Alive Again! Indochino’s Lowest Price Sale Of The Year, Custom Suits From $266.49, Luxury Suits $323, Custom Non-Iron Shirts $47.79, Outerwear $104, And More!

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Update: Alive again after the new codes below!

Update: DEAD!

Indochino’s Lowest Price Sale Of The Year, Custom Suits From $296, Luxury Suits $323, Custom Non-Iron Shirts $47.80, Outerwear $104, And More!

  1. Use 10% off $399 code: STAPLETON
  2. Use 10% off $399 code: BLKFRI10

You can mix and match any of the suits below to save 10% off your entire order.

Sample $266.49 Black Suits when you purchase 2 suits:

Sample $298.89 Premium Black Suits when you purchase 2 suits:

Sample $323.19 Luxury Black Suits:

Sample $355.59-$387.99 Luxury Black Suit and Tuxedo:

And shop hundreds of other suit colors and styles on sale here!

Custom dress shirts: 3 for $149

Sample Outerwear from $104.29:

After ordering, you can make an appointment to be fitted in one of their showrooms or you can send in your own measurements as is explained how to do.

If the suit does not fit once you receive it you can have it altered in a showroom, or if you don’t live near a showroom you can be reimbursed for up to $75 from a local tailor of your choice to fix it, or Indochino will pay for return shipping and will fix it and ship it back to you once it’s fixed.

Dan’s Note 1: I purchased an Indochino suit online and then had it fit in my local showroom. It’s awesome and fits so much better than any suit I’ve ever worn before!

Dan’s Note 2: I have been looking for a dress rain coat with a hood and a removeable liner forever and was thrilled to find that Indochino offers this one! I bought it online and had the tailor in the showroom add length when I was fitted so that it would go down to my knees and cover my Kapota for Shabbos use. As all of the items are custom made, you can choose the length that you want!

HT: rangersin4.

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Can you make the code work for one suit? Would love to go for it, but only need 1


Find a friend that wants a suit?
Or buy 1 luxury suit for $359.


Yea but you’ll need a friend with same measurements because both suits will be made based on the measurements in your profile.


You can actually get them to split the order to a friends account after you order the suit

Jay z

How do I do that


I ordered a suit for me and my son, when I asked to split the order they told me I cant have two different sizes on one order and cancelled the order. Trying to get it back now since the code stacking no longer works to reorder


Do they need be checked for shatnez?


I haven’t heard of any of their wool suits having shatnez.


Some suits are actually wool and linen so be careful but like most 100% wool suits I think they need to be checked (ask your LOR) but I have not heard of anyone having issues


Correct, if it says wool and linen then it will be shatnez of course. 😀

However all of the suits in the post have been purchased and checked without issues in the past. Ask your LOR if you can rely on that chazaka without having to check.


can we get a picture of Dan in his Indochino suit?






Dan what style do you own and can you describe the fit? Are their materials light compared to off rack suits? Trying decide bet 2 x Harrogate


I have the Harrogate. The fit is however you want it, just let their tailor know. Material is soft and luxurious feeling.


Thanks! Got 2


can they make a kapota?

Yechezkel Gabaie

When is the sale and code good until?


Any idea when this promo expires? Would like to try to check out some fabrics in person in a showroom.


when does this expire?

trying to save more

When I went on the site they offered me 25% off if I sign up for email. Would that 25% be on top of 10%?


keeps saying “payment error”. any ideas


credit card decline


Can anyone speak to the difference between Harrogate Midnight Blue v. Harrogate Navy? Will they let me switch similar priced materials when I go into the store?

Chad Bidoro

When I went to get fitted they offered me to swap for any similar fabric . Although that was four years ago…


Their navy is light. Midnight is navy.


Midnight is almost black


Doesn’t let me stack the 2 promo codes


if I already submitted my order earlier today at the more expensive price will they cancel that one for me if I submit another order now with these codes or is there a way to apply these codes to the original order?


Wondering the same


They let me cancel (I ordered a new one and chatted/emailed them to cancel).


Same here


And again, so I can also add a shirt 🙂


Do they sell double breasted suits?

Can someone send a link to some?


You select options like that during the customization process. Very straightforward.


every suit is customizable, single/souble breasted, pocket flaps, suspender buttons, pocket flaps, sleeve buttons, etc in addition to custom sizing


You do one suit and one shirt (47$ with both codes) to get past the threshold.


Are the premium suits listed above $305 for 2 suits or $305 each?


$305 each, but you must buy two or anything to get you over the $399 threshold.
Did you really think custom suits were 2 for $305 ?


Is it better to go to an actual show room or the locations inside Nordstrom fine?


Was thinking the same. Any experience in a Nordstrom location?


Re: Raincoat
@Dan — does the hood cover a hat? Can the hood be hidden by zipping it in or by removing it? Thank you.


I got an additional small discount when I typed “Dansdeals” in the promo code box.


I can’t stack coupons. Does anyone else have this issue?


Can I use the codes at the store? I have a fitting today and looking to see if the code works in person as well, or is it just online?