$20 Starbucks Credit For $10 With Visa Checkout


Update: I’ve loaded $10 on the app with 5 different credit cards that were added with Visa Checkout in the Starbucks app and I’ve received a $10 bonus gift card for each load. I waited to receive the bonus gift card each time before doing another load.

How many loads will you make with this promo?

Originally posted on 11/29:

$20 Starbucks Credit For $10 With Visa Checkout

Download the Starbucks mobile app and purchase $10 in credit via Visa Checkout. Then you will receive a $10 Starbucks eGift Card to the email address associated with your Starbucks account within 24 hours of the load.

Just click to add a card via Visa Checkout and reload $10 to your account to qualify.

The terms say “you are not guaranteed to receive a bonus load. supplies are limited.” but does not specify how many people will be eligible. With past promotions the promotion page would display when it is is full.

The Promotion Period runs from 9:00 AM PST on 11/29/16 and ends the earlier of (a) when all Bonus Loads are distributed or (b) at 11:59 PM PST on 12/22/16.

You can use the eGift card to reload your regular Starbucks card.

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The link doesn’t work, doesn’t allow to sign up for starbucks via checkout




Just loaded $10 via BOTH in app thru visa checkout and on starbucks.com thru visa checkout. Both transactions failed to show bonus $10 immediately. Hoping I get bonus added later today.


Did you read the post?


I signed up through your referral link and it said your referral number has expired.
Also, when will I know if I am getting the extra $10, only $10 was added to my card. Thanks Dan!

love a bargain

got the pop up message in my app that egift will load in 24 hours!


Just tried, but not dice. It authenticates your Visa Checkout account, but it didn’t add it to my list of payment options.


@Dan: absolutely right Dan! Guess I am too used to the old promo’s that show bonus right on receipt. Thanks!


Is pay with Visa Checkout the same thing as adding a card through visa checkout? I didn’t get any pop up message 🙁

love a bargain

@DQ that is what I did


Getting error message when clicking the link that the page can’t be found.


this promo ran a few weeks/months back, are you eligible for it again if you used it last time?

Joseph Balakirsky

What is “visa checkout”




Got the deal. Confirmation shows in your Starbucks app inbox.


my starbucks app gave option to “add card to visa checkout”, but after doing so, does not show a separate pmt option called “visa checkout”. Is paying with the Visa checkout credit cards the same as paying w Visa CHeckout?
Sure wish it were more clear on the app. Most websites show “Pyapl”, “Visa CHeckout”, etc as pmt options.


I have an account already, but never used it.. I have a card there but nothing on it.. every time i try to reload it and after i log into visa checkout.. it tells me the app stopped working.


Thank you. Received confirmation that I will get ecard via email within 24 hours


OK, so I ordered a gift card, will that work (it only worked on actually able to pay).
No email received though regarding the visa checkout promo even though I used VCO


Can someone pls confirm whether paying with a card registered to visa checkout is the same as paying w visa checkout?
My app has no specific option for VC..
Does yours?
( I paid w a VC registered card. No confirmation as of yet).
Thx so much


I had the same thing, decided to purchase the $10 anyway. I got the message about using Visa checkout in the Starbucks “messages” part after the purchase. Looks like it still works.


Do I have to buy a new card or can i just reload an existing card?


Keeps saying that system is unable to process request.


I used a card already activated in last times Visacheckout deal – and got a notification in my inbox that the Visacheckout Egift will come within 24hrs.


Thanks for the reply. Didn’t realize i actually had an “inbox” in my Starbucks app! (Yes the bonus mssg was there). (I didn’t realize i had signed up for an ongoing relationship with them. Thought it was just a “cup of coffee”.)
Do they wait up at nights for me to message them?

mike m

I just loaded $10 with visa checkout card. I did not see any message in my inbox saying I would get anything extra.

mike m

@mike m: Note that this is the same card I always use to load my starbucks app – and it is definitely a Visa Checkout card.

mike m

@mike m: Never mind, I just got the message that I will get the $10 free. Yay.


I got it and a message from La Quinta asking if I wanted to use my points to pay for it.

Dan R

I just received an email from Starbucks: “Thanks for using Visa Checkout to load your card with $10 or more. Here’s your $10 eGift for using Visa Checkout. Click below to redeem your eGift.”
Another great deal. Thanks


Do I have to add a different cc each
time? Or can I keep adding the same cc


I can only confirm what I tried.


@dan I think you messed the post up. Load 10 get 10 then you loaded another 10 and got amother 10 so therefore it’s 20 for 20 not 20 for 10 am I missing something here?


You pay $10 and get $20 credit in total.

Just Saying

People need to know there’s some big kashrus problems with Starbucks, that many people don’t know because everyone goes there, so everyone assumes it’s OK. Check out the cRc and starK, regarding Starbucks.


Can you add any cc onto visa checkout or has to be a Visa card


Visa check out not working in my Starbucks app.


@Dan: oh yes correct pay 10 and get 20. Right I was thinking for free you getting 10 and 10 your paying


Terms and Conditions:

“You are only eligible to receive one Bonus Load.”

Uncle Harry

Just got the eGift in my account.
Make sure to sign in and transfer the eGift $10 to your account balance.

Thanks Dan!


I did it and got the message I would get the gift card in 24 hours but still havent gotten it. Will continue to check as I think the charge was slow to hit my card.


Added another $10 with a new credit card a couple of hours ago and just got my second bonus $10 gift card to my email. Thanks, Dan!


11/30 – Loaded 1 card to Visa Checkout, got $10 bonus bucks that night.
12/1 – Loaded 2 cards to Visa Checkout, got 1 $10 bonus so far within hours. Waiting to see if a second one comes today.


I’m 2 for 2 so far but wonder if it’s OK to do it twice in one day …


Already got for 2 today 🙂


signed in and added one card and got the egift card right away pretty much. Added another card to visa checkout and added another $10 and nothing yet

Triple dip?

Does this work a third time? Is there no actual limit?


I’ve received for 3 so far.


Wise going to keep on going, until the credits stop?

varun agarwal

I got it in 3 cards now. I think that is enough for me. I don’t drink coffee so much 🙂


Is it just me or are the reloads not working right now?


@dan how long did you wait between loading each card?


Checked out with Visa yesterday, loaded my gift today!


Email for $10 came today’s


Got 1 code yesterday. Would cards that were previously added work? or I have to remove card form visa checkout and add it again?


Loaded twice yesterday one after the other and only got one email so far…


Loaded 3 and received 3 bonuses! Thanks again Dan!


@Dave: @Dave: ” waited to receive the bonus gift card each time before doing another load.”

charlie Gershbaum

I loaded one card and it worked fine, then looked in old emails and found a 2nd code from months ago!! winning.
BTW how much coffee do you drink



Starbucks coffee tastes like its burnt


These deals come around fairly often on Groupon. I usually load up then.


They’re usually targeted and have a limit of one though.
This seems to have no limit.


Got 2.. so far


Isn’t Lubavitch strict about cholov yosroel ?


Did 2 separate cards from one visa checkout account. Only have one email with $10 bonus. Anyone else get this?


What does that have to do with black coffee?

Did you wait to get the $10 bonus before loading again?
Were both loads more than 24 hours ago?


3 for me! I made the reloads and hoped for the best, got all 3.


I loaded 2x with 2 cc’s yesterday. Only got one bonus $10…



Did you wait to get the $10 bonus before loading again?
Were both loads more than 24 hours ago?


If Starbucks coffee was even slightly decent I might get excited about this. As it is, it’s just a waste of money


tried twice. received one $10 bonus. hopefully will get the second one. maybe i won’t because I used a card that was already in my visa checkout account?


I’ve been a long time SB App user. I followed the post instructions and registered 3 CCards. So far, I recvd 2 $10 bonuses. Expect the 3rd within 24 hrs. THANKS


@steve: some Starbucks have so many Lubavitcher customers that they carry Chiluba Yisroel milk (Franklin Ave -Brooklyn)


@Dan No I didn’t. Dang.


@Jacob: Same here…


Haven’t received second bonus load. I waited 2 days between doing it.


Thanx! I received my 2nd bonus (a little more than 4hrs later),now going for #3.


Tried for a second, haven’t received yet. After the first one I immediately got a notification ok the Starbucks App that they will be sending me a GC within the next 24 hrs but not the second time. Hope it works!!


Anyone know if this is still working? I might try for a few more tonight.


Anyway they can revoke them after receiving a bunch of bonuses on one account?


went for #3 with husband’s visa card added to visa checkout and it didn’t work


You people are so greedy

James Kelly

Got 4 bonuses so far.
Waiting for the bonus email before reloading seemed important (when I reloaded 2 without waiting = no bonus).

Now I’m getting an error message (“Please try again later”) while trying to reload with a fifth card–maybe the golden goose is dead? Feeling paranoid about the 1 per account notice someone else posted, so transferring all bonuses to primary card and deleting bonus cards. Only takes a second and rather safe than sorry.


I got 7 bonuses, but my last one from yesterday morning 24 hrs ago hasn’t received the bonus email. It’s never taken more than 12 hrs in the past. Sounds like this is dead.


Same here. First time in about a week I didnt get the bonus