Thousands Of Massively Discounted Shoes Still Available For $24.95 Shipped From!

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You can still buy massively discounted shoes for just $24.95 shipped from via this link.

Sample deals: has free exchanges, but a $6.95 restocking fee on returns. Use your AMEX card with return protection and AMEX will pay for the restocking fee. As has a 60 day return policy, you can also take advantage of the full AMEX return protection between 61-90 days from purchase. AMEX Cards like the Marriott, Hilton, Delta, Gold, Platinum, and more all offer return protection.

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At this point, it has to be assumed that the $24.95 prices aren’t a price mistake….. right?


not on the shoes that are left


It’s clearly a price mistake not intended by the Company selling these items. People are buying hoping that, in the interests of customer relations, the company will honor and take losses on these price mistakes. It is questionable ethically in my opinion. People will argue that the company can choose not to honor. That is true but misses the point. Buying creates a pressure on the company to honor un-honorable buyers.

For perspective (if you disagree with the above) consider how you would feel if you / your father was the seller.


Don’t you think if it was a mistake they would have fixed it by now? it’s been almost 18 hours of orders flooding in already and they haven’t changed the prices. There really is no way to know if it is a mistake or not until they send out an update either honoring or cancelling orders. So you can choose either to be spectator watching everyone possibly land great deals or press your luck

Steve K

I’ve had 5 items ship.


CS said that all orders will be cancelled


Why would you ask them?


to find out status on order
and to be honest and tell them about the price mistake to fix
could cause someone their job


To go out of your way to advise them is just silly. Obviously they are aware of it by now anyways. By telling them of the mistake will not help someone save there job, Just shine light on the mistake


Dude… you can’t possibly think they don’t know about the prices at this point, can you???


I passed on everything until this post, I figured I’ll give it another chance. Got PUMA IGNITE, currently on Amazon for $96.28. Not bad. Thanks!


Ordered. Thanks


Have any actually shipped?


2 uggs arriving tomorrow


I didn’t even get a order confirmation since last night. I do see the pending charge though.

Dan, does Arrival+ have similar return protection benefit? Thanks!


Any time an attempt (w/ emphasis) is made on a cc it shows pending even if the charge doesn’t ever go through.


Can you elaborate on how to file a return protection claim for the restocking fee?


I have the same question. I thought this applies only when the merchant refuses to take the item back or give a refund.


I paid 20 dollars for express shipping on Stuart wietzman shoes and got shipping confirmation but can’t track it yet


I dont quite comprehend how 2 different websites had similar price mistakes at the same time. Are they subsidiaries?
I’ve never purchased from either one until yesterday.
TrustPilot has frightening reviews of both retailers


In the cart, the prices are not showing at the $24 listed when I put the shoes in the cart! Showing for more!!


Just got shipment confirmation on one of my orders!!!


Regular shipping or expedited? I didn’t even see expedited on Apple Pay… I def checked.


Just got shipment confirmation as well. Regular shipping not expedited.


Just got a shirt shipped.– Men’s Nau Randygoat Long Sleeve Hoody

Texas Totty

I got 1 out of 4 pairs canceled so far. It was all in one order so hopefully, other 3 will still ship.


You can use PayPal for free return shipping.


All my order shipped!

Asher Tesser

My order just cancelled… They said out of stock so I called up and they said it’s because of the price mistake


All of my orders just canceled.


i ordered 300 pairs in 20 separate orders and 90% they canceled due to out of stock and 10% they shipped out


300 pairs? is there something wrong with you? this is why we cant have nice things.


sure, hate on the man for trying make a living. loser


They shipped my eccos

Israel R

Thank you!
Ordered and received 12 pairs for 24.95


Just curious, if any canada goose or Jimmy Choo was shipped … just for the record


My order of 1 pair cancelled and refunded.


my size is too big. will they exchange for a smaller size for the same price


What jacket did you purchase and what is the size. If it is a size that would work for my family would you be willing to sell the jacket or if someone else on this forum is willing to sell a particular shoe or outer coat, please let me know. Everything that I wanted to buy for my family was sold out. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Been there

My order just got canceled


I was lucky to get 1 order through with 3 pairs of shoes. I received 1 pair, another on the way and the last was cancelled. They did offer a 30% discount because of the cancellation.

Dan fan

I ordered 5 pairs of shoes as well as a jacket. I received one pair of shoes and the jacket. Unfortunately, the rest were canceled.

So sad

Anyone get noat sandals? Mine were cancelled!