6 Month Free Google Express Trial And $10 Credit For Groceries, Costco Items, And More Delivered To Your Door


Update: The 6 month free membership code expires today!

Originally posted on 1/27:

Step 1: If you click on this Google Express referral link you’ll get $10 off $10. At checkout just click to redeem the $10 code that will be in your account or use code: J654NK3HH

There is normally a free 3 month trial that you can cancel at any point. At the end of the trial you will be moved onto a $95 annual unlimited use membership plan or you can cancel and pay a $4.99 per delivery fee with no membership fee. The membership includes a free additional member as well. Google will email you a week before your free trial ends.

Step 2: Click here to enroll in a membership you can use the following “Membership Promo Code” for a 6 month free trial (Exp: 2/17): SIXFREENOW

This code is valid for a limited number of uses.

Step 3: Shop from Google Express and redeem the $10 off $10 code that you’ll see at checkout.

Google Express is pretty awesome. Whenever we need an item from the grocery store or Costco we’ll just order it and have it the next morning! I’ve developed quite the habit for La Croix Grapefruit seltzer because of Google.

As long as you spend at least $15 you will get overnight or same day shipping is free.

They deliver or ship items from Costco, Walgreens, Whole Foods, and many more stores that vary based on your location right to your door overnight for the same cost as in-store. If Costco has a coupon for an item you’ll also get that sale price.

And unlike in Costco stores or online, when you order with Google Express you can even pay for your Costco items with an AMEX!

You do need a Costco membership to order from Costco at regular prices and perishables are only available in select areas. In some areas you can order from Costco stores without a membership, but you’ll pay a 15% premium.

Google will even return items for you, how awesome is that?

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Exp 2/17

Or Gera

Sweet deal! thanks Dan!


It should be noted that Google Express Costco purchases do NOT qualify as wholesale club purchases for 5% cashback at Discover (this quarter).


@Mendel: thanks mouseman


Does the referral link not work for anyone else? Just getting redirected to a blank page.


You’re lucky. By me I get the orders around 6-7 PM, next day.


do they qualify for Freedom 5% on quarters that have wholesale clubs?

a fan

by the way goodle express delivers from Western Kosher but not everything


Does “$10 off $10” mean you get $10 off only if you buy something worth $10?


SIXFREENOW is for new members only.


@dan just bought 18 k-cups for $4.39 delivered. thanks bro


The SIXFREENOW code has reached its redemption limit.


@Jeremy: Just worked for me.


How does one avoid the 10% surcharge?

chana k

Can you ‘search’ for a product or product category? Or can you only scroll through and windowshop to find products you want?


is the 6 months code still valid?
I can’t put that code and I can only have 3 months


code “SIXFREENOW” just worked for me!



I’m in Lakewood and made an order this past Sunday night, the Costco order is scheduled on Tuesday, and Stop & shop on Wednesday. Seems longer then overnight shipping…


I don’t know what it’s like in Cleveland, but in Los Angeles they recently switched from Google couriers delivering in paper bags to delivery companies like UPS, FedEx, OnTrac etc. Now the deliveries take longer, everything comes in oversized boxes, you can’t put in special delivery instructions (e.g. leave it by the side door), there are missed/delayed deliveries, and just overall a reduced quality of service. Probably still worth the money but not what it used to be.


just an update, the coupon for $10 of $10 did not take on the order. Will be returning and cancelling this service. I have a feeling this is another google failure…



can you stop the automatic subscription after 6 months?

reb yid

Costco will also tack on a $3.00 “small order service” fee if less than $15 is ordered from them.


It’s worth 95$ a year?


6 free months code worked for me!


The $10 link brings me to a blank page.


Must I have a Costco membership on top of the Google express memebership?


@Shalom: Yes


For its showing $95 a year or $10 a month. Also says *6-month trial offer expires Jan. 31, 2018.
How does it code on the CC which category?


How do you cancel before the six months are over?

How soon after signing up can you cancel and still keep the six free months?

Daniel Fowles

can i use my sisters membership to order things online and using google express?
i understand that in an actual store they check photo id . but when going to costco.com or google express you just need to provide a number . can i enter my sisters membership number?
i know i can get away with it , i wanted to know if its legal

Daniel Fowles

assuming this is legal…
can someone post their costco membership number for all to use?

Steve Isaacs

Thanks Dan. Got the free 6 months!!

janice saffir

Says, “Costco: May differ from in-store prices”


Just got it & placed first order from Costco. Thanks Dan!


The sales taxes seem awfully high on the items from multiple stores in Google Express. I’m a bit baffled on whether this is really a save.

Party is over

Starting today the Google express prices in the NY area are substantially higher than the in store prices.