should have only 1 God – not 2 Gods (the second one being the almighty dollar.)


Jason, can you refer to where that rule is stated ? thanks. In any event, I would agree with you that reselling the gas that way is wrong even if it’s not explicitly stated, but otherwise use for me and my family’s own use should be fine. The gas attendant had no problem with it either, but if he didn’t I wouldn’t argue it.


Those terms of the offer could be for logistic reasons. They could easily have limited the the maximum gallons further and not allow up to 35 gallons. Does ANYONE have a vehicle with a 35 gallon capacity ??? Of course, one always have to be careful of not causing a chillul Hashem doing this just like with anything, one has to use sachel.


They probably know what they are doing if the outcome of this promotion and heavy use will result in more sales and more profits after the promotion is over. Companies do factor in these things as the cost of doing business just like BRGs and the like. If I am any indication, I believe I will frequent Shell and Stop&Shop as a result from now on even when there is no promotion.

Jason Smith

From the Frequently Asked Questions on the stop & Shop gas rewards page:

Can I use my discount on more than one vehicle at a time?

No. The discount can only be used on one vehicle, limited to the tank’s capacity, not to exceed 35 gallons.

From the terms and conditions:

Fuel savings are limited to 35 gallons of fuel per vehicle per purchase.


I asked the attendant can I sell this guy gas ? He. Said go for. It I don’t care so …….


@Dan, Thanks! I bought a $500 gift card, and with that gift card, bought another $500 gift card (not all stop and shops will let you use a gift card to buy another one, however I found a local one that allows it and I hit it off with the cashier) and I did it 20 times. I than went to a busy shell, and sat there for a few hours filling everyone up on my card and charging them cash and $0.80-$1 off a gallon and I made hundreds of dollars and am left with only 1 $500 gift card wich I shouldn’t have such a hard time getting rid of :-p. Thank You Again Dan!!


@AbeJ: You must be joking! Right?? It sounds like you are being sarcastic and just think Dan should not post these kind of deals because idiots that would do what you describe will abuse them and cause them to die. I really hope I am right.


@Jeff I’m not being sarcastic. And why would that cause the deal to die, it’s not like it’s a price glitch or something!! It’s 100% Legitimate.


Becay@AbeJ: because it’s a clear abuse of the offer and if S&S gets wind of this type of abuse they will shut it down and instead of a win win deal for all it will end up as a lose lose for everyone except for people trying to make a quick buck, not to mention a gross violation of the terms and conditions of one vehicle per fill up, and using 20 gift cards to buy more 20 gift cards. Really ???????


does anyone know when this promo ends?


A flustered checker forgot to run my S&S card for one of my two GCs last night (no manager on duty). Day manager said he would have to manually add. I asked if I could make the shlep out there again in 2 weeks instead of now. He agreed. (Thank you Hashem for figuring out how I was going to use so much gas!)


@josh: Tonight, Thursday, at midnight

Jason Smith

I will not bother with this deal again. 5,000 points disappeared off my card and when I called up Shop & Stop, they said the card was used to make 2 fill ups on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Shell Station on Route 22 in Union, NJ. I had been in that station on Sunday and that was the only time I ever used the gas points so it is obvious that the guy who pumped the gas wrote down my card number and then used it later in the week, depleting my points. The person at Shop & Stop told me this wasn’t possible, since the attendants have to swipe your card at the pump, but there is no other possible way they could have used my account. Shop & Stop refuses to give me the points back. What a waste of time.


did anyone try to do this at Walmart,? I just tried comes up as a credit doesn’t even give me the option to put in a PIN number


@Jacob: You have to hit the red cancel button immediately after swiping the debit master card. It will then give you the choice to select debit then enter pin.
It does go through this way.



Chraina – how do you know that this deal will happen again around Father’s day ?


@Jeff: Jeff, which Walmart did you try that it worked at ?