$25 For Existing uber customers, $65 For New uber Customers Worldwide, $95 For New uber Customers In Orange County, CA


Update 3: Read from comment 98 and on to learn how you can still take advantage of the $25 bud light promo…remember that if you don’t have an uber account for first use the 2 promotions below before using a bud light code.

All uber customers can get a $25 credit instantly with this new promotion!
I played twice and got the $25 credit both times but it only let me apply 1 code to my account.
If you are a new customer be sure to do the promotions below to first get your $40/$70 credit and only then use this promo which will give you another $25!

If you aren’t having success with the link above here are some one-time use $25 codes. Be considerate and post a comment of which one you used so that I can cross it off:



Update 2:  The $20 signup bonus will end on Friday, 01/31 and it’s fully stackable with the code below so that you can get $40 off your first ride!

Update: Effective immediately, uberX is slashing prices in 16 markets by up to 34% to make the service far cheaper than using a taxi.

Via Gawker,

In L.A., a ride from LAX to Hollywood, for instance, would cost $51 in a cab, but traffic permitting, an UberX would cost just $29.50. In San Francisco, a cab ride from the Mission to SOMA costs about $11, but an UberX would be just $8.

Combine that with a four-way fare split, Kalanick said, and the ride is the same price as taking the bus.

Best part is that at any airport you get to skip the long taxi line and go straight into your private car!

My wife was able to use some of our uber credits for the first time in NYC this past week, so thanks again for signing up with my referral link and making her ride free :D
It really is an incredible service, within seconds of requesting an uberX car from the app a picture of the driver and his phone number came up and he was there in a comfortable non-smelly SUV within a minute.
The cost including tax and tip from the Upper West Side to Crown Heights came out to be $55, right at the bottom of the fare quote estimate even though it was during rush hour.

Far better than hailing a cab even without any credits, but combined with the $40 in credits that you can get as a new user it’s a no-brainer! If you use uber from an airport you can easily text or call your driver to tell them exactly where to meet you.


Originally posted on 01/06:

Promo 1. For a limited time only, new uber customers can get $20 of free uber credit by first signing up via my referral link

The $20 signup credit never expires.

Use it to hail a car wherever you find yourself.

“Better, faster, and cheaper than a taxi. Choose from uberX, UberTAXI, UberBLACK, UberSUV, or UberLUX.”

Promo 2. Immediately after signing up for a new account enter the following code on the promotion page for $20 off UberBLACK or uberX (Exp: 08/08/15) KALEB

You will then see a $20 non-expiring account bonus and a $20 promotion expiring in 2015 as shown here.

Note that you will only see $20 as an account credit. The other $20 is in the promo field and will stack with the $20 account credit.

If you take a $30 ride it will first take $20 from the KALEB promo and then take $10 from your $20 new account bonus, leaving you with $10 in non-expiring credit remaining.

Promo 3. You can get another $50 to spend on your first ride in Orange County, California (SNA airport is in Orange County for example) with code (Exp:01/31): OCHOLIDAYS

Note that you can only do promo 1+2 or promo 1+3, you can’t use all 3 on the same account.

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Just watch out for surge pricing – they are happy to give out $20 credits when the price might be 8x what it usually is!!


New users can put in promo code kaleb to get extra 20 dollars simply wen signing up use dans promo code before puting in credit card info then go in to app amd press promotions and type in kaleb


Thanks Dan! Glad to see Uber is offering deals to us OCers. Lyft started driving here a few months ago and it looks like they are trying to take market share from Lyft.

The $50 promo code is $50 off your first purchase, must be redeemed before 1/31.


Promo 2. Use the following code for $20 off UberBLACK or uberX (Exp: 08/08/13) KALEB
Do you mean 2014?


expires 08/ 8/15


Thanks for the reminder!

As if I needed something else to be jealous of OC folk today ;)
Was in Irvine last year, great place.

Actually 2015!


I entered “KALEB” in the promotions box but only see a 20 and not a 40 credit in my account. How do I get the 40 credit?



If you signed up with my link there should be $20 in account credits already (listed separately from promotions)


Will this work for me? I can text but my “stupid” phone doesn’t load apps.


I did that and then added the promo and only have $20 un my ACCT AS WELL


My account balance only says 20 and not 40. Thanks.


That’s right.

Click on the promo page, https://clients.uber.com/#!/promotions
and you should see this:

The $20 credit balance is from my referral link and never expires.
The $20 KALEB promo is on top of that $20 credit and expires in 2015.


Dan how much commission do you get?


Do you also go into stores and ask what the profit margin is on everything they sell?

At any rate the referral program is public, you can figure it out yourself pretty easily.




Did anyone use Uber from Crown Heights to JFK?
How much does a trip come out to?


You can get a quote in the app based on the uber service you want.


@dan Can u give me your code please bc it’s also not working for me. It wants me to manually enter the promo code. Kaleb worked but your direct link did not. Thanks




I tried that. It says that I have that already applied to my account. But only the kaleb credit is showing up


Read comment 12.


Its simple pepole the kaleb credit does not show in ur acount after u enter in and it goes threw ur first uber x ride up to 20 dollars will be free from kaleb. Then u will have the 20 dillars credit that will show in ur acount from dan. Its that simple If u take a 30 dollars ride it will take 20 of kaleb and the 10 off dans and ur acount will say 10.


@uberx @dan I am a pretty bright guy.. I read all your comments and notes however as everyone is saying and by me ALSo I only have the kaleb credit… No where else does it show me $20 in credit.. I am not going to use the app to hope that when I have. $30 fare it will just be free


See comment 12.


@dan.. As I already wrote I read all comments including 12.. And saw your freeze frAme… What you see we don’t have… And i am pretty savy ;-)

uber x

@mike wen u go in to payments it will say 20 dollars credit that is from dans referral the kaleb credit you cant see it will only show for a second wen you put the code in and press enter then disappear how ever still be in ur account


Is there a way to sign up without putting in my CC info?


can i open a account for me and my wife with the same cc on file?

uber x

@yehuda Paypal wen u sign up on mobile app
@dovid yes it only needs different number and email


what about landing at JFK & then I need a UBER SUV to queens.

Usually cab is around $30 but for 5 people & luggage I would need 2.

so I want to use UBER – How do you order it to the terminal & when do you order it – while you are waiting for luggage or when the plane lands?

What are the waiting time charges for the car if they wait for you, etc


can anyone quickly explain what the advantage is to this over a car service or taxi


Just signed up using your above link, i filled out the new user form including CC info and stated that i will receive a free $20 credit. i then downloaded the app, signed in and clicked promotions, i entered in “kaleb” and received the $20 credit and message of Kaleb hooked you up with a free UberBLACK or uberX ride up to $20 for new Uber users(Valid in US only)

Also, I could be wrong but looks like Dan will receive a $20 credit for each new sign up but is deserving with all the info he shares!



Sort of, if you actually take a ride with uber they give me a $20 credit towards their services.


(Exp: 08/08/13??) KALEB


FYI for Chicago users: I was researching other promo codes and came across this –
Code: FitnessFormula – 20% off 2 Uber Rides. Max $10 Discount. Trip must begin or end at FFC (fitness formula club). Excludes TAXI. Expires 1/31/14


why is it asking for credit card number? whats the catch?


It expires 08/08/15.

If you take a ride that exceeds your credit balance then your card will be charged the difference.

If your ride from JFK is $50 and you have $40 in credits from this post then $10 will be put on your card automatically.


Before I even start, can someone tell me the difference between the regular car and the black car? SUV I figured out!


Forget it. Found it, finally, on their site. Black is the bigger cars.


Zach I did what you said…clicked on referral link. Led me to download app. Put in kaleb and on my dashboard list of promos is only listed the kaleb promo. Based on what I read seems like you get $20 credit when you actually book/take a ride.

mr g

anybody use this from BROOKLYN to any of the airports?


Only 20 dollars in account not 40 but I’ll take it thanx dan


@mr g:
Of course.

You get $20 in account credit for signing up with my referral link in the post.
You also get $20 in promo credit by entering the KALEB code, as shown in the post.


Will this work with multiple usernames/diff CC’s/ but same phone #?


Dan, can you please explain what UBER is?


Car service.


I want to do it but when i go to the web page using your like it says “errors on this webpage”. it does not let me enter the site. What can I do?


Tried putting in Kaleb but it says it was already applied to the account.Just signed up so never used it….only got 20


Yes. I see they applied the kaleb credit but never credited me with the 20 with your link


So by account credit it says $0?


No I have 20. Signed up with your link but didnt get 20 with the uberdansdeals code


Kaleb doesn’t add to your credit, it’s counted separately in promotions.
Please read the post and comments again and look at comment 49 again.


Ah Got it. I wont see ‘your credit’ on my account. On my first ride we would both get 20 which can be applied to that ride. So its like getting 40. Guess the confusion was is that I thought I would see 40 in the account


Dan put in KALEB and it came up promotion code not valid? could it have expired already?


@eve I just did it and it worked. Try again.

It looks like many people just don’t read the post carefully. Dan clearly says that the refferal credit shows up in your account, but the KALEB credit it a promo so you won’t see it there.


I took this last week from CH to JFK.
The fare was $54 without any traffic (closer to the higher end of the quote 42-58). I had the $40 credit, so I only ended up paying $14 which was great, thanks Dan!
A regular car service costs $35 so I don’t see myself using this without credits despite it being a little more convenient.


ocholidays code is not working anymore. it says it reached the limit.


Does paying for Uber with a chase sapphire preferred get you 2 miles as it would with taxis?


FYI I landed in JFK around 1 AM one day last week and the lower end cars were “not available in my area”—so don’t rely on Uber completely. Yes, I could have paid more for a higher end car but I ended up using Carmel (who has a similar app) instead.


What if I dont have a smartphone? Can I still order a car from uber by calling them or online?


They don’t have service in Houston but have it in Oklahoma City? Kinda strange. Houston is the 4th largest city in US. Hopefully it will come here too.


Is code KALEB still alive?
For me it comes up invalid


Only works right when you open your account.


ok, we get the point, how many more times will you bump this post like its something new?!


Is this service safe ?


Does it matter which car to take, it seems like I’ll only get the discount if I use a certain car

Igor Ivanovich

Dan, are you going to rent less cars because of your credits?

For those asking, it seems you can only order from a smartphone or their mobile site (you should be able to access it on any computer) m.uber.com but no phone number. CMIIW.


does this service work well without a smartphone?


Opened account but dont think that i’ll be using it cause i need a minivan/SUV and UberSUV is extremely expensive vs. standard taxi or car service.
Just for curiosity the promotor gets the credit when i sign up or when i use it?


I plan to sign up some family members and friends before 1/31 and use my referral code, but they won’t actually ride before then. Will I still get the $20 referral credit if this is the case?


Won 3x in a row, now keep losing.


Tried 90046 it said you did not win.


Use it.

Referrer gets the full $20 only if used by 01/31.

You can only apply one bud light code to an uber account.


@ Dan, the problem wasn’t applying the code(have multiple uber accounts), the problem was that I was no longer winning a code by playing the game.



But it’s not over yet.

Give your friends 21+ a chance to win by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe they’ll let you catch a ride with them.



Multiple accounts with the same cell phone?

Nick O

@cvh – yes, there’s a number you can text with your address. I’ve used in midtown Manhattan with no problems



Have two accounts, at the moment one is not hooked up to a working # so I cant use it but have $60 sitting in it now gathered from promotions to use when needed.


looks like site is down now…


It says only for first 4800 signups. Looks dead AFAIK


I used BUDLIGHTnud. Thanks!!!


just used BUDLIGHT38n from the list above, thanks!!


Used BUDLIGHT5fu and BUDLIGHT3gw. Thanks!

tri n

BUDLIGHT9m6 still work(ed) for me…


What would it cost on Uber one way LA to Oxnard?


used BUDLIGHT2iq


I just used BUDLIGHTlmd . Thanks Dan! You’re the best!!


any more codes dan? none of these work and the link says i didnt win…


anyone else have codes? Not giving out more and all those above already used too many times.


Budlightyxg is used





Every single one of your codes do not work.


used BUDLIGHT50U thx


Deal appears to be dead


Looks like all of them are dead :(.


all codes dead


Just used BUDLIGHTacy (not listed) and it worked! I chose the last three letters randomly. Previously, I tried all of the other codes, but I received a message each time that the code no longer worked because the promotion limit had been reached.


As a tip, choose any and try with different last letter. That method worked twice for me.


@Ivan: Thanx! i just tried “BUDLIGHT50a” also not listed but chosen at random! worked like a charm :)