HOT! Get 2 Custom Made Suits Now For Just $201.60/Suit Or Luxury Suits For Just $341.10 From Indochino’s Cyber Monday Week After Stacking Codes!

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Get 2 Custom Made Suits Now For Just $201.60/Suit Or Luxury Suits Or Tuxedos For Just $341.10 From Indochino’s Cyber Monday Week After Stacking Codes!

Indochino has suits marked down to just $249 for their Cyber Week sale. Black suits and Premium suits rarely ever get this cheap, but the Carnforth Check Black Suit and Premium suits listed below are included in this sale!

Even better, when you add 2 suits from this sale you can use the 2 codes below making the total $403.20 or just $201.60/suit:

  • Use code: CYBER50
  • Use code: CYBER10

Also available with the stacking discounts above are their high quality Luxury suits which are on sale for $429 and now just $341.10 after the codes above! Tuxedos are also just $341.10 after the stacking codes above!

Sample $249 suits ($201.60/suit when you buy 2) on sale:

There are 3 Premium Suits included for $249 ($201.60/suit when you buy 2) , which is a truly incredible value:

Sample Black Luxury Suits:

Shop all Black Suits on sale here including luxury suits!

You can choose to be fitted in one of their showrooms or you can send in your own measurements as is explained how to do.

If the suit does not fit once you receive it you can have it altered in a showroom, or you can be reimbursed for up to $75 from a local tailor of your choice to fix it, or Indochino will pay for return shipping and will fix it and ship it back to you once it’s fixed.

Post what suit you will buy!

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Wow they really stand behind there Products on the sizing.


FYI Matt at Customer Service live chat at Indochino is rude!!!and he is saying that those 2 codes can’t be combined.


I chatted with Maddie – told me the stackable is an error and all orders who stacked would be cancelled. Wouldn’t even give me a courtesy credit,


Not sure why people are chatting. Just order!


They’re going to be cancelled. That’s why I was trying to give people a heads up not to waste their time. I chatted because I ordered yesterday and didn/t want to have to cancel and re-order.


I also had a terrible experience with Matt. I had a nasty exchange with him and ended up getting another rep (Maddie) who was tremendously helpful.

Once Matt learned I ‘went behind his back’ He retroactively cancelled an order that I placed after getting helped by Maddie, presumably to get even. I received an email from Maddie saying everything was good. She then inexplicably sent another email saying Matt told her that I was trying to do something against policy so she has to go back on her word

At this point I’m frustrated enough to write a letter to corporate about Matt’s extreme lack of professionalism and rude behavior. I suggest you do the same.


Does anyone know if Indochino suits have shatnez? They have a FAQ on their website which says “We are not able to produce certified Shatnez-free suits at this time. Our suits may contain both wool and linen.” (

But does anyone know if in practice their suits actually do have shatnez? All of the time? Some of the time? Hardly ever? Thanks.


There have been no reports of shatnez in their wool suits.


I have a premium and a luxury (Harrogate) suit and neither have shatnez.


pretty sure you will have to get it checked


How long will this sale last? any ideas?


I would not expect this deal to last very long.

Finally replacing your 2006 suit? Very nice!


I can’t stop laughing. This is the best comment I’ve ever seen in this site.


I ordered the suit + 3 shirts deal yesterday and today the $199 suit deal. I would like to cancel yesterdays deal but want to know first if they’ll honor todays deal. Any idea?


Anyone’s orders got canceled?


BESPOKEUNIT promo code not working

Steven Kastner

My chat agent who would adjust the price from my Sunday night purchase (not during BF/CMonday deals) allowed me to cancel my order that was on hold. Then I tried the codes to see they weren’t working together. I got back in touch with them and I’m hoping they’ll revive my cancelled order. Lesson learned. Order first, then cancel-can’t count on DD updating info fast enough-nobody’s perfect.

Bob Kaufman

anyone know how they compare to Emporio Suits?


Can I order one to fit me and one to fit someone else or both need to be same sizing?


Stacking works on cheaper suit too. Bought “luxury” suit and a Tipton. Used both for the luxury suit and one seems to have worked for the Tipton too. FYI, the stacking seemed to work when I added just the one luxury suit. So, may not have to buy two.

Josh Flyer

I don’t see any place to insert a code. Am I missing something?


There’s an option in your shopping cart.


cyber50 dead


CYBER50 not working for me