HOT! Huge Savings On Kenneth Cole Shoes, Suits, Bags, And More After Stacking 50%, 40%, And 10% Discounts! Suits $40.49 And More!

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Update: The 50% off code is dead, but you can still save 40% off sitewide and stack 10% off code: BESTOFFRIENDS

Huge Savings On Kenneth Cole Shoes, Suits, Bags, And More After Stacking 50%, 40%, And 10% Discounts! Suits $40.49 And More!

  • Automatically save 40% off sitewide
  • Save 50% off 1 item with code: VIP50
  • Use 10% off code: BESTOFFRIENDS
  • Check your AMEX offers for $20 off $100.

50% discount will apply to the highest priced item in your cart, and the 40% and stacking 10% off discounts will apply to all other items in your cart.

The 50% off code only works for 1 item in your cart, if you want to receive free shipping with a $25 order via shoprunner, the item will have to be $92.60+ which will be $25 after all the stacking discounts apply 73% off.

Receive free 2 day shipping on $25+ orders and free return shipping with Shoprunner. (Don’t have a Shoprunner account? If you have an AMEX you can signup for free for life or sign up here for a free 1 year membership.)

Sample deals:

Men’s Shoes:



Post what deals you find!

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Got the Utility Jacket with Fold-Out Hood for 39$ Shipped!!! Thanks Dan!

Adam Leve

Got the Sharkskin suit!


got a watch, 3 pairs of loafers and a wallet for 87 (after the amex 20)
maybe i could have done even better but need to get to work!


VIP50 is dead


its not dead, you could use it only ones per shoprunner ..


Can u only use vip50 once?




can I make multiple orders and use the additional codes again?


Site froze not able to shop


VIP50: Promo code expired. Please try some other code.

Let\'s Go!

Thanks JJ! Sole on my work shoes just cracked yesterday – perfect timing!


We have experienced a technical issue while processing your request. Please retry your action.

Shady Mickhail

Awsome thank you! Got the DB WOOL PEACOAT…bring on winter!


Code VIP50 is DEAd


VIP50 is only giving me 40% off




VIP50 not working anymore – it was showing up originally, but when I went to place order, it says invalid



asher k

website just isn’t working for me. i got the discount in my cart but now i can’t access my cart period


VIP50 worked for me in CAPS, not lowercase


just placed an order they didn’t take 40% off


How do you get the VIP50? it just reloads the page and doesnt show anything new.
Same price, no popup or anything.



After I signed up for their emails and received an email with a 15% offer, that then didn’t work (probably because of the 40% offer) I called Kenneth Cole customer care (1800 536 2653). They explained that their codes are upper case only. When I asked about the VIP50, they said it should work, I said it didn’t. In compensation for my disappointment at the 15% welcome offer and VIP 50 offer not working, I received a one time 20% offer to use in addition to the site wide 40%. I was able to use it with the BESTOFFRIENDS 10% offer, and received a total of 58% off my order of 247.97 (two pairs of shoes and a pair of sunglasses), for a total of $108.
I also made sure to activate the AMEX offer, so the total order will end up costing me $88 !!
Thanks dan!


Thanks Dan, I ordered the watch for 25.65. I wasn’t charged NJ sales tax, anyone else had that?


Got the Faux Leather Laptop Bag for $32. I like Kenneth Cole bags, hope this one is high quality like the others.


anyone have screen shot of VIP50 working?