ALIVE AGAIN! HURRY! $10 Off Any Purchase At Shoebuy! Plus Save An Additional 10% For Having A Shoebuy Account!

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Update: 09/11-3:50pm: DEAD DEAL! Shoebuy now requires a $50 minimum purchase to get $10 off!

-If your account isn’t getting the 10% off, just create a new account with a new email address!

-Shoebuy ships their orders out very quickly-so if you order now, you should have your crocs in time for Yom Kippur!

-Prices updated to reflect price drops since the last time this deal was alive!

Shoebuy Linky
Use the following code for $10 off of any purchase (No minimum!): 43667463

If you register for a Shoebuy account you will automatically save 10% on all purchases!
Shoebuy offers free shipping and free return shipping!

Here are direct links for some of their Crocs:

In red are the regular prices.
In purple are the prices after the $10 coupon and 10% off.

Prices subject to change…
Unisex (Men’s and Women’s) Crocs:

Crocs Cayman-$29.95/$17.95-The “Classic” crocs-now available in 25 colors!
Crocs Athens-$29.95/$17.95
Crocs Scutes-$29.95/$17.95
Crocs Professional-$36.95/$24.25
Crocs Endeavor-$38.95/$26.05
Crocs Off-Road-$39.95/$26.95
Crocs Islander-$49.95/$35.95
Crocs All-Terrain-$59.95/$44.95

Men’s Crocs:
Crocs Crete-$39.95/$26.95

Women’s Crocs:
Crocs Prima-$28.95/$16.95
Crocs Mary Jane-$29.95/$17.95
Crocs Cleo-$29.95/$17.95
Crocs Capri-$39.95/$26.95
Crocs Sassari-$39.95/$26.95

Kids Crocs:
Kids Crocs Cayman-$26.95/$15.25
Kids Crocs Scutes-$28.95/$16.95
Disney Kids Crocs-$29.95/$17.95
Kids Croclings-$32.45/$20.20
Kids Crocs Endeavor-$34.95/$22.45

Infants Crocs:
Infants Crocs Cayman-$25.45/$13.95
Infants Crocs Scutes-$28.95/$16.95
Disney Infants Crocs-$29.95/$17.95
Infants Croclings-$29.95/$17.95
Infants Crocs Endeavor-$34.95/$22.45

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you should be aware, dan. that the 10% (membership discount) will only happen if you placed an order in the last 60 days, and may not show up on your first order.

a way to get around this is to place an order with, say, the wrong size. then place and order with the right size (which will now be within 60 days of the last order) you can call them to cancel the order and presto! you have your 10% off!


It says it needs $50 min.