Double Dip Savings At Whole Foods With American Express!


Update 2: I just picked up a few $75 gift cards.  Immediately after purchasing them I received email notifications from Facebook and Twitter of the $30 in refunds per $75 gift card.  Thanks AMEX!

Update: This double-dip opportunity will end on 03/23.

Originally posted on 03/13:

Register your American Express card for savings at Whole Foods with this Facebook deal and this Twitter deal and then go out to Whole Foods and spend $75 in-store (feel free to buy a gift card to get up to $75 in one transaction) and you’ll get back $10 from the Facebook promo and $20 from the Twitter promo! That’s $75 at Whole Foods for just $45!

Plus use your Premier Rewards Gold (currently offering a 25K signup bonus) for double Membership Rewards points at all grocery stores, or your Blue Cash Preferred (currently offering a $150 signup bonus) for 6% cash back at all grocery stores (including gift cards for other stores bought at grocery stores!)

You can unsync an old card and resync a new card by contacting customer service via these links:

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I can’t remember which card I synced with Facebook. Is there a way to look it up somewhere?
I want to make sure I have the same card synced.


@sky121: You can check the email you used to register with it..It will say the last 5 digits card which was registered with facebook


It should actually be a triple dip. Link your card with foursquare as well, check in to whole foods, and add this special to your card. “Use your synced Amex Card: Spend $50 or more in one purchase in-store through March 15, 2012 and get a $10 statement credit when you shop at Whole Foods Market.”


Can we buy gift card from


Anyone know if Whole Foods (in-store) sells Visa/MasterCard gift cards (that can be used elsewhere)?



Dan, did your order for a gift card on their website qualify you for the credit? Can I do that now for the $75?/


I tweeted the Austin promo, got the twitter confirmation, signed up and got the email.

When I tweeted this promo, it said I was already signed up? I know I didn’t sign up for this before now, though. Any way to confirm my AmEx is synced for the $20 promo? I didn’t get an email…


Did any one try what @ben did??


@Ben: Quadruple Dip, if your Amex (Blue etc.) give 5% back on Grocery Stores. Just did it by purchasing $75 Gift Card to Whole Foods (went to store)


After your purchase at whole foods how long did it take to get a confirmation email?


Will this deal work on an american express Authorised User card?


Yes, with a new twitter account.


I tripple dip using foursquare but got no email about any statement credit etc…:/
Anyone else have this prob?


Never received a foursquare confirmation, but checked today and Triple Dip worked.


Would this work at a Whole Foods in Canada?

Just Another Points Traveler

I can confirm that the triple dip with foursquare, twitter and facebook worked. On 3/15 I went in and bought a $75 gift card and within minutes I received confirmation emails & statement credits posted in 3 days… $75 whole foods gift card for $35.


You can unload a Whole Foods GC on Ebay. It would appear that people are paying Face Value – or Greater!


Does facebook deal work today, 3/23? First, I don’t see it anymore on ‘link,love’ facebook offers. Few days ago I added this offer on another AMEX card, and today I don’t see that this offer is activated on my card.


Is what jk2 says true? The promo is gone from Facebook offers? I thought it was supposed to last until the end of today?


Will the AA american express issued by Citi work? Or does it have to be the “whole deal” AMX issued from AMX?


You mentioned you bought a *few*. Does that mean you get $30 back for each $75 purchase or is there only one credit, period?