Custom Made Suits For $289 From Indochino’s Black Friday Sale

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Custom Made Suits For $289 From Indochino’s Black Friday Sale

Save more on suits already on sale via the link above with code: DANSDEALS

Sample $289 Black Suits: 

Sample $289 suits:

Dan’s Note: I recently purchased an Indochino suit online and then had it fit in my local showroom. It’s awesome and fits so much better than any suit I’ve ever worn before!

After ordering, you can make an appointment to be fitted in one of their showrooms or you can send in your own measurements as is explained how to do.

If the suit does not fit once you receive it you can have it altered in a showroom, or you can be reimbursed for up to $75 from a local tailor of your choice to fix it, or Indochino will pay for return shipping and will fix it and ship it back to you once it’s fixed.

Post what suit you will buy!

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D Pines

The sample suits that you posted are $419 now


Did you use the code?


Thanks. How long does it take to receive the suit including the shipping and getting fitted in the showroom.


You go to the showroom to get fitted and then it takes a few weeks to arrive.
Then you can go back to the showroom for final adjustments.


@Dan How would you describe the quality of the material?


Material seems excellent.

Shmulies Neighbor

material is great. i had some fitting issues… i would give them another shot


Do these have shatnez issues?




how do you know that Dan ? Do I have to check the suit anyway? Ty Danny boy


Because countless readers have bought these suits and had them checked and there have been 0 reports of shatnez.


You should check it anyway, “just in case.”

Shmulies Neighbor



FYI, the $10 promo code does not work on the Hartford Fineline Navy Suit link posted above.


I had the same exact issue. Probably why the Hartford link is now gone from this page. It was coming in $10 more at $299 with no coupon accepted.


How long can i wait before I go to show room? Can I buy now and go in a few months?

Barry D

I believe that you have 10-14 days from the day you receive the suit.


what about shatnez


No shatnez issues.

Barry D

Ordered a suit today from the store, using the code. The 6 suits listed on this post, show on the website at $299 already, the code only gets you $10 off of these suits.

Also, they said that suits are taking about 5-6 weeks unless you pay extra for expedited processing.


Dan, do the sales and promo code work in store or i have to order online?


If you order online you help support this site 🙂

Barry D

If you go into the store and use the DansDeals code, it doesn’t help your site?


No, would have to be ordered online.

Barry D

So sorry, I didn’t know that. I thought if I put in the code in the store, it would still help you.


Lol but that means the regular sale for 299 is in store as well?


Any idea the timeline of this promo (and if suits often sell out)?
Do they offer price match within a couple months?
I noticed last year there were heavier Black Friday – end of yr sales.


went yesterday to get fitted. thank you dan


Dan, if you have any idea the end date for this sale, it would be very helpful for me. Thanks.


Code dansdeals didn’t work in the store.
The sales lady said: “yea we’ve been hearing a lot of dansdeals lately)


Code expired