Jos A Bank White Dress Shirts On Clearance From $6.99!


Update: Most of the shirts posted yesterday have sold out, but there are now shirts from just $6.99!

Originally posted on 07/01:

All of the shirts below currently have white in stock but may sell out quickly.  Note that the white color will disappear if you click on a size where white is already out of stock.

Shipping is free on $50+ orders.

Executive Collection Pattern Spread Collar Dress Shirt: $6.99

Traveler Spread Collar Twill Dress Shirt: $9.98

Executive Collection Pattern Spread Collar Dress Shirt: $13.99

Executive Tailored Fit Spread Collar Dress Shirt: $20.99

Executive Collection Buttondown Collar Oxford Dress Shirt: $13.99

Signature Wrinkle-Free Spread Collar Barrel Cuff Check Dress Shirt: $20.99

Traveler Spread Collar Twill Dress Shirt Big or Tall: $9.98

Joseph Spread Collar Cotton Mini Herringbone Dress Shirt: $9.98


You can also get 4 suits for $350 ($87.50/suit) or $650 ($162.50/suit) with the current buy 1, get 3 free sale.

HT: joey123, via DDF

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Are these wrinkle free?


Dam! these shirts were sold out while putting in my info


Hmm, of course nothing in my tiny size 🙁


didnt even have enough time to put in my info…


Thanks Dan, been waiting for a sale like this for a while. Any idea if the Executive Collection shirts are as wrinkle free as the Traveler line?


Great deal, Dan!
Going fast…almost all sold out.
I had 6 shirts in my cart to get free ship.
By time I clicked submit, it only “sold” me one, and it added the shipping charge because I was under $50.
I called, got a nice agent, asked if they would waive the ship charge, and she said “sure”, and did. Pays to be nice.
Thanks, Dan.


The comments on the Bank site are mixed; at least one said nothing like the Traveler. Waiting to hear if anyone has first hand knowledge.


seems like like almost all of the whites are sold out


Thanks Dan ordered 6 and went through so far…..


I ordered these shirts and got order confirmation. Then got an email about 30 minutes later that they’re sold out, and will cancel my order. This is the 2nd time they have done this to me.


got 5 Executive Tailored Fit Spread Collar Dress Shirt so far. will see if they cancel my order or not…

non-metro dresser

@exShorYoshuvGuy: Ex-Shor Yoshuv guy -Try wearing a shirt that’s actually your size, not one that has the buttons straining to hold on…it’s a public hazard.

shirt expert

I have their shirts all kinds. And nothing comes close to a traveler. However for 20$ the executive is a fair price and its a decent shirt. I recommend if you are not fat order their slim fit. It makes a huge difference in look


bought 4 of these last night for 20.98 each thanks to post on ddf. got price adjustment today for current price. saved more than half. thank you


Its funny what they call spread collar.


all travelers sold out!


Traveler Spread Collar Twill Dress Shirt

Looks as crisp and neat at the end of the day as it did when you first put it on. A special process keeps these shirts virtually wrinkle-free and eliminates shrinking and fading.

so it seems that they are wrinkle free


If I get a non slim fit short online, can I exchange in store with slim fit?


Suits are 4 for 650, where are the 350 ?


order 6 at 9.99. Even if bad (and i’d prefer slim fit), i can throw away some tearing “Sunday” shirts and use these instead.

thanks Dan

Dan Da Man

just ordered 6:12 pm
1. SHRT TRVLR SC TWILL (10877/010 17 33) 4 @ $9.98 – Backordered 07/06/14.

2. SHRT TRVLR SC TWILL (10877/010 16 34) 5 @ $9.98 – Backordered 07/06/14.


off topic
one vanilla dos not work at walmart anymore


Just got email canceling my entire order!

Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, the
merchandise listed below is no longer available. Prepaid
orders will be refunded. Credit card orders were not
charged. If you wish to place an order for a similar item
please visit our web site at or call us
toll free at 1-888-JOS-BANK.


Joseph A bank was having this sale for the last week. As soon as Dan pots deals the deal is over i bought 5 shirts 2 days ago for 7.99 each.


This is the second time this happened

Email #1

Order Process Date: 7/01/14

Merchandise : 149.70
Freight . . . :
Tax . . . . . : .55
Total . . : 150.25

1. SHRT TRVLR SC TWILL (10877/010 15.5 33) 6 @ $9.98 – Backordered 07/06/14.

2. SHRT TRVLR SC TWILL (10877/010 16 33) 4 @ $9.98 – Backordered 07/06/14.

3. SHRT TRVLR SC TWILL (10877/010 16 34) 2 @ $9.98 – Backordered 07/06/14.

4. SHRT TRVLR SC TWILL (10877/010 17 33) 1 @ $9.98 – Backordered 07/06/14.

5. SHRT TRVLR SC TWILL (10877/010 15.5 34) 2 @ $9.98 – Backordered 07/06/14.

Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, the
merchandise listed below is no longer available. Prepaid
orders will be refunded. Credit card orders were not
charged. If you wish to place an order for a similar item
please visit our web site at or call us
toll free at 1-888-JOS-BANK.

Order # 14458966 – 1

Item: 10877 010 15.5 33 Qty: 6

Thank You,
JoS. A. Bank

Igor Barashevsky

Now they have shirts for $6.99 too. Thanks Dan! Waiting to see if the order will be filled.
Executive Collection Pattern Spread Collar Dress Shirt


@Igor Barashevsky:

Thanks! juts ordered three shirts!

Sold out

Sold out 🙁


@Sold out: false. Every option still can be added to cart


It may be added to cart, but after you add your info, and then on CC page it says sold out!


all sold out 🙁


Yes it IS sold out—problem is they don’t tell you untill you go through the WHOLE precess–what a waste of time!!


just ordered 6 shirts and received confirmation….waiting to see if they will cancel the order.

Premature Excituation

Don’t get too excited like me, prematurely. I got an order confirmation and order confirmation email. Even got an order number. Hooray! Order complete! Yay new shirts! But a closer look shows every item in the order at quantity 0 price 0 “this item is sold out”….

clear thinker

@Premature Excituation:
Yep had the exact same thing!

Premature Excituation

On second try I was able to browse their clearance section and get an order to go through with items still showing in stock at confirmation for many of the other shirts not linked directly in Dan’s post (range of about $9-$15 each).
Worth a try if you will don the colored, striped, and patterned threads but if you are vehemently penguin style only, looks like those may all be gone for now.


I jut made an order for 4 button collar white shirts and got confirmation email that the order went thru.


16 1/2 x 32 is no longer available


its about time this company gets closed down. they sell garbage and never have sale stuff in stock. granted the white shirts are thick tablecloths, so they dont wrinkle, but the odds of getting one on sale thats your size are worse than lotto. dan- you suck for even posting em and the little suckers who follow your tweets, trying to save a buck, end up wasting more of their unproductive time. (sigh)

seems dead


Premature Excituation


I have a fully stocked and growing inventory in my closet in my size at a great price of some of the best quality shirts I have ever had that I get compliments on and stay looking crisp and new, all courtesy of Dan that says otherwise. (No Dan does not do my laundry it just sounds that way). I almost went up to Dan when I saw him to show him all my labels and exhibit everything I had on from head to toe courtesy of him, but I thought that exhibition might play out and end akwardly.
Yea when they have these clearance sales you don’t always get exactly what you want. But if you try sometimes. you just might find. you get what you need.


Any recommended recourse for order that went through and confirmed, and then got cancelled via email?


Got cancelation email, anyone have any luck getting them to honor it later, when they restock.


@ML: Same question – my order was cancelled over 24 hours later!


Same thing happened to me. Got an email this morning that order was cancelled.


Got canceled email on the 6.99 shirt but shipping tracking number on the 9.99 short. Not sure about the other three I ordered. ;-/

Morning After

Received a cancellation and sold out notice this morning for all except 3 of the items I ordered.


dan does the company have any obligation to send me my shirts at 6.99 that they cancelled i received an order confirmatiom
and they took my c.c ?

Premature Excituation


Do they have an obligation to honor an order when they run out of a clearance items?

Well, you could probably harass the hell out of them and maybe get something out of them. maybe even sue them and get more than something. there is even an entire company dedicated to stuff like this: but stay classy.

I am pretty sure that it has been well covered before that airline tickets are the one and only area where there is regulation to enforce honoring of confirmed mistakes.

I have never heard of it anywhere else. price mistake or clearance items getting sold out etc. I am sure others will enlighten us if that is even slightly inaccurate.

Some folks get a 6.99 clearance shirt and sometimes the store runs out. That seems reasonable to me.


I got an email stating that my order sold out. I called them and they gave me a 20 $ shirt that was still available for the same 9.99 price.