Costco Membership Expiring Within The Next 3 Months? Renew Online Now And Save!

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If you don’t have a Costco membership you can lock in current rates and get a $10 or $20 bonus cash card for joining.

-If your Costco membership expires within the next 3 months you can login here and click to renew your membership.

Effective 6/1, Costco membership fees will be going up from $55 to $60 for a Gold Star Membership and from $110 to $120 for an Executive Membership.

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7 Comments On "Costco Membership Expiring Within The Next 3 Months? Renew Online Now And Save!"

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Yay! save a whole $5!!!


you can also order a gift of membership if your membership expires in more than 3 months


Anyway gift of membership can be used like Amazon prime lock in for multiple years


Thanx for the heads up. I just walked up to the counter in Costco and renewed at the discounted price. A savings of $5 but why not.

John Slater

Thank you! Mine expires on 6/30. I tried last month to renew early in-store, and they said I couldn’t do it until June (after the price hike), but just now I did it online for the old price.


Just wait until your five dollars short at Walmart and remember this.
5 bucks is just as valuable as 100


@BB: actually 5 bucks is approximately 1/20 as valuable as 100, give or take