Get A $10 Bonus When You Load $25 Onto Your Dunkin Donuts Rewards Card With Visa Checkout


Get A $10 Bonus When You Load $25 Onto Your Dunkin Donuts Rewards Card With Visa Checkout

You can use any credit card type with Visa Checkout. Offer is valid thru June 14. Limit one $10 bonus load per customer.

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You mean perks card?


Thanks for the post. Love the extra $10 in my DD card.


Can u load more then once?


It says one bonus per customer what if you load a different card?


@Anonymous: yes sir


I loaded $25 onto my dd card via the app and didn’t get the bonus. What did I do wrong? When I clicked the link, it took me to the app to pay


Wow, for anyone who goes to Dunkin’ – who wouldn’t want $10 free?

Just a caveat I just discovered – it’s one $10 bonus per VISA CHECKOUT customer. I just did it successfully for my DunkinDonuts account but then tried to add $25 to my wife’s DD acount using my VISA Checkout account and it did NOT add the extra $10. Boo!


Successfully got $10 extra on both of my accounts. Love DD. Love the savings


Signup for another visa checkout account maybe?


Do I get 5x on my Freedom when purchasing from DD online? Does Visa Checkout affect that?


@Sarah: You have to checkout with “Visa Checkout”.


It keeps saying “DDCard already registered” every time I try to enter my card info. Am I supposed to click the “Not Yet” button when it asks if I have a card?


do i need to purchase a card before


Awesome thx! Never too much coffee


Awesome!! Thanks so much.


Thanks dan! $10 free coffee… :)!

Aaron Friedman

I reloaded as instructed but have not received the credit. What next?


Worked like a charm – thank you! $10 credit automatically applied (if you use the app, it will tell you the bonus added.). And yes, use the freedom for the 5 x on spend.

mendy from lakewood

thanks dan worked for me!


I just spent 58 minutes on hold to speak to a rep who said it won’t give you a $10 credit if it is the same credit card and/or if it is the same VisaCheckout account.
Therefore, you need a separate credit card AND VisaCheckout account for each DD card to load.
She gave me the $10 bonus after speaking to her.

If you have the time, it’s worth the $10 free coffee.


So strange. Doesn’t work for us. Visa checkout/DD keeps declining all of our credit cards, and we’ve tried quite a few. It says the card information doesn’t match. We tried on computers and apps.




Does the 10 statement credit work on anything with Visa checkout?