Ends Tonight! Lowest Price Ever! Save Up To 50% On The Complete Artscroll Digital Library iPad And iPad Pro, Plus Earn Account Credit!

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Both models have a $99 leather cover included!

Includes the following digital editions:

  • Complete 73 vol. Schottenstein English Talmud
  • Complete 73 Vol. Schottenstein Hebrew Talmud
  • Complete 63 Tractate Schottenstein Mishnah Elucidated
  • Edmond J. Safra Digital Edition of the Chumashim in English, Hebrew and French
  • Moti Kest Rashi Chumash Digital Edition
  • Ryzman Hebrew Mishnayos volumes plus all future volumes (63 Volumes total)
  • Kleinman Edition Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (5 Volumes)
  • Kleinman Edition Daily Dose series 2 and 3 (27 Volumes)
  • Wasserman Smart Siddur Ashkenaz
  • Kest Smart Siddur Sefard
  • Jaffa Edition Tanach
  • Jaffa Edition Mesilas Yesharim
  • Lax Family Edition Shaar HaBitachon of Chovos Halevavos
  • Keilson Digital Tehillim Hebrew
  • Complete Hebrew Text of Rambam
  • 20 Best Selling ArtScroll digital titles

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Jacob Massry

I’m a little confused. Does it come with the COMPLETE LIBRARY meaning even yerushalmi and all other books they have to offer or only what they listed. Because the title says COMPLETE LIBRARY


its the complete digital library. not all artscroll titles are digitized yet.


It’s the complete “digital” library not the complete library.
How ever they are starting to put the yerushalimi on there.


Is there a way to just buy the entire digital library but not the physical ipad – for the current price minus the cost of the ipad?


I believe Artscroll sells it on their website and through the appstores


Yes. Reach out to ArtScroll. But at this price it makes a lot more sense to just buy the iPad for an extra few dollars.


Are all future digital titles included with this purchase as well?


Unconfirmed. So far they have been.


This makes a very big difference. If they will eventually add all future artscroll titles that is a tremendous deal imo. As it stands it’s really not a lot of seforim if let’s say you don’t learn daf yomi


ok i just spoke to someone at artscroll about this, and she said its very likely that all future titles WILL be included. they arent still 100% sure if it will, but she said that they are leaning towards yes including all, which sounds reassuring to me.


Can the iPad be used as a regular iPad as well Or it is filtered/blocked ?
How much memory space does it come with and how much so these seforim use ?

~King Lake~

From Artscrolls website:
“Includes a fully functional Apple 10.2″ iPad (9th Gen, 64GB, Wi-Fi) that could be used as a regular iPad (a $329 Value)”


If the iPad brakes can I log in on a different iPad or do I have to repurchase it from artscroll


Below are answers i got directly from Artscroll:
Hi! FIrstly, once you purchase the ipad and link it to your ArtScroll account, you will have access to it on other devices as well.
Currently all new volumes are being added for free. We cannot commit that we will do this for all eternity, but this is the plan for right now.
Including all Yerushalmi volumes as well
You can sign up for the Digital Library without buying our iPad. Simply download the app and you’ll see the subscription options there.
You can buy each volumes or set, sign up for a $10 monthly subscription, or $99 yearly subscription
Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help with


How do you earn the account credit?


Another question: does the iPad have a card slot to expand memory? 64 gb doesn’t sound like alot of room.