Amazon Will Pay You More Than They’re Charging For The Boxcar Children Or Harry Potter Sets!


Update: The trade-in prices have gone down, but you can still take advantage of the great prices on books today!

Amazon has 45+ great deals on books today for their lowest price ever.

Plus you can save an additional $5 off $15 with code (Exp: 12/14 at 11:59pm PST): BOOKGIFT17


The code is only valid once per Amazon account, but if you have Prime you can share Prime benefits with another account and take advantage of promotions twice.

Amazon is offering a trade-in value for many books that are higher than they are charging.

Sample books with a higher trade-in value than the selling price:

For example the Boxcar set is $11.56 or can be just $10 with a filler item after the $5 off code. Amazon will give you a $12.71 gift card for you to ship it back to them. There is no charge for trade-in shipping:


The Harry Potter set is $21.03 after the $5 off code, but Amazon will give you a $27.40 gift card for you to ship it back to them:


Those are great deals even if you don’t trade them in, but it’s always interesting when the trade-in value is higher than the selling price.

The trade-in offer will go away after they get enough trade-ins submitted, but once you receive a confirmation you will receive the quoted gift card.

Post what other Amazon trade-in arbitrage opportunists you find!

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If you buy it, make sure to initiate the trade in right after because they can change the trade in value. It doesnt need to be sent right away


To save the hassle and their shipping costs, maybe we should just ask them to give us $5 gift cards for each one and let them keep it in the warehouse.


This has nothing to do with whether or not it’s muttar or assur but either way it just feels very slimy to take advantage of this offer and a heck of a lot of work for extremely little profit how miserly does one have to be to go all out for this kind of thing, ask yourself if your dignity is not worth more than the effort.

Dat high horse doe

Are you done?


Don’t forget the cost of shipping tape to re-seal the received package before sending back. (Oh, and who cares about the time and mind-space to do all this…)

Aharon c

Do you have to wait to receive the item in order to trade it back for the gift card or once you receive the order confirmation you can start the trade in?


It may be dead got a message there was an error…..


Just tried it with the boxcar set.
When I tried to set up the trade-in it quoted me a trade-in value of $10.99


Looks dead – trade-in prices dropped

Free money!

Bought the Harry potter set for Grand Total: $12.01. Trade in value: $27.40. Profit: 15.39! Thanks!


Trade in value for Harry Potter is now 8.63.


Harry potter set trade in value now $8.63!


Awesome way to ruin a great deal…Not that I don’t appreciate your work dan but this is a little bit ridiculous. Sorry


Thanks Dan for posting this deal! I missed out on getting the Harry Potter set because it went OOS right after, but I planned on buying the set, reading the books, and then trading them in! I think you have 30 days to trade in. So it could have been like borrowing from the library but getting it to your house and making $5.