Check Your AMEX Account For A Targeted Amazon $20 Free Spend Offer

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Update: Some people are reporting offers of a $20 credit for spending $40 and a $10 credit for spending $10.  Be sure to save the offer to your account ASAP and buy an Amazon gift card now so you don’t miss out on locking in your savings!

Other comments confirm that secondary cards have been targeted, so be sure to make a new login to check each secondary card as I wrote in the Costco post.

People that have bought Amazon gift cards have already gotten confirmation of the AMEX credit coming their way!

AMEX has targeted some cardholders with yet another summertime present: A $20 statement credit for spending $20 on Amazon.

Easiest way to do that is to buy a $20 gift card with free shipping. Amazon gift cards never expire. You can also buy an eGift card that is sent right away.

This offer is targeted to less people than the Costco offer. Rather than rehash all of the strategies to check all of your cards and additional user cards I’ll send you over to the $25 Costco post where I discussed it at length. While none of my primary cards got the $25 Costco offer, lots of my additional user cards had the offer.

And don’t forget to check what other goodies are hiding in your account for you, like $50 off $250 at Hilton, $20 off $100 at eBags, $15 off $50 at TigerDirect, $15 off $150 at Newegg, $50 off $250 at AMEX travel, and much more!

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@dans thanks for responding to my request I was targeted and I hope some other did as well


Got the Amazon deal but not the Costco one.


I got spend $40 and get $20 back.


No luck for me…Twitter option perhaps?


none of my 7 accounts had the Amazon offer. All 7 of them had the Costco offer though.


I got 6 Costco’s and 2 Amazons! 🙂


8 cards. No amazon offer. (Got 3 costcos)


I got 10 off 10


I also got 10 off 10

Big Boy

I got 12 costco and no Amazon


@Dan is this also only not for Amazon members?


How do I see if I got them?


Wife’s card had 20 off 20!


Another statement credit that I noticed:
$10 back for spending $200 on Amex gift card. With promo code DGPCM there is no purchase fee, and when you sign up for the premium shipping trial there are no shipping fees and 2nd day shipping – which means $200 gift card for $190, easy and clean.


3 cards no Costco and no amazon any way to get targeted?


@Bernard: Check out Dan’s $25 Costco link.


I have 3 amex cards i received it on 1 card only thanks DAN for the idea of the amazon gift card, guess what I was credit back from amex within the same HOUR!! so thanks DAN for the $20 gift from you!


Thanks as a secondary card I got both offers, btw I only have this card since I got the delta glitch you told me about and signed up as a secondary card to get free bags !!! Thanks so much !


@Big Boy: that’s the better deal,


Congrats to all who got it!
Don’t forget to save and spend to take advantage of it. Grab a gift card now so you don’t forget to use it.


Thanks dan. I got 10 out of 18 costco offers, and 5 out of 18 amazon the twenty for twent on amazon




thanx dan,
just got it


i got 12 gift cards so far and about $700 at costco. thanks dan!!!


Didn’t get any Costco or any Amazon!


Zero for 20 on the Amazon deal, but I did get 3 out of 20 (aka 75 bucks) on the Costco deal.

Fortunately, I had set up a single online ID for each of my secondary cardholders (my kids, and a new ID for myself and my wife where we are secondary to the other) to manage the Costco search. So it was easy to quickly search (albeit unsuccessfully) for the Amazon deal. Given the frequency of these offers, I think it’s wise to have a single online ID for each of your secondary cardholders.


BTW, I was hoping the Amazon deal would work similarly to the Costco deal — where folks who’ve never ordered from Amazon might get targeted — but that doesn’t seem to be the methodology. My kids, who do not have Amazon accounts, did not get the offer — even on accounts where I, as the primary cardholder, have never used the card to order from Amazon.


btw dan, for costco i ordered online a ton of their $25 gift cards, I hope that I get a statement credit for that

Dan is the best

got the amazon 20 off 20 only on 1 account. but not the costco


6 cards, no Costco, No Amazon


I didn’t bother checking the 70 rmaining secondary cards


Newbie Mistake – You should have done one and see if it worked. There is no rush on these I believe you have until mid Aug


Will the credit work for amazon payments as well?


You may not get the credit. The T&C on the offer specifically states that it’s in-store only, and not available online.
The reason for this, I’m guessing, is that they want you to go in the store, where you will perhaps see and buy additional items or even sign up for a membership altogether because of the offer.


This may be a bit after the fact (since it’s regarding the Costco deal), but the only place where the Costco offer came up for me was via the American Express iPhone app, and not by the conventional way of “adding to card”. I clicked the “nearby”, and moved the map to Dallas, and then clicked “search in this location” – Costco offer found and added to my SPG. The reason I mention this here is because there are often other Amex Offers deals – usually for restaurants – I’ve only found by using the map (most of the offers tend to be in larger metropolitan areas. with New York and LA having the most by far), and this may be good for future reference. Amazon has NOT shown up using the map thus far (being an online retailer, there’s no reason it would).


The T&C specifically state that Amazon Payments is ineligible. In this case it’s probably true- it’s a different merchant code and easy for the system to distinguish. So, if you have nothing you need at Amazon now, safe bet is to buy a gift card for later.


does the blue cash American Express also offer any of these offers? I don’t see any offers at all


out of 2 cards, one had costco, one had amazon.
would shop at costco using costco cash allow to pay with amex and no membership?

do you suggest adding au to all accounts to benefit from future promos? need SS for each AU?


@CtownBin: thank!


@Mark: I have an android phone, and I Dnt c “Amex offers” in my app. Is this an ifone option?


Did anyone get an email after swiping the cards at costco?
I swiped a few but did not get an email saying “thanks for using your registered card”


I have 4 cards, got 4 Costco and 4 Amazon. I guess I was lucky! Thank you Dan.

chana k

@mee: yes. You have NO offers? check out Dan’s $25 Costco listing.

@chuck: Same here.



I don’t think they’re sending email confirmation for this offer.

Lucky you!

No Twitter

Why no twitter account?



Chuck, the cards you swiped were under various names, or were they all under your own name? Did they ask for ID?


I received $25 for sending $25 at costco


all the cards had the same last name but I think i got lucky since I asked the cashier i need 16 GC and she said okay and all may cards never left my hand she did not even ask to see the name on 1 card so I think I did get lucky though.


She even carded the guy in front of me asking him for photo ID since his picture was not on this membership card however my picture was on my membership card so i guess that was good enough for her.


@cr: if you don’t you can always return the gift cards in store


Got the amazon 20 on my wife’s card but not on mine



I used the cards with Costco offers on Saturday but did not get any email confirmations. Credits appeared in the account Tuesday morning. Hope that helps


I did not get the usual email thanking me for using my enrolled card, but I did get the $25 refund on my statement.
I went to costco the day i got the offer. The credit appeared on my statement a few days later.


I set up additional user ID for AU. On one single credit card account I have 21 additional users. 10 of these card have the amazon offer. How do I reserve all these offers without losing some? This is only one of my amex cards, I still need to check AU on my other amex accounts. If each AU have a different User ID log in does that mean I can save each offer individually without risking the offer disappearing from my other AU?


i spoke on the phone with them they told me that on the 11th on the month every one will get this special


Dan, I thought the local Costco here in Cleveland doesn’t accept credit cards? They always tell me cash or debit only…


I got $20 on $20 for amazon – bought a $20 egift card but didn’t get the enrollment email I usually get after the purchase. Not sure if it registered – I’ll have to check back with amex once the transactions posts


Do you need separate amazon accounts to use cards with different names or could use for the same account?