Buy 2 Cases Of Illy Coffee Capsules And Get A Free Illy Espresso Machine!


Buy 2 Cases Of Illy Coffee Capsules And Get A Free Illy Espresso Machine!

Until 5pm EDT on 06/03 if you buy $228 of coffee capsules you can get the machine for free. That’s 2 cases of coffee consisting of 12 cans of coffee which each hold 21 capsules. In other words, 252 total capsules of coffee.  Shipping is free as well.

The new Y3 machine itself normally sells for $230 without any coffee.

The new Y5 machine itself normally sells for $279 without any coffee.

With this deal you’ll get an Illy espresso machine and 252 coffee capsules for $228 shipped.

-Choose from a Black or Red machine.

-Mix and match between 8 varieties of coffee capsules. Just choose any 12 cans to get the espresso machine for free.

-All Illy Coffee is certified OU kosher parve.

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Can I order the coffee return it then keep the espresso maker?

Gary B

Which machine has better reviews?


Does they make this in 22o voltage?


Well that didn’t take very long.


“Returns without the free machine and coffee will not be accepted”


Damb, that’s low.


Intriguing for personal consumption/keeping.


Anyone know the difference between the 2 machines?


Do the math first. You can get Keurig K-cups for around $9 for 18 at the worst of times, often even cheaper. You have to spend $228 on the Illy Deal for 252 capsules. That is the same as 14 K-Cup boxes that should cost between $7 (TJ Maxx) to $9 (BB&B) with coupons etc. Lets use $9 so you pay $126. You can pick up a Keurig machine for around $100 – $120 by waiting for discounts, say 30% off at Kohls, so the bottom line is that this Illy’s deal is very average and you are stuck with a non mainstream supplier of comparatively expensive and relatively hard to find capsules.

This is a trap people. Nothing is for “free” here.



Math is off. 252/9=18x$9=$162+$120=$282.

Plus this is higher grade coffee.

Let me sleep

Is the decaff coffee certified kosher?


I think this is more comparable to nespresso then keurig


@Let me sleep:


Reb Yid


Well, who could argue with that (?!)

In any case, the Keurig cups are cheaper, and since the cost of the machine is going to be spread over a very large number of cups, there’s not going to be a significant difference in the short term. In the long term, once the Keurig is “paid off” because you’re using cheaper refills, the Illy will wind up being more expensive because its pods are more expensive.

“Plus this is higher grade coffee.”
Can you point to a source for that? What does “higher grade coffee” even mean, technically?


Been waiting for this deal to come around again. Thanks!

Jumped last June and I’ve been enjoying the espresso on my y1.1 ever since.

Jumped December to replenish espresso stores at my place, and gave the y3 machine +6 cans to my mom as a gift.

Jumped now to restock espresso. Now what to do with this beautiful, NIB $279 y5 machine. 🙂


Reb Yid, Alfonso,

Keurig is coffee, this is espresso.

In my experience, Keurig pods are generally mediocre coffee, Illy capsules are good espresso.

My experience is based on this espresso being as satisfying as any espresso I’ve ever tried in the world, let alone made at home. Keurig pales in comparison to buying an entire bag of beans for $10, a burr grinder for $60-80, and a french press or manual drip for a few dollars.


@john happy to get such a great review. I’ve been eyeing the nespresso. is this better/same? cheaper/more expensive (pods)? to make a mug of coffee are there pods that have more coffee that are preferable to purchase? do you prefer one model over the other?
thanks in advance.