Get 250 Stars Each Time You Load $10 To Your Starbucks Gold Card Via Chase Pay!

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Get 250 Stars Each Time You Load $10 To Your Starbucks Gold Card Via Chase Pay!

I didn’t get this offer and I wasn’t sure if this was a targeted offer, so I loaded $10 onto my Starbucks Gold card at 2pm on Sunday.

The 250 bonus points posted at 10pm last night.

From the Starbucks app just click Chase Pay as the payment method and then select the Chase card of your choice.

Note that you can only use a Chase login that has no business cards. You will need to create a new Chase login for only your personal cards to use Chase Pay.

You need just 125 points to get any size food or drink for free at Starbucks.

I like to test the fences though so I downloaded the Chase Pay app and changed the default payment card.

Then I went back into the Starbucks app and loaded another $10 via Chase Pay.

In less than 2 hours another 250 points posted:













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I don’t see the chase pay option in Starbucks app. Only visa checkout. What am I missing?


Doesn’t work for business accounts or if your login has both personal and business in it.
Quick fix?


Should be an option to add it under payment methods.

Open a new Chase login for personal cards.



Did you go to Reload and not see Add Chase Pay?


can i do this 100 time?


It might only work once per Chase card. I haven’t tested it on the same card again.


@Dan: I used the same card on my account as my wife’s starbucks account. She got it and I didn’t


What a pain. If your business and personal accounts are combined to one user login you can’t sign up. You have to create a separate account to use it. It took 20 minutes of back and forth with different people at chase to find this out.


“Our system is unable to process your request. Please try again later”


@Dan: il try twice on a single card



I had the same thing. Does your login contain personal and business accounts? You may have to separate them unless somebody has a workaround. I got a code from an online person and it didn’t work. It only worked after I separated my accounts and created a new personal login. UGH!


@ariella: No just personal…


I did this yesterday morning and haven’t received the stars yet.


@Dan how do i delete a chasepay account thats linked to SB. Id like to delink my chasepay account and link my wifes


> 24 hours, and still waiting…


Your Welcome Dan!


How do you create a new Chase login just for your personal accounts? Do your personal accounts have to be moved to the new login?


@Al: Good question, does that mean I will have to login to two different accounts to see my statement info?


@Chana@Chana: you need to update your Starbucks app to add chase pay as a payment method


Any specific card I’m suppose to use or any chase card attached to my chase pay accnt?


does it need to be on the app or could it be online?


Plus if your Chase Pay card is the Reserve, you should get 3x points, correct?


@ariella: or you could’ve just read the post…


Do you have to have Gold Status on your Starbucks card for this to work?


@EB: +1?


Same as EB, I just started using Starbucks and as not a gold member yet. Will this deal work for me?


@Mike: Not sure this will make a difference but i was a former goldl member( last year)…


Still waiting been 24+ hours no points.


Loaded $10 the other day and t worked. I saw your post this morning and loaded $40 using 4 different cards on chase pay. Still no points for the $40 spent this morning.


There is also a requirement for it to be a Chase Visa card, which was not mentioned. I only have a Chase MC (personal, not business) and my error message says “enroll with an eligible Chase Visa consumer card. MasterCard cards are ineligible.”


@Ben: If it doesn’t come through, contact support. They are quite generous. For the recent Visa Checkout (Add $10, get $10) deal I got it to work the first time but the second card didn’t get me the extra $10. I contacted them and they added it for me right away.


I did it on same chase card and got it 4 times. When does this promo end?


Not gold but after 24 hours called and they gave me no problem


@dovi who did you call and what did you tell them? I did a refill using chase visa with chase pay and still no points after 24 hours.


Did you do it 4 times in a row? Promo ends today


Looks like this promo is back for gold members


It’s back, gold only, specific language around 1 per customer. I tried a second load before I read the terms, we’ll see if it goes through like in January.

“Bonus Stars have been automatically loaded to this Starbucks Rewardsâ„¢ account, and will appear within 48 hours. This offer is exclusive to you and this Starbucks Rewardsâ„¢ account, and cannot be reproduced, transferred or used by anyone else…

Offer valid 6/4/17 – 6/7/17. This offer is exclusively for Starbucks Rewards Gold Members. Limit one per person. Enjoy this offer one time. Offer good in the U.S. only. “


Confirming no stars on 2nd purchase. Still happy to have found the bonus though.