[Update: Now A 3rd $10 Off Code Working For Everyone!] Order Starbucks Via Uber Eats And Get A $10 Code Valid For 30 Friends!

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Update: There is a 3rd code you can also add to your account below!

Update: Commenter Ilan notes that the $10 off Starbucks code is generic and can be used by anyone, so there’s no need to make a paid order!

Code #1 is: MERRY10

Code #2 is: LUCYHALE

Code #3 is: SABRINA10

It says that it’s valid once per account through 11/22 at 11:55pm PT.

If you’re new to Uber Eats you can signup here and use the following promo for $20 off $25 on your first order: eats-uberdansdeals

If you order Starbucks delivery via Uber Eats from today through 11/22 you’ll be emailed a $10 code that you can send to friends and family. Alternatively, this will expire after 100,000 codes have been sent out.

The $10 code is valid for Starbucks delivery via Uber Eats and will be valid for 30 uses!

The $10 code can only be used once per Uber Eats account and will expire on 11/22.

You can view the Star-K’s Iced Beverages kosher recommendation list here.

There are still many drinks that are recommended as kosher despite ending the “expanded Star-k information program

Have a $10 code you’re not going to use? Share it in the comments below!

Full terms:

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Any codes to share?

Mo Mo

Same here! ☕


Please check with your hashgacha if they recommend starbucks…




Anyone know if the $10 code to share is only valid for starbucks?

Mo Mo

That’s what the terms clearly state. Starbucks via Uber eats


Where does it say that the code must be used for a delivery (as opposed to pick-up)?


Usually big chain stores like Starbucks or McDonalds only has delivery


MERRY10. I believe it’s a generic code that everyone gets


If you add the code, do you have to use it before the 100,000 use it? Or do you just have to add it and can use it later?


FYI, the promotion doesn’t apply on tax, tip, delivery fee (if applicable), and service fee.
A good deal, but don’t think you’re getting a free drink.


Tried using “MERRY10”. It says “oops, this promotion is no longer available”




Well, my $10 banana came thru, don’t know what happened to the rest of the order.





LOL! I dont think Starbucks ever got an Order correct. Anyways quite a few of their snacks are Kosher OUD:

Rip Van Wafels- OUD. was pretty good
Justins Dark choclate PB Cups
Perfect Bar- Dark Chocolate chip peanut butter- OUD




Anything decent to get that’s packaged besides a Banana? lol

Sam F.

I was going to try the banana or lemon breads. They should be wrapped. Unfortunately, “sold out” at my nearest. Will try tomorrow.


Stil works… just adds it to my account


Successfully ordered at 6 pm PT. Thank you, JJ and Dan!


There’s a kashrus issue on drinks?


Can the 2 codes stack on one order?


To clarify, I’m not referring to the kosher status of the drinks, rather the fact it’s delivered unsealed.




Are their Kettle Potato chips and Buttered Popcorn bags Kosher?


Its dead – If you havent added it to your account, you cannot add it now


New code $7 off of $20. Not sure if it will work for everyone FOODTOME7 (says only valid if your receive email but try it


Did anyone notice that like 2 days after this promo launched all the Starbucks in the vicinity raised their delivery fees by $2 to $3? Most Starbucks near me charge $0.50 for delivery now all of a sudden they’re charging $2 and $3