Ends Tonight: HOT! Save 40%+15%+14.3% Off At Brooks Brothers Biggest Sale Of The Year! Non-Iron Dress Shirts For $30-$40 Shipped!

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Update 2: This sale ends tonight.

Update: The gift cards are no longer on sale, but you can still get 40% +15% shirts until 12/27 at 11:59pm EST.

Brooks Brothers retail store dress shirts are very high quality shirts. Their outlet shirts leave much to be desired, but their retail shirts are very nice shirts that seem to last longer than the competition.

The downside is that their retail non-iron dress shirts are normally $92 each and they only rarely go on a good sale.

-From now through 12/27 at 11:59pm EST, Brooks Brothers is offering 15% off sitewide on top of 40% off 4+ dress shirts. This makes for absolutely fantastic price for their retail shirts! Sizes for popular styles will sell out quickly.

Lots of other items are also on sale for 40%+15% off as well.

The 15% off will apply automatically on the final checkout page.

-Additionally, until 12/25 at 11:59pm PST, you can also lock in 14.3% off gift cards as described below. You can lock in this deal by buying discounted gift cards today. You will then have until 12/27 to buy the discounted shirts, though sizes may sell out quickly for popular styles.

This offer is not stackable with any other codes.

-Choose from Milano (Extra slim), Regent (Slim), Madison (Regular), and Traditional (Relaxed fit).

-Regularly priced dress shirts start at $69.50, so this sale bring down the price of those shirts to $35.45 after 40%+15% off or about $30.23 with gift cards purchased at a 14.3% discount as described below. Find White shirts from $30.23 after discounts here.

-Non-iron shirts start at $82, so the sale brings down the price of those shirts to $41.82 after 40%+15% off or about $35.67 with gift cards purchased at a 14.3% discount as described below. Find White shirts from $35.67 after discounts here.

-Most of the non-iron dress shirts are $92, so the sale brings down the price of those shirts to $46.92 after 40%+15% off or $40.02 with gift cards purchased at a 14.3% discount as described below.  Find White shirts from $40.02 after discounts here.

You may need to request the desktop site to view all of the options.

You’ll also get free 2nd day shipping and free return shipping by just signing into your Shoprunner account. Don’t have a Shoprunner account? Signup for one for free here! You must continue to the final checkout page to view free shipping on your order.

But you can do even better! For every $150 eGift card that you buy on 12/25 only you’ll get a $25 bonus eGift card. That’s an additional 14.3% off!

-You can get 4 of the $92 shirts for just $187.68 shipped after 40%+15% off. Save another $25 by buying a $150 eGift card with a bonus $25 eGift card, making the total out of pocket just $162.68 for 4 shirts or just $40.67 per shirt. That’s as inexpensive as Brooks Brothers retail shirts ever get!

-Or if you buy $600 in eGift cards you’ll get a bonus $100. 15 of the $92 shirts will be $703.80, so you’ll pay $603.80 out of pocket or just $40.25/shirt!

You must buy increments of $150 eGift cards for the $25 bonus. You can buy up to 5 of the $150 gift cards in one transaction for $125 in bonus eGift cards.

Post what other deals you find!

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Any Gift Cards?


Sorry my bad didn’t read full post


Bought the Milano on BF and they’re great so far. Only thing I didn’t notice was that The normal non iron all have a pocket.


Do I have to actually place the order to get free shipping or it should show free shipping before? Because i still see the estimated total to be with a shipping charge right before I have the option to place my order….


Does the%15 get deducted automatically i only got %40 off at checkout


Bought 4 total $171 thanks @dan


This deal only works if you know your perfect size and fit, right?

i.e. If we buy shirts in 3 different sizes to figure out which one fits, I’ll need to make the returns and be stuck with credit when everything is full price?


I’m not getting the extra 15% off for some reason. It’s only giving me the 40%.


Any deals on sleepwear?


How does aistone compare to retail bb? Same fabric?


Maybe my math is off, but the $187.68 is correct using the $150 e gift card plus the additional $25 e giftcard gives you a total still owed of $12.68, which equates to $46.92 a shirt, not $40.65


Just bought 5 $92 shirts @ $46 each after 40% and 15% off. Didn’t want to risk it for the extra 15% off with the gift cards because I tried it on the black friday deal and my gift card order got cancelled (security verification didn’t work, they opened a support ticket but they didn’t get back to me within 24 hrs so it auto-cancelled). Others got their gift cards but the shirts went OOS, and still others got to check out, placed order and then got the OOS message but their gift cards were charged. I didn’t feel like it was worth the risk

y id

Are you sure I can use two gift cards for one purchase? Meaning the $150 and $25 can be applied to one order?


Tried to order through shop runner got an error screen now fight balance shows $0 hope they sort this out before the shirts go out of stock


I am having the same issue-any update on your end?


Spoke to booksbrothers they removed the hold and order went through without a problem the second time.


Dan, just ordered with the $150 gift cards through shoprunner. something ain’t working. first got error code then order confirmation. shows subtotal as being like you said, with 12.68 remaining on the tab. But then the order goes through and charged my card for $12.68, but then I get another charge for $14. The order confirmation on the website says sales tax that wasn’t included in the order!


$12.68+$150+$14.36=$177.04/4 means its $44.26 per shirt, Dan.


When I attempt to buy the giftcards (with multiple cards and paypal) it says:

We’re sorry, this transaction has been declined. Please check your credit card information and resubmit. If you continue to have this problem, please contact customer support.


Welcome back, Dan! JJ was great, as always, but good to see you posting again!


Dan, ordered 4 shirts and said the total was $12.68 like you said. i was charged the $12.68. it said there was a problem with the order, then charged me an additional $14.36 for sales tax. Sales tax was not included in the order when I selected submit order. so the price of each shirt really should be $44.26. Any ideas?

Need my woman

If women were buying for their men, would there be more or fewer questions about how to place an order online?!


I am having an issue with the e-cards as well. I applied them to my order (via shopprunner and then on the regular checkout page) and got the technical error message, please try again. So I did and now they are saying all my card balances are $0.00. So right now I have no shirts and no money on my cards! Tried calling the cashstar (the gift card company)-they can’t help me.. and no one to talk to at Brooks Brothers today. Any ideas???


Only got 40% off not 15% off


I also had some sort of error after applying the cards so went to check email if I had the card numbers correct and noticed I got order confirmation


”your search was 5 seconds ago please try again later” can you get rid of this dam thing on your forum its the most annoying buggy thing ever


does anyone know what model does not have back split in the middle for a white slim shirt



Got 8 for $40.67 each! @DAN you are sooo cool!


Could you buy the GC also w/ a 40% and 15% off


Just for feedback Dan – you should add in future posts that total cost does not include state sales tax.