Check Your AMEX Account For A Targeted Costco $25 Free Spend Offer; Don’t Click Too Fast!


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Update #2: While I didn’t get credited for a $25 online test purchase I was able to get credited for several hundred dollars of Costco Cash cards bought in store.  I just paid for my regular Costco purchases (heavenly Rainier cherries ($3.49/pound), N&K cheese ($3.99/pound), salmon ($8.33/pound), etc) with my AMEX that didn’t have the offer and then asked to buy a dozen $25 Costco Cash cards with a separate receipt for each one. The cashier rang up each card as its own transaction and I just swiped a different registered AMEX card for each one.


Update #1: In middle of creating separate account logins for each of my additional user AMEX cards it dawned on me that people who have a primary Costco membership are never targeted for the $25 spend on secondary or primary AMEX cards.

However people that have a secondary free Costco membership or don’t have a Costco membership are typically (though not always) targeted for the $25 Costco offer on both secondary and primary AMEX cards!

Meanwhile though, it was well worth creating an account for my free additional user cards, I’m about to have one insane shopping trip to Costco (assuming they don’t check for photo ID on each card :D )

Plus I have the account info saved for the next time there’s an awesome AMEX promo :)

Register all of your additional user cards ASAP.  Past promotions have filled up quickly and once it fills up they won’t take any new registrants unless you already saved the offer to your account.


Originally posted on 07/03:

AMEX has targeted some cardholders with a summertime present: A $25 statement credit for spending $25 in Costco stores.

To see if you’re targeted just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, and then click on “AMEX Offers For You”.

None of my cards or my father’s cards have the Costco offer, but 2 of my wife’s cards and 2 of my mother’s cards have the offer.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser.  Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards.  Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

You can also register your secondary cards for their own AMEX login and see if they are targeted for the offer as well.

Offer page:











Once you click to save it you’ll find it saved under “My Offers”








If you’re not targeted you can try chatting with AMEX to see if they’ll extend the promotion to your account, but that’s a long-shot these days.

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is it possible to add this to AU’s?


Read the post.


Got on mine! Awesome!!




Im not a costco member and don’t really know much about their membership offers and levels
can I use the 25 to buy a membership
And can you please post if they have any deals on membership?
Thank you


Don’t have it :(
But mine is a Costco Amex… has anyone had this targeted at a Costco Amex, or is it only for other Amexes?


thx dan added it to 2 cards.

can i go in store and buy gift cards?
a) will costco let me buy gift cards without a membership
b) will amex reimburse me for shopping at a costco if i bought a gc? this one i assume yes terms didnt exclude it


if anyone tries this at the costco website , please let us know if it works



You can ask someone who has membership to buy you a costco gift card (can be done online) and you can shop in the store with that card and pay the difference with any amex card.

Downside of doing this is you can’t return anything.

Thanks DAN I’m off to costco with $150!


Scored on both cards..Amex blue cash card non Costco amex..thanks Dan


a) You need to haver membership to buy gift cards, although you can redeem them without membership.
b) Yes, actually last time I think Dan recommended that people do that.


If one of my cards have the offer but another card doesn’t will they match it?


From the terms and conditions: $25 can include Costco membership purchase


I’m not aware of any new membership offers.

This will work to buy GCs but only members can buy GCs.
But once you have a GC you can shop in the store and buy gas without a membership.




Thanks Dan, got it on 7 cards.


I have the offer. Will this work on



Terms say stores only.

Dan's the Man

@Mark: Yes you can use the $25 to offset some of the membership cost. @Dan: Thanks Dan! I got it on one of my cards and one of my wife’s cards so I now have $50 to spend at Costco. This is a great offer as you can just spend $25 and get the full $25 back (it isn’t like $25 off of $75.) Dan, did you already go to 7-11 to buy $1500 in gift cards for all your Freedom and Discover card? :)


how do i add a login for secondary account?


Argh. We go to Costco all the time – this would have really been helpful to get.




Thanks Dan really appreciate that, got it only on 1 of my five Amex!


No twitter possibility??


Not as far as I can tell.

Big Boy

Same browser different tabs to register multiple cards?



If you make a login for an AU, any way to combine them back under the original card?


I tried it on 7 au no luck


@Big Boy:

You’ll still see the spend on the primary account.


i already saved it on my card is it possible get the offer on my other cards. Thanks


@dan when you wrote “If you also have multiple cards with the offer” do mean additional cards or totally diffrent cards?

Jose A

Got offer on my 4 cards. Asked my wife to check if she was offered it on her card. Thanks Dan.


Offer disappear from one card after accepting it on another card.



Different cards.

@Jose A:

Hence the multiple tab method.


Didn’t get it on any of my cards or my husbands cards!! :(


I just spoke with cust. service @ AMEX. They said its being rolled out in phases to card holders over the next 1-2 months so keep checking back if you dont have it. My Delta Skymiles had it, SPG didn’t, neither of my wife’s cards had it.


@Dan , haven’t the terms on other offers said in-store only yet they worked on the website ?


The BOSS!!!

mechayamom it on 2 cards :)


I have it on two cards. Will Costco split the membership
Fees between two cards?


Dan, I just saved it on 2 cards. As I am not a member of costco, does this mean that when I get a $ 50 membership it will now only cost me $ 25?
And since I now have a second card with a $ 25 credit, I can use either card at the costco checkout?

Big Boy

Thanks Dan,
Got it on all 12 cards!!


@Big Boy:

how do u have enough browsers to do it all at one time


Hi Dan,

Perhaps this is obvious, but if you can explain I would appreciate. I have additional users on my cards and I have the offer on one card.

I do not see a way of checking the offer for each additional user. Is the only way to do that by creating a log in and password for each additional user? Or can I see all the offers for each user on my online account?

Also, if I have the offer, will all the other users have it and if I don’t have the offer will all the additional users not have the offer, or will each additional user be different?

Thanks Dan for this and everything else you do!


@Big Boy:

I have it available on 9 cards, but I’m not sure how to do it. Do I seriously need 9 different browsers


@Big Boy: most probably not true.


@Big Boy: you wish!


Costco always asks for ID on credit cards. How would I use the AU cards in the store?


Dan. I found it on 3 of my cards. I opened the 3 browsers. When I clicked save offer for each one I got a message sorry it doesn’t happen very often but offer details are currently unavailable. Please try later. What in the world?


It’s tabs, now browsers.


AUs need to create their own login to check.


Doubt they’ll check after the first one. Just ask for a split tender.

Tabs, not browsers!
3 tabs in the same browser.


I got it on one card but live in Israel with no Costco membership. Anything to do with it?


Hello Dan,

As always, thanks for your help.

On my cards I didn’t get a single Costco offer. On my wife’s 6 cards, I followed your advice, opened 6 different tabs, & this is the result (I checked for the Amex offer as well). On the Bus. Platinum I got the Costco offer. On the Blue Cash I got both (Amex & Costco). On 2 others I got only Amex. On the 2 remaining I got none of the 2 offers.


It’s a YMMV if they check Id for each card but I’ve had them check every single card in the past…. So it’s deffinetly a possiblty



What did you do? Did they let you swipe all of them?


Am I the only one that has a problem doing it with just different tabs. Every time I open a new tab and sign in to another account, it signs out the other tab


Dan. My typo. I did 3 tabs withing chrome and got that message. What am I doing wrong?


I don’t have a costco membership, but have some costco cash cards. Do they let you pay the remainder with a credit card if you aren’t a member?



I got the same message. I couldn’t do it with different tabs. I did it for all 9 cards but using different browsers


I have the deal. Is there a risk of loosing out on it if I don’t act soon. My additional users cards are at home, cant get to it until tonight.


In for 9(!)

Dan, you rock. Thank you.


I and wife don’t have any membership and we were not targeted!


Interesting, my SkyMiles AMEX doesn’t have it :(


I wanna creat IDs for secondary cardholders, but I don’t have their cards with me. Are the first 10 numbers always the same? (just the last 5 are diiferent?)




Typically the first 10 are the same and the last 5 can be found in your account.


I assume you are referring to the costco amex which I don’t have. Since I have am the primary costco member and only use my spg personal crd there and that’s the only card that had the $25 offer.


How would Amex have access to the database of who has primary membership? Doesn’t make sense unless Costco shares this info with Amex which is a huge security breach.


From the dozens of cards I’ve gone through I have no other explanation.

Why can’t they share that info if they want to?


how do i get to the amex offers for you page? i clicked on statement & activity on top ….


2 things for the tab issue..If you are at an office. .use multiple computers. .If you are home…use Internet Explorer for one then chrome for the other..

Jennifer Frishman

Can someone explain this? We have two cards, each of us, SPG and Costco Amex. Each card is under it’s own credit card, when you say secondary card, do you mean for the Costco Membership a secondary card, or a secondary extra card for the Amex on SPG and Costco. TIA.


Costco – its called being partner to a credit card company. trust me on this one – partners share their member files and data. Dan you are definitely right here.


I’m secondary on the Costco account but primary on the Costco amex; did not get the offer.


I don’t think any Costco AMEX cards are targeted.
Either way, my point is that all of the primary Costco members I’ve dealt with are not targeted.


I am primary on Costco and my wife is secondary. .I am primary on amex. ..she is my spare card..we both got the offer


Heh, go figure.

Tested the theory out on 18 people myself. The 6 primaries had nada but the 12 non-members or secondary members got the gold.


let me clarify. i don’t know what they are doing here, but i am 100% sure they have this ability if they wanted to.


They’re definitely trying to target non-members.
I guess they’re not 100% successful, but they seem to be pretty close. Though they don’t have secondary membership info.


rumor has it that costco will be flagging membership of those who abuse this progra by using multiple browsers- thats what the rep in brooklyn costco told me when i explained why i wanted to split my bill- so i suggest not splitting bill, rather entering store on separate occasions, so the costco membership number isnt flagged with the split bills. remember, costco takes a loss everytime this offer is activated and used, so beware wbout AU cards


I am secondary and got it. The wife is primary and didn’t.


Lol, this is exactly why you don’t believe what reps tell you.

That seems to be the case for most folks.


@Dan: I dont have actual cards in front of me. I thought 1st 10 are same and lost 5 are online in my account; only problem the 4 digit security code is differen on every card. :(

Will I lose the offer on seconday cardholders if I save to primary cardholder? or is that only an issue from one account to another?


Did you try the 4 digit code from the primary card?


did the registration for EACH card (first removed it from account) since I had enrolled in one before i read the whole post)

It looks like only Hilton Honors & Platinum/gold/green have it.

Nothing for Delta or SPG



What exactly happened? did she not let you use multiple cards? did she ask for ID for each card?


Dont you need the credit card to match the costco membership name?


@Dan: Yeah. Didnt work. I guess I’ll have to get security codes from the actual cards.


did anyone get on the business account


i think that it does not work for business cards either i tried 11 of them and non of the users have coscto membership


I got the offer on my wife’s card (AU on my account), but when I tried to save the offer, I got this:
Sorry about that!

It doesn’t happen often, but offer details are currently unavailable.

Please try again later.

–>>Any advice now? :(


I got 6 of these! 4hilton cards plus Platinum and Gold cards. Only missed one, the auth user on the Gold. Got that message saying sorry. None of the SPG or Costco cards got the offer but I’m happy with $150 credit.


Got on several SPGs.



Well, I spent time online chatting with Amex guy, and he ultimately said he couldn’t help and said I should call some 800 #. But I then logged out and logged back into the account, and the offer was there, and I was able to save it. Happy day!


DAN_ guess what. I brought up the tab vs browser issue earlier. I just did my 3 cards ONE AT A TIME- with only one browser and one tab open and they each worked individually!
Thanks for the $75!!!


I have a business card, I have a whole bunch of additional users which I made accounts for. They mostly had the special, but on all of them, other than the main one, it said

Sorry about that!
It doesn’t happen often, but offer details are currently unavailable.
Please try again later.

So I got the main one, and lost all the rest.

so sad.


thanks zow. i logged out and in and worked


So Dan, how does one go about paying for $1,000 bill in Costco using 40 cards (x$25 each)? Anyone tried this before??

Do you just say the magic words ‘split tender’?

What’s the max cards people use in a transaction without raising serious flags?


Can we use to buy Costco GC ?
Did anyone have a problem using 2 different names on credit card and ask for ID?


if i have 10 cards targeted and i registered them, do you suggest that i make a purchase for $250 and ask the cashier to split it and charge it to 10 different cards?


only on 1 of my 2 cards. thanks


how do you shop there if you don’t have a membership?