Play The “Starbucks For Life” Game Without Making A Purchase


Through 1/8, Starbucks is offering game plays to win Starbucks stars or free Starbucks for a week, month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, or even for life.

If you win 6 months, 1 year, or a lifetime of free Starbucks, you will receive an annual 1099-MISC for each tax year where the total value of the prizes redeemed is equal to $600 or more.

Normally you earn game plays by making purchases from Starbucks.

However, after signing up to play the game here, you can claim free plays by clicking here and filling out the form. Then check your email for the link to play for free. You’ll get another free pay every time you fill out the form. Select a new challenge from the form to keep getting free entries!

Match 3 tokens and you’ll win the prize.

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What does that mean it comes with 1099 misc?


Says I need an account with a registered card 🙁


The 1099-MISC will not be for the ARV. It will be for the cost of the food/beverages that are purchased with the credits.

The rules states “Grand, First and Second First Prize Winners will be responsible for income tax based on the retail price of the items that are redeemed and will receive an annual IRS Form 1099 for each tax year where the total value of the prize redeemed is equal to $600 or more.


It’s letting me fill out the form as many times as I want. Each time, I get another email and another game play.


cool let us know what u win


It let me do that also about 10 times till doesn’t work


The Starbucks for life is for 30 years. I guess if you drink Starbucks every day for 30 years…

Alex Torgueman

I won 75, 50, and Instant Win 10 bonus stars before it kicked me out.


Thank you for your post. After 14 tries and not winning anything I was convinced it’s fixed. I guess it’s only somewhat fixed


was able to do it about 20+ times using different browsers and incognito…
however haven’t won anything yet and now it seems like they closed my account


Thanks for the datapoint


I won 75 stars as well as 10 instant win stars!


is this still supposed to be working?


I got like 20 free plays yesterday and 10 ish today. All in all I won 50 free stars yesterday and some more free plays. I have 2 of 3 of just about all of the options now. I’m probably missing the rare ones.


Doesn’t load

aharon E

ach are final and binding in all matters related to the Promotion.
For the Collect and Win Game: There are nine (9) Collect and Win prize types (Starbucks for Life,
Starbucks for a Year, Starbucks for 6 Months, Starbucks for 3 Months, Starbucks for a Month,
Starbucks for a Week, 125 Bonus Stars, 75 Bonus Stars, and 50 Bonus Stars; see details below in
Section 7) (each a “Prize Type”). Each Prize Type has three (3) unique Game Pieces. Two (2) of
the three (3) Game Pieces for each Prize Type will be awarded regularly to Entrants. However,
there will be a limited number of the third Game Pieces for each Prize Type (“Rare Game Piece”)
correlating to the number of prizes offered for each Prize Type as set forth in the table below.
Prize Type Number Rare Game Pieces
Grand Prize – “Starbucks for Life” 5
First Prize – “Starbucks for a Year” 15
Second Prize – “Starbucks for 6 Months” 25
Third Prize – “Starbucks for 3 Months” 50
Fourth Prize – “Starbucks for a Month” 100
Fifth Prize – “Starbucks for a Week” 500
Sixth Prize – 125 Bonus Stars 30,000
Seventh Prize – 75 Bonus Stars 75,000
Eighth Prize – 50 Bonus Stars 130,000


I won a mug with an instant win piece. Got an email with a redemption bar code. Can purchase the mug in participating stores, up to $12.95 value.


I feel like this is rigged. I’ve played so many times and each category has two filled but cannot manage to get the third


Jeje, same story for me … in addition now I can only get 1 play a day instead of 2 plays


If you read through the small print, it explains how it works. Two pieces in each category are “common”, and there’s a limited number of the rare pieces for each category. Each of those rare pieces has been assigned a random timestamp, and whether you ever win that piece or not depends solely on if you are the first player to roll after that specific time.


The link just leads me to the SBFL login page…


You have to log in first. You need an account.


i have played the games 2 times per day since it has started…its a complete rigged fake game

Brian turner

Agree. Game seems rigged


Anyone figure out the magical combination that allows you the most paid plays and entries with the least amount of money?