Advertisement: Just In Time For Summer, The Milano Collection Pre-Shavuos Shaitel Sale!

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NEW FROM MILANO COLLECTION: Treat yourself to the perfect Shaitel this summer. Treat yourself to a revolutionary new ponytail wig by Milano Collection. Shop the upcoming pre-Shavuos sale and enjoy special savings on every Milano wig. Ponytail wigs will be offered at an introductory price of $450 per wig.

Sale Dates:
Brooklyn Showroom- This Motzei Shabbos/Sunday May 12/13
Lakewood- Sunday May 13
Williamsburg- Monday May 14
Monsey- Monday May 14
5 Towns- Tuesday May 15
Toronto- Tuesday May 15
Montreal- Wednesday May 16
London- Wednesday May 16
Los Angeles- Sunday May 20

Full details about special savings on every Milano wig linky

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