Chase Checking Account Holders: Send A $5 Starbucks Gift Card And Get A Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

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If you have a Chase checking account you can login to the Chase app, click on the drop down menu on the left side, and then click on “Gifting” under the more section.

Note that in my Chase app login that has business accounts, the gifting option doesn’t show up. However I have another login with only consumer accounts and that one has gifting options.


Click “Send a gift” and then “Send a Starbucks gift card.”

Send to an existing recipient or add a new recipient and choose any gift card style. Then enter $5 as the gift card amount. You’ll have to pay the $5 from your Chase checking account.

Click send gift card and both you and your recipient will get a $5 gift card.

I sent my wife a $5 gift card and she sent me a $5 gift card. The total cost was $10 and we got $20 in Starbucks gift cards. I was able to add all of the card to our account and merge the balances onto our existing Starbucks Gold card.

Note that it never mentions that you’ll each get a $5 gift card, but I tried it on both of our accounts and it worked without a hitch.

Limit of one bonus gift card per account.

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Fry Starbucks isn’t kosher anymore


Even if its “not kosher” whats wrong with getting a regular espresso or coffee?


If you read the star k , it’s not exactly high standard kosher.
And I’m guilty of needing that coffee and buying Starbucks


Don’t you worry, I never go to the closest Starbucks, I go to the one a little further away so I can get whatever I want.


does it work from desktop?


Will this work from Chase’s desktop site


I did it and got the $5. Then I tried again using a different checking account (though to the same person) and didn’t get it.



Uh oh

“Thank you for using Chase to send a Starbucks eGift Card. Here’s a $5 Starbucks eGift Card for being one of the first users of Chase’s new eGift feature. This is limited to one per customer only.”


did not get a second $5/gc…


Anyone try this with larger amounts?


Worked for me. Thanks


How do I know if I got it? I sent my husband one. Nothing is reflected on my account yet.


Doesn’t seem to work from a desktop


I did receive only $5 gift card from chase.


Where does the sender’s gift card come to? Is it in the Starbucks all or an email?


How did you get $20? Please explain again.. don’t you get $5 for gifting $5


Both him and his wife sent each other $5. So total sent was $10 and they each got a $5 free card as well. Total $20 in cards (for $10 paid)


I have two accounts linked to my login, on one i am the primary and on the other my wife is. We each have our own login with both accounts in it. I sent her a card with my login and got 5 dollars each and then tried sending me a card with her login, from the other account, but it did not work. It seems both accounts have my email address as the primary so for both i got the email indicating that I sent a gift to the same email address. That’s probably what caused it not to work….


Hey Dan you might want to note that Starbucks allows you to transfer balance from gift card to your main card so you don’t forget about it. The way to do it is go to “cards” in app, hit “details” on bottom right of giftcard, then “transfer balance” from gift card…


worked for me. thanks!

Brian Goldberg

just sent from desktop cite, yes it worked. Click pay & transfer, 3rd choice is gifting. Thanks much!!


Did it and I haven’t recieved money myself

Leviim Judaica Art Gallery

Just got it!!! Dan rocks.


You need to be enrolled in Chase QuickPay for this to work-
Once you do that- logout and log back in and it will be there.




the only thing i see under More is “deposit checks”


Do you have a business account?


no, premier checking.


Same here


I did it but have not received a gc for myself. How long does it take to show up in my email?


Got both $5 that I aent to myself on a different account & the $5 extra


Data point: I took one for the team and sent my dad $10 and only got a $5 bonus.


Worked great!


not workin


It worked for me in CA. Thank you very much.


Thanks dan or Ruru
Worked great on desktop
Got the 5 back

Love Dan

worked for me, but gifting not showing up on my wife’s app. she has two chase log ins — one for consumer and one for business cards but still not showing up on her consumer log in. anyone have any ideas why not and how to fix?

David R

When is this valid until?


I don’t have a chase account. Is there another way to do this?