2 Free Uber Rides From Select Airports (Or Nearby Locations…) For Existing Customers With AMEX!


Update #2: Registration for the offer has reopened!

Update: Registration for the offer is full.

Originally posted on 11/16:

American Express is a DansDeals.com advertiser.

If you’re new to Uber you can signup via this referral link.

Existing users can go to the promotion field in the Uber app or they can click here and enter the following code for a $65 off each of their next 2 rides originating in select airports through 12/31/16: AMEXAIRPORT

Of course you can enter a valid airport as the pickup location, call the assigned driver and have him begin the ride at the airport, ask him to then pick you up from another location, and then continue onto a 3rd location (or even back to the same airport) without ending the free ride…

You can use any Uber type for this promotion, though the savings is capped at $65 per ride.

You must pay with an AMEX card to be eligible for the $65 discount.

View all details here.











Included airports:
-New York LaGuardia(LGA)
-John F. Kennedy International(JFK)
-Newark Liberty International(EWR)
-Chicago O’Hare International(ORD)
-Chicago Midway International(MDW)
-Seattle-Tacoma International(SEA)
-Boston Logan International(BOS)
-McCarran International(LAS)
-George Bush Intercontinental(IAH)
-Washington Dulles International(IAD)
-Ronald Reagan Washington National(DCA)

If you pay with a American Express Membership Rewards card you’ll always earn 2 points per dollar on Uber.

With The Amex EveryDay Preferred Card or The Amex EveryDay Card you’ll earn even more than that thanks to the 50% and 20% repesctive bonuses on those cards when you make 30 or transactions per month.

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express offers 2 points per dollar everywhere for a year in addition to 10 points per dollar on restaurants for 3 months. That’s on top of a 2 points per dollar on Uber and a 30% annual bonus on top of all spending. That means you’ll get 3 points per dollar for Uber in your first year plus the 30% annual points bonus. And best of all the card has no annual fee

Plus if you also have The Enhanced Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN you’ll be able to get back half your AMEX points when you redeem them for airfare!

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Can I use a prepaid Amex gift card for this?


@nathan: no


must it be a u.s. amex card?


It says the trips must be completed before 12/31/16.

John smith

Do i need to have a Amex card or can i just use the code for free @dansdeals


What if I still have credit on my account? Will the promotion kick in before using credit?


Assuming this wont work for a ride to the airport…correct?
It seems like only if originating in the airport.
Please confirm.


Can I use it for the way going to the airport?


@John smith: read the post! “You must pay with an AMEX card to be eligible for the $65 discount.”


Thanks! Got it and the last one for $25 free. Live in canada but these are great for my us travels. Thanks dan!


@John smith: read the post. You must pay with an amex card to get the discount.


Sorry , It says “originating from select airports” in the details.


I can technically drive to the airport and travel $65 worth from there, correct? Pretty cool as I live near the airport


But you can also just call for an Uber at an airport, have him start the meter and then pick you up 🙂


Sweet, thanks Dan!


Can we use a cancelled card?


@shmo: that’s a good idea! I’m gonna try that


Will Amex Serve work for the promo?


Will def be using it


I need to get to EWR from 5towns for a 8:20am flight. Any reason why I can’t go to JFK (uber?!) and then use this deal to uber from JFK to EWR?

Ish Yehudi

Can an AMEX “prepaid reward” card be used for this promotion?


I’m getting ‘promotion risk’


Just call it to JFK, tell the driver to turn the meter on in JFK and then pick you up on the way to EWR.


@Ish Yehudi:
If you try let us know.


if i start the ride jan 1st
and then finish the trip after midnight so it will be jan 2nd.
will i still get the credit?


@Dan: “But you can also just call for an Uber at an airport, have him start the meter and then pick you up”

Wouldn’t Uber see that your phone GPS wasn’t at the airport at the time of pickup and then disallow it? I suppose you can order an Uber for a friend arriving at the airport ….


Doubtful, but I’m not sure.

No, it only goes based on where the meter was turned on.


@anonymous: it expires 12/31/16


If I have this promotion and the last one (free $25 ride) can I choose the Amex payment method and enable only this promo or will it automatically apply the $25?

Ish Yehudi

I am reluctant to try it unless I know in advance that it qualifies.


@Ben: As many have reported, the $25 promo from the previous deal “isicstudent” does not automatically apply. Be sure to take a screen shot of it in your account and contact Uber after your ride.
@shmo: I doubt you can use an expired card as i think they do a $1 temporary authorization when you add a new card (or when you request your first ride with the new card).


@Ish Yehudi, if you click the link, it takes you to Uber’s website and it says you can not use a prepaid card.
@anonymous, on the website it says that trip must be completed by 11:59 pm December 31 2016


Can I take a ride from JFK to LGA? It says from the airport to home.


I’d assume that’s fine.


It didn’t work and after sending a message I received the following reply!! What do I do??

Hi Yitzchok
This is Deepak from the Uber Support Team. I really hope you’re doing very well! Thank you for contacting us. I’ll be more than happy to assist you with this problem today.

I’m happy to explain what happened here. While we certainly appreciate you sharing your personal referral code with friends and family, after reviewing your account it appears the usage of this promo code violates Uber’s Terms of Service. This promotion code is applicable to an invited user’s *first* ride — it is not intended to be used by people signing up for multiple Uber accounts.
We won’t be able to honor the value of the promotion, and your Uber account has been disabled indefinitely.
Thank you for using Uber thus far, and please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Sent by Deepak Y. on Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 0:26:22 AM


can i use a citi amex card, not the regular amex brand amex card for this offer?


I plugged the code in and got the message “Promotion redemption limit exceeded.” Any advice?


Used it last night to go from JFK to Washington Heights. $63 ride = $0 charge. Thanks!


Working again now!



Is this an instant discount or does Amex give you a statement credit?




SUV ride from JFK to the Ohel – free 🙂
Only question is – is that the proper way to show up there?


Does anyone know if you can use the same Amex card on 2 different uber accounts- will you get 4 rides or just 2?

Stanley Treitel

I and my wife used this deal on Thursday night from DCA (Reagan
Airport) to Baltimore, cost was $99 less $65 credit, Net cost to us


Hi is this just for uber x or uber pool too ?


Read the post.


Does it include AMEX cards used through ApplePay ?


Don’t use Uber they Support BDS in in Florida!


We tried to have the driver start the meter at LGA and pick us up in the Bronx then continue on to our destination. The driver agreed by phone but one block from us, Uber canceled our trip and we were “charged” the credit.


Just used it from lga to Brooklyn BP. Best free ride I’ve had in a while! Thanks a million Dan!


Just Came from EWR to BP for $2.69
The way there I paid $85 by Car service.
Thanks Dan!


Asked driver to start meter at JFK & pick me up at home going to JFK. Said he’s not allowed to do that. Tried another driver & same response. How did you get driver to bend the rules ?


Post says “Update #2: Registration for the offer has reopened!” but when is that from, and is this deal still alive? If so, what’s the expiration? Thx.