Custom Made Suits Now Just $275-$289 With Many More Suit Styles On Sale, Plus Stacking Savings On Dress Shirts, And Save On Coats From Indochino’s Black Friday Sale!

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Current additional discounts available (Limit 1 code per order):

  • Save $10 on all suits and coats sitewide with code: DANSDEALS
  • Save $50 off $399 with code: BLKFRI
  • Get one Dress shirt for just $31 when purchased with a suit: SSCOMBO
    • Codes normally do not stack on Indochino, but this code does work with either of the codes above!

If you are purchasing one suit or coat use the $10 off code and you will pay just $289 for suits or coats from just $189 after Black Friday pricing and the coupon.

If you are purchasing 2 suits, use the $50 off $500 code and the suits will be just $275 each after Black Friday pricing and the coupon.

Dan’s Note: I recently purchased an Indochino suit online and then had it fit in my local showroom. It’s awesome and fits so much better than any suit I’ve ever worn before!

This Highcliffe Black Hooded Mac Coat With Detachable Lining will be $285 after $100 Black Friday savings and the $10 off code above!

Dan’s Note: I have been looking for a dress rain coat with a hood and a removeable liner forever and was thrilled to find that Indochino offers this one! I bought it online and had the tailor in the showroom add length when I was fitted so that it would go down to my knees and cover my Kapota for Shabbos use. As all of the items are custom made, you can choose the length that you want!

There are 60 suits on sale for $275-$289!

Sample deals with stacking shirt discount:

  • If you purchase 2 suits and a shirt the total will be just $581 shipped after the stacking shirt discount code and the $50 off code.

Sample $275-$289 Black Suits

Sample $275-$289 Luxury suits:

Sample $275-$289 Premium suits:

Sample coats after $10 off code:

After ordering, you can make an appointment to be fitted in one of their showrooms or you can send in your own measurements as is explained how to do.

If the suit does not fit once you receive it you can have it altered in a showroom, or you can be reimbursed for up to $75 from a local tailor of your choice to fix it, or Indochino will pay for return shipping and will fix it and ship it back to you once it’s fixed.

Post what suits or coats you will buy!

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Anybody know how the quality is?


Excellent in my experience.

What if


D Pines

The cheapest suit looks like it is $419


I got fitted in a showroom and then ordered online. After i put in the customizations it said i have 24 hours to make changes. However about 18 hours later i tried making changes and they said i cant because already in the production stage!


Do they allow returns? Couldn’t get a clear answer on the site.


Unfortunately, I had my measurements entered already so my suit went to production in less than 12 hours, before I was able to reach their support. I wanted new measurements. They’ll alter and possibly remake for me but very annoying that their website doesn’t have better options to put the suit on hold (hold would’ve also given me the ability to cancel and re-order if a bigger Black Friday doorbuster came about).


No worries
I have many many items from them…if/when the suit comes and it doesn’t fit right, they will remake a suit for you. they have a fit guarantee.
FYI Dan is 100% right, its well worth the time to go to a store to get fitted…once the fit is spot on you can troll for bargains and the fit is locked in


Does anyone know if they will make this without shaatnez?


Indochino suits don’t have shatnez in my experience.


Although the DANSDEALS code was woking last night, it is no longer working. Oh well!

D Pines

It’s $50 off of $399 now instead of $499


BLKFRI dosen’t seem to be working anymore
“Applicable on select bundles only

Applicable on 3&5 Shirt Bundles OR 3 Pants Bundle OR 2 Casual Pant Bundle OR 2 Select Suits Bundle”