Load Your Dunkin Donuts Card With $10 With A MasterCard At Checkout And Get A $5 Bonus

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If you load your Dunkin’ Donuts card online or via the app for Android or iOS with $10 using A MasterCard at Checkout you’ll get a $5 bonus.

Note this is not eligible with MasterPass this time, but rather when using a MasterCard Credit Card.

  • Auto-reload does not qualify for $5 reload bonus.
  • Limited-Time offer valid for one time use from 1/3/19-1/10/19 for DD Perks Members who reload a DD Card on Dunkindonuts.com or through the Dunkin’ Donuts App using a MasterCard, as your payment method.
  • Offer subject to cancellation at any time.
  • DD Card value may not exceed $100.

HT: ShimshonK, via DDF

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11 Comments On "Load Your Dunkin Donuts Card With $10 With A MasterCard At Checkout And Get A $5 Bonus"

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FYI – I used Apple Pay with a linked Mastercard and it does *NOT* appear that it worked


I reloaded with same MC directly and it credited instantly, so I’ll say its clear Apple Pay does *NOT* work either (like masterpass)

Coffee Guy

Google Pay didn’t either. (Probably Chase Pay also won’t.) Has to be a MasterCard you enter directly.


Worked! Thanks!

Susie M

I added $10 to my account and got the $5, then added $10 to my daughters account and didn’t get the $5. Is the limit of one on the MasterCard not the DD account?


I was worried about this happening and that’s why on my wife’s account I used my MasterCard DEBIT card from my checking account. DEBIT cards work for promo FYI…


Why is NJDevil getting the ht?


Yay! I have 5 MasterCards!


It says 1 per account. If you try it in multiple cards, please post where it worked.
Thank you.


Did it work with each card?


Although it didn’t show up when I hit submit on desktop, looking at the app I see.it got added.on. nice, like a free cup.of coffee.