HOT! 1905 Collection Tailored Fit Wool Blend Topcoat $9.99, 100% Suits From $9.99, Shirts $1.99, Cashmere Sweaters $2.99, Shoes $4.99, And More On Sale From Jos. A. Bank!

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Jos. A. Bank Dress Shirts $1.99, Cashmere Sweaters $2.99, Dress Shoes $4.99, And More With Free Shipping!

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40 Comments On "HOT! 1905 Collection Tailored Fit Wool Blend Topcoat $9.99, 100% Suits From $9.99, Shirts $1.99, Cashmere Sweaters $2.99, Shoes $4.99, And More On Sale From Jos. A. Bank!"

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How do you get free shipping? Says 8 dollars after account sign up


It’s charging me shipping even with an Account


not shpowing free shipping?


Can you post the link for the shirts for $1.99?


Thanks! Incredible deals! I ordered shoes and slippers for all my older sons and my husband.


Not seeing free shipping for members


A lot of items like the suits, sweater and topcoat say in stock but after you go to cart show out of stock


These are NOT final sale, correct?
I bought some things I may want to return.


I used a card that has return protection, just in case the items don’t fit.


Looks like it can be returned within 90 days (not sure if they provide return shipping label)


I returned suit separate jacket that cost $29 last month with free shipping with label they provided


The free shipping isn’t eligible for orders under $59


To all those asking about the free shipping, you have to open a Rewards acct, it’s simple and free, follow the link posted by Dan for the free shipping, on the drop down button below select a bank rewards acct.


I did.

Cteated account and at checkout there’s no free shipping or bank rewards.

Theres a section for enter rewards number and ID. Was never provided with either at account sign up.


Did you refresh the page? May be hit again the shopping cart.


If you are a member, shipping is free for everything.

But I can’t get an order through… Keeps giving me a payment error message


Free returns?


Thanks as always Dan! Got those big % off loafers for my Dad, 1 shirt, those metal pant extenders for 99 cents and 2 pairs of moccasins to try out for first time (couldn’t say no to moosehide for $5). All for $23

Deal Boy

Thanks! Just got shoes slippers and shirts! Also got free shipping because I am a member!


Any idea why it’s showing me prices in Chilean Pesos? (No, I’m not using a VPN with the location set to Chile.)

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

In for like 20 pairs of moccasins. Bought for the whole family. Hope they’r as comfortable as they look


Thanks Dan. Ordered and realized about free shipping for members. trying to get shipping waived by calling in.


Ummm maybe this is the type of deal NOT worth calling in


Doesn’t let me add any of the shoes to cart. Saying cannot be ordered


The product “41DZ_C” cannot be ordered.


It looks like it is dead


The Cole Haan Grant Canoe Penny Loafers is DEAD


I ordered at 6:18PM EST last night, which I felt was pretty early on in the sale, and my order still says “Pending Approval”…


Order was cancelled due to lack of inventory supposedly.


Just got an email that order is cancelled.


Mine says inventory fulfilled under status. I ordered pretty quickly, chances of getting cancelled?


Order was cancelled

Yury Epstein

Just got 2 emails that 2/3 of my orders were cancelled. So far on my moccasin order for $5 is still pending. That really sucks. I planned to gift all of these clothes to my child for Hanukkah … now back to the drawing board.


Orders are being canceled across the board, check your CC just in case


So far, I see one cancellation.


Orders cancelled


Order cancelled

Zev Kraizler

My order for the shoes was cancelled but I called and they said they will let me pick any shoe on their website and they will ship if for that sale price.


Did anyone’s order get fulfilled?