10% Off Uggs At Konasports.com


KonaSports Ugg Store

Use code: KS002

That code should take 10% off everything, but the unique thing is that it works on all Uggs. Coupons for regularly priced Uggs are quite rare, so grab this one while it lasts. Note that Women’s, Kids, and Toddler Uggs are all mixed together on the page, so be sure to order the right ones!

KonaSports is listed on Ugg.com as an authorized retailer, so they will qualify for Ugg’s fantastic warranty service.

Shipping is free on all $50+ orders by using the regular store checkout (won’t work with Google Wallet).

There is no tax except for orders shipped to NJ.

Ordering a pair of Ugg Classic Tall Women’s Boots from Nordstrom to NYC would run $212.25 with tax.  From KonaSports it is $175.50 shipped.

Ordering a pair of UGG Coquette Womens Sheepskin Boots from Nordstrom to NYC would run $130.60 with tax. From KonaSports it is $90 shipped. I got my wife a pair of these slippers when they were on sale from KonaSports a few months ago and she loves them!

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Most of the boots are weird sizes and most colors left are the strange colors. But the code does work. I’m waiting for a better deal closer to the holiday season. Thanx Dan.


Great price but they are out of stock!!!!


I spoke with uggs directly and they said this company is not a authorized dealer and said it is most likely counterfeit. They even emailed me saying that they would not recommend me even entering my credit info not that site.


I’ve bought from them and it’s 100% legit.

Not only that, but just follow the link I posted and you can see that they are an authorized dealer. Sorry to say but you spoke to someone that’s highly unscrupulous and probably just wants you to order directly from them.