CVS Paypal Debit Mastercard Fun


Update: Due to comments saying that a $4.95/card fee would hit my cards shortly I registered the cards online and went out and bought a money order from a local store.  I was able to split up the money order payment between all 4 cards with the same 58 cent money order fee!
Of course Amazon Payments and Bluebird loads at WalMart’s ATM should work as well.


Here in Cleveland we’re blessed with dozens of CVS stores and lots of Vanilla Reload cards.  Those Reload cards are the easiest way to get miles for really cheap and they’re awesome for meeting spend thresholds on your credit card to get the signup bonus.  The reload cards can fund your Bluebird card online in seconds and in there it’s as good as cash in your checking account (they’ll even give you a free checkbook!)

In this post I wrote more about them and how they mean you can get tickets to Israel for under $400 on an existing card or a small fraction of that with a signup bonus on a new card.

At any rate I saw a deal today going around the web that if you buy a Paypal debit Mastercards with a $4.95 fee and load it with $150 that you’ll get $50 in CVS ExtraBucks good for most things sold in CVS besides gift cards.

I didn’t see it in my local ad so I figured it wasn’t applicable.  Then a buddy of mine called me from CVS to say that it was working even though there was no signage or ad for it at all.  But it still worked just fine.  Whether this is true in every other location, I have no idea.

I generally shy away from anything that says PayPal on it as they’re notorious for shutting people down at their whim, but this seemed too good to pass up.

There is a limit of 2 rewards per CVS ExtraCare account. I went to one store and bought 2 cards in one transaction but only 1 $50 reward printed out. The cashier apologized and manually printed out 2 more $25 ExtraBucks rewards. They I tried to buy another card with my wife’s CVS Extracare card but the system didn’t allow the transaction to go through. I tried again but the same thing happened. It actually printed up the $50 reward each time but of course they didn’t give those to me. However that also meant her account was now maxed out and wouldn’t get more rewards.

I went to another store just down the block which had tons of cards and bought 2 more on another CVS account in 2 transactions and got the $100 in ExtraBucks without issue.

So in total I have $600 in Paypal debit Mastercards and paid $19.80 in fees and have $200 in CVS ExtraBucks. And the miles of course 🙂 Officially the ExtraBucks expire in one month but from past experience most CVS stores will actually extend them if they expire, as long as they haven’t been expired for more than a year.

CVS even allows you to buy items that are free after ExtraBucks with your ExtraBucks!  There were lots of items available that were free after ExtraBucks so you can keep cycling through them to get more free stuff up to the limit per ExtraBucks card.

Now onto figuring out the best way to cash these cards and ExtraBucks out!  Stay tuned 😀

Want to make another $5 on this deal? Use the following code when you activate your card online and we’ll both get $5 added to our card balance within 2 business days: 8485562691














HT: Moes Tavern, via DDF and Chaya

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Dan your soooo cool


CVS website now states, limit 1


It always did, but it works twice per CVS account.
The limit of 1 is only 1 per transaction, I confirmed that on 3 cards in 2 stores. So just buy the 2 cards in 2 transactions.


Dan, it is advisable to either cash out the paypal cards or use them immediately, as you will be charged another 4.95 per card within 12 hours. Also, you could’ve rolled
One pp card into another instead of buying new ones each time and spending the 150 on a diff cc


I am new to this,
How do I trensfer funds from pp card to checking account without any fees.

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Do I need a PayPal account to use a PayPal debit card?


Did this deal earlier today in Baltimore. Problem is you need to activate them online to use them. Many people myself included are getting account errors when trying to activate more than one card. Ive been on hold so far for 53 min to try to activate my account so i can spend the gift card on AP. Many are reporting a $4.95 monthly fee which hits your account between 12-36 hours after buying so you need to empty and close account right away. A valid social, name and address are required for activation.
In a separate issue paypals activation system keeps overloading so the cards cant be bought in store. It will pop up on screen to autorefund and they will ask you to reswipe your cc to refund the transaction. you will no longer be able to get the $5o extra bucks on that account.
Its limit 2 per account but needs to be two transactions. (The free sparkle paper towels are also limit 2 and can be done in one transaction). For those trying to be a smart aleck 🙂 I swiped a debit card when the errors happened. Basically I added 500 to card they billed me 504.95 on cc get activation error refund onto debit card. Just be slick about it. When you get error tell them you want to try a different cc then repeat with debit card. (better than AP 🙂 )


Dan – I don’t have an extracare account. If I run over to my CVS and sign up for an account right before buying the cards, do you think I’d get the $50 right away on my first purchase?


Can i use my extra bucs reciept to pay for the second card?


You can create accounts online it takes about two minutes per account. Dont bother printing the temp cards none of them worked in store. Just remember all the phone numbers you made up for each account. When your in store go to coupon machine and put in number if you get a coupon it means your card is working and active and you can use for the gift card promo if not then don’t do deal.

After an hour and 20 minutes waiting on hold they said i have to call back tomorrow at 1-866-397-5639 to verify information to activate the account. They are closed now.
The 4.95 monthly fee officially starts 36 hours after loading money onto the card not after activating. So for all those having trouble activating your cards you will have a very short window to close the account before getting charged the monthly maintenance fee. They cant close account over phone while there are pending transactions so your AP will have to clear first before closing. If there is no money on account then they wont charge you nor will they report you to the credit report. There is a 2-3 dollar ATM fee if you want to withdraw cash. Remember the ATM only allow multiples of 20 so load at least 160. To get the most for your points add 500 to each card this way the 1% back will cover the transaction fee when buying the card (not the maintenance fee 36 hours later)


tried two stores in NYC, they did not even have the paypal cards 🙁
anyone find any in the NYC area and have success with extracare bucks ?


Just got two cards (two separate transactions using one extra bucks acct) and 100 in extra bucks cetrts. I am in the Dallas, TX area. Thanks Dan. I am hoping to use my extra bucks on an electric shaver. Lets see how black friday helps pricing there…


Thanks for the updates abe


Did 4 in Detroit, Dan whats the best way to cash out on these Paypal Cards?


Can I use my temporary Paypal card for purchases or do I have to wait for the permanent one to come in the mail?


How does extracash work? Is it like a $50 cvs gift card?

Dan's the man

@Dov: Yes, but you have only 1 transaction to use up the ExtraBucks coupon.


Does anyone know when this deal ends?


So, can I buy this Wednesday, register it Wednesday night and go shopping Black Friday?

So can I use the temp card or what do I need with me at walmart?


November 27


Went to 2 different CVS locations on LI and neither of them stock the Paypal cards. They only have the Vanilla cards.

orrin davis

Where do you do the money orders? WalMart?


when i activate the card online it asks me to fill a form which asks my ssn, dob and address. this makes me nervous.
please advice what should i do.


Dan- Which local store here in Cleveland sold you a $2,000 money order for 58 cents?


Who said anything about $2,000?


Probably GE. They’re 58 cents here in Pittsburgh.


Really? I bought a GE money order a couple years ago, I think it was $1.50- I guess they lowered it. Do you know what their maximum is on one MO?


dan you bought a $600 money order with the 4 cards? how did you set up a pin and any problems registering online? used the same SS# for all 4 cards?


thanks dan was able to unload via amazon payments


Just checked my bank account- the money order was 99 cents as of a year and half ago, I stand corrected. But 58 cents is still less, good to know they lowered it.


With regards to the $50 extra bucks on your wife’s account that they didn’t give you I am pretty sure thar if you link your extracate card to your cvs account online you are able to access all your extracate coupons and so if the system printed them for you, you can access them online. Try it and let us know.


Did 2 for my wife and 2 for me.

MO max was $500 so did 3.3 cards on one and another with .7 of one and $400 of other Via GCs.

It is linked online but I’m not seeing any ExtraBucks there.


Get the cvs app. You can definitely see all your active extracare rewards on cvs app. I do so all the time. That way you don’t need to cut and save (and lose) all those little cvs bucks. Let us know.


You need to give social dob etc but there is no credit pull it just helps them enforce 3 cards per person or address.
Many managers are pulling them off the shelves.
If you buy something with extra bucks you can return for a gift card hint hint


abe stop abusing the system and making a chilul hashem money is not everything enjoy your extra bucks and stop playing games and letting people talk behind our backs and say look how these jews act.


Dan can we load these onto Bluebird or Serve ?

chana k

abe. good going and thanks for the info.


can you use extracare bucks on prescription medication?


Dan- if I ask the guy behind the counter about this offer, will he know about it? Or is this “shtick”


this is not shtick! it is in your online cvs ad- go to, look for the weekly circular link, put in your zipcode & read.
for those looking to unload the card without fees, i just read on sd (sorry Dan, they’re still my fave deal site) that google wallet is a good option & is currently free (up to $250).


Nada. Beats me.

Who here didn’t max out Google Wallet back when you could load unlimited funds onto it for free??


Got 1 deal each on 2 dif extracare bucks accounts. Failed on referal code for dan since I had an account already. Tried to refer the wife for 2nd card, but they put her account as pending and want me to mail in copies of ss card, license, proof of residency… Hopefully I can use card on purchases even though it failed on AP. (1st card worked like a charm). Now I have $100 in Extra Care bucks to spend. Will probably go back for another $100 tomorrow. Just got to get them to clean out the old cards from my paypal account.


I checked it up its available. Only thing is- it says on per household, dunno how everyone’s getting 2


So let me get this straight- I go to cvs buy this Paypal debit card, swipe my cc put on 150 bucks, so I now have 150 buck “gift card” and $50 extracare bucks that I must use in one transaction? Did I get that right Dan? Anyone?


joe, totally agree. lets do kiddush hashem!

when sign card at pp w ss, can they go after your regular pp for fees? (even if they go for another 4.95, not that bad,) but would it impact your general pp acct?


I activated last night around 9pm EST and by 7am this morning, they already took out the $4.95 monthly fee. What a crappy prepaid card. I feel bad for the people that actually use these things an a banking alternative. I guess I can’t complain though since I made money on the deal. Now I have a whole month to cash it out.


They were all out of these at my local two CVS’s 🙁


So, if I put $150 on the prepaid card, I have to register it then right away I should buy a money order address in my name to cash it?


Could they have pulled these from ahelves?


What can I use the paypal card for? Anywhere that accepts debit/credit cards?


From what PayPal claims the minute you activate the card online they deduct the $4.95 fee ..still a food deal as still $40 for for doing nothing


Can someone explain how to cash this out with a money order? Thanks


Dan, before I try to spend my extrabucks, even though the transactions did not go through and I go 3 auto credits, the clerk let me keep the extrabucks coupon anyway, even though it ended up that I never bought the card. She assured me that the coupon will still work. Do you or anyone know if it will work ?


anyone who found cards in nyc, please report!



where were you able to buy a money order with a pre-paid card?


Thanks for this post! But how did you do the money order? When I asked the bank, they said money orders had to be paid with cash or cash advance from a Credit Card & that Debit cards are not an acceptable payment for a money order. Thanks!


Go to a store that sells money orders.
Most take debit cards with a pin.


Thanks! I live in Cleveland – which stores do?
PS Your seminar was phenomenal.


WOW there sure a fair number of rookies on this deal 🙂

1) Get a CVS card (simple you can get as many as you want in theory – just do not lose them and you must use the card again when using the 50 dollar ECB)

2) Buy the PayPal MasterCard and put at least 150 on it and a 50 dollar cvs ecb will come out on the receipt.

3) The ecb must be used all at once, so as Dan said and as it has been said all over the web, buy many of the free after ecb items and use that will turn the 50 dollar all or nothing ecb into many smaller ecb, which have a month expiration date

4) Next signin to and yes enter your ssn and other such info and then assign the card to a paypal account. This way you will be able to close it right away.

5) Once it is registered and you have set the PIN, go to any store youw ant and turn the money into a money order or bluebird, as Dan has explained many times. This is a live DEBIT card – not a gift card, so it has the ability to be used almost anywhere other than at a bank (never a good idea to buy a MO from a bank, unless it is bought with your bank money).

6) If you are quick enough (less than 6 to 25 hours), and have unloaded all the money you put in congrats – you did your job. Otherwise, no worries, use Dan’s refferal ID and get him and you 5 bux and that will pay for the first month’s fee.

7) Either way, once you have used the full amount (before or after the fee is removed) – close the account by going right back to where you started: choose activate card (yes you have already activated no worries). Enter the card number, the 3 number cvv, and the PIN you chose. Then you will have to login to the PayPal account you linked it to. Now, choose help, then choose lost/stolen card. Then choose the card you want to close and choose lost and that is all – card is closed!


Nevermind – I called around and found one. 🙂


Do u need a PayPal account to register card?


any stores in cleveland still selling?


@Anonymous – no, but without one you will not be able to cancel it without calling the number and waiting on hold for 30 minutes.


anything around monsey


@DR: once you use it why would you need to cancel it?


I have done everything but link to a PayPal acct. I have my money order
What happens if I do not cancel the card? I thought I could just throw it away?

Mark Shuster

I am curious as to how people have been able to buy 2 cards on the same account…especially since it states only 1 offer per customer


Active deal here is Southwestern PA!
Share the Love this Holiday! When I activated my card online, I used a fellow saver’s referral ID.. if you would be so kinda as to use mine, we will BOTH recieve a $5 bonus! Takes care of that pesky activation fee 🙂
Referral ID : 3486123987
Thank you!


How long is this deal good ? (Date)


Form of payment : Cash or credit card ?


I am wondering if the second extra bucks will work if only one is allowed per card


@Sesmo: if it prints it works.


local stores said they are out. other sites report stuff was pulled off the shelf, it was too popular!

BB news: tried to upload a VISA GC, as a debit card, created a security concern, locked account, needed to call in and now they ask for an ID emailed. never had this with any us institution, and told them so. “fraud prevention”. sheesh.


@TheNewGuy – I close it because I want to take no chance. You lost the card no biggie!

@Sesmo – that is the dice you are allowed to roll, I decided against it, and took another 3 minutes to close the deal

@Mark Shuster – look at your receipt my man! On that receipt it will either say you have another 150 dollars deal or it does not. WHO CARES what the ad says – all that matters is what the receipt says, and it says for me that I can get another, so I did!

@Jr – says the end of the week, and that is up to the store but most CVS allow CC, but again – YMMV

@Pessach – dude! Stop messing with the golden goose! Leave BB alone and swipe in WM or use VR. If you cannot do either, then do not mess up the system. Linking anything other than real bank cards to your BB account is asking for trouble! Some have made it work, but that is another YMMV and most have NOT made it work.


DAN I used your referral code for one of my 4 cards. Thanks.


Thanks Dan & everyone else. Today I picked up two in CLE (separate transactions), got my $100 in Extra Rewards, activated the cards, and got a money order for 70 cents at WalMart. I did not get charged the extra monthly fee. Question – why are people not loading these up for the full $500? Seems like you’d be missing out on extra miles/UR/MR points by loading for only $150.


DR. I Freely admit I am clearly missing something. What chance am I taking? I sincerely do not understand what is meant by canceling or closing his debit card.Just as after I use a gift card I throw it away, I am doing he same with the debit card. What am I at risk of? Sincere qestion


Just got word that corporate sent out an email saying to pull all the cards.


David R

@Maddevil11: A few months ago when there was a $10 ExtraBucks deal for putting $50 on a PayPal Debit Mastercard, I could not find it on the rack so I asked for a raincheck. When I came across the card at another store a few weeks later, I presented the raincheck and got the ExtraBucks issued manually.


Everyone’s saying they’re pulling the cards off the shelf so I have a strange question for all of you. Today I finally found a cvs with the cards and I’m standing in line to buy and I realize how braindead I am- I had forgotten my wallet. Not wanting to risk the cards being bought out, I stashed a couple on a bottom shelf in the store for a “later pickup”.
My question is: even if cvs pulls the cards, will my stashed ones still work?


DR, read on other boards if you register gc on your name and address, should be ok to load, if info matches. oy. now my bb is frozen. big headache. no wm in nyc! what can I do?


LK, Would you still receive $5 after you closed the account?


@TheNewGuy Let us know what happens. It looks like the ad online has been changed and the sale item removed


Why is it that it says on the back of the card that the $4.95 fee is only charged if the account is inactive for 90 days?


I was prevented from activating these cards because I previously had a netspend account that was closed down for too many vanillas.

I was offered the choice by paypal to activate the card for in store use only. Stupidly I said no and was transferred to Netspend.

Netspend are sending me a refund check within 4 weeks.


i just saw it, it looks like it will reactivate Thursday through Saturday.


Been on hold with Paypal for 25 minutes now. They are telling me they need me to send them documentation (like my SS card) before they activate this… what a total waste of time this was…. not worth the $40 ECB


Anyway to cash out these cards without activating them?


@Sesmo: DEAL IS STILL ALIVE! Found my stashed card ( even though ad soon as I walked to the prepaid section all employees jumped down my throat that there was none left$ and did the deal. Seems like as long as you can still find one of the cards, the deal will go through. Now I just havta deal with activate it which doesn’t seem that simple.., oh and why not just withdraw all the $ at wawa ATM it’s only $2.. Dunno why no one thought if that…


@TheNewGuy go to any Allpoint ATM it’s only $1.95. or get cash back in a store.


@TheNewGuy: could I withdraw from ATM regular visa GC as well?


I bought 4 today. CVS managers told me that these were pulled because they had an issue with them not activating. Today I went back to check and they said that an email told them that all was clear and to sell them again. Still could get 2 per account.


From CVS FB page:

we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused. We assure you that the spend $150 get $50 ExtraBucks PayPal Prepaid Debit Card offer is valid in participating states and will be honored in stores until the end of day on Wednesday, November 27. If you live in NY, IL, NV, OK, VT, WI or HI, PayPal cards will not be available in your local CVS/pharmacy due to licensing in your state. We instead invite you to purchase a myVanilla or NetSpend prepaid card for $150 to receive $50 ExtraBucks Rewards. Please give us a call at 1-800-SHOP CVS if you continue to experience difficulty with this offer.


If we don’t cancel these and they’re not linked to a paypal account, will we have any issues with the fee that they try to impose? I suppose they have our address and social but could they do anything?


@ari@sam I actually did not withdraw from ATM yet but my question just is why no one is recommending to do it? Wawa is free ATM, there just is &2 PayPal fee. So what’s the catch? Why not cash out that way?


@dan I used your referral number but my card balance is still only $150? Why don’t I get the $5?


@Ari: what do you mean “or cash back”?


I just got 2 of these PayPal debit MC today and got the $50 extra bucks each so total $100 extra bucks, thank you so much! . I activated both PayPal MC debit card online and gave my SSN#. Then I went to Walmart to load all the balance into my BlueBird account in order to avoid any extra fee that PayPal may charge me. I loaded $300 total from both cards into my BB, so now that both of the PayPal debit cards had been “drained” have no balance, can PayPal still charge me monthly fee or other fees even though I didn’t give them my bank checking or other credit card account to PayPal when activating my prepaid debit card? But I gave my SSN#, name, and address though so can they still send me a bill in the mail? Thanks again


@bob close your account asap


Weird that although I used @dan s referral code I still didn’t get the $5 extra


Did you wait 2 days?


@Dan: oh right! Darn. So obviously I wait to close the card until I get it? (I just cashed out on ATM and was about close the card until I saw your answer)


Is this $50 extra bucks still going on?when is it expiring?


@hello I hear its til tonight- that’s if you actually can still find one


I did some leg work CVS on Utica Av and Kings highway has the paypal cards, I bought 2 but it didn’t print any Extra bucks the manager said he is not sure why I am expecting to get it and said I need to call CVS corp, I returned the cards, 711 wont sell vanilla reload with credit card they said CASH only when buying these cards, hope my time wasted saves someone else time


@NYC: only cvs takes cc for vanilla and as far as PayPal you should have showed them their own website


Got $350 worth of $50 coupons. Thanks Dan! The coupons have one month expiration. One way of extending it is to buy a product >$50 and then return it later at any CVS store for a CVS money card that has not expiration. Money card cannot be used to buy gift cards at CVS though 🙁


@Mike: deal is still going? Or you got yesterday?


in my email today after registering 4pp cards yesterday.

Hello joshua,

Your friend Daniel recommended you get a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard like the one they have. We appreciate your order, but unfortunately your status as a current or past PayPal Prepaid MasterCard customer or cardholder on the NetSpend card network means you and Daniel are both ineligible for the referral bonus.*

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. You can reach our Customer Service department at 1-866-753-6440.

Thank you,
Your PayPal Prepaid Card Team

Dan would you know what the deal is with your referral


@NYC: See post #94 re: PayPal not cranking out ECBs in NY.


@CholentFresser: See post #94 about ECBs not cranking out in NY


@TheNewGuy: Got it a few days ago

dan fan

Thanks, Ash. Because of your post I posted on CVS’s website that I didn’t get the deal because my store didn’t know what was going on & when I called the 1-800 number they were closed for the holiday. They e-mailed me back and told me to go back to the store and ask for the manager. I did and they gave me AND my wife the deal tonight: except they still didn’t have the PayPal cards so they let me buy 2 Vanilla Visas! and they wouldn’t let me pay $150 with credit card (their limit is $100 on a credit card) so they let me do it with $100 and I got $50 back! Twice!! great deal & great customer service CVS!!