Will You Shop At An Amazon Department Store?

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What’s old is new again.

Amazon has killed off brick and mortar stores as well as malls over the past 2 decades. Many of those malls have been converted into Amazon distribution centers.

The WSJ reports that Amazon will open department stores to sell clothing, household items, and Amazon devices. They will also facilitate returns and exchanges. Launch stores are expected to be in California and Ohio.

The 30,000 square foot stores will be smaller than traditional department stores, but will be over 7 times larger than the “Amazon 4-star” stores that currently operate.

Those stores have digital price tags that match Amazon’s constantly changing online price algorithms and I assume that the new department stores will have those as well. That will keep them a lot more nimble than traditional department stores.

I don’t understand the appeal of shopping in a store, but as a millennial I’m also not in the target market for this venture. Clearly Amazon feels that they will be able to reach enough customers that won’t shop online to make it worth their while.

Will you shop in an Amazon department store?

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Where’s the poll

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Don’t see a reason too yet

David Weiss



As a prime member, unlikely. Maybe if I can go there to return or exchange things and it’s not inconvenient.


if its more convenient to return items i would. sometimes the free option it too far away and i would think this would be a free option.

Joel Schwartz

Yes I would, Some things you need to feel and touch before buying.

Chaim F





“Many of those malls have been converted into Amazon distribution centers.”

How many defunct malls have been converted to Amazon distrib centers? Anyone have any numbers or a link to an article with numbers?


It is actually very hard to do that due to zoning laws but some are


I probably would check the store out.
I think that Amazon, that now has more revenue then Walmart is not expecting to make much money from physical stores, rather want to continue their stranglehold of the consumer everywhere.Walmart did not see the future and invest in their web site, its no comparison to Amazon


I don’t like that amazon intentionally killed off so much b&m business. I limit what I buy from them. I’m willing to spend more to support my local small retail store. So I will NOT shop in their B&M stores, even if it is conveniently close. I am saddened by what is happening to this once great country


My mother, and several of her friends, worked in NYC department stores “back in the day.” They were paid decently, had good benefits, employee discounts, some upward mobility, and overall treated with respect. Everything Mr Bezos will not do. So, NO, I have no desire to set foot in one of his pisher size “department stores”.


im sure that every employee will be treated fairly. he will be able to be “rated” and if he gets enough 1 star votes he gets booted by the automated AI computer. But have no fear, all he has to do is pay 200 dollars to get a second check by another AI supercomputer.


“What’s old is new again.”


Nope. What will they offer that the other stores don’t already offer? I love online shopping and don’t see myself returning to the B&M stores anytime soon, Amazon or otherwise.


No interest


With an offer of 5x on GCs in the dept. store? Sure!

Sanctuary City resident

Yeh, I guess I would go check it out, out of curiosity. But, just like Walmart, the sleazy politicians won’t allow it to come to Brooklyn.


No way

Jeff Bezos is Dr Evil

Wow so amazon with the aid of our shady politicians destroy mom and pop stores as well as bankrupt many larger chains via the lockdowns etc etc but then turns around to open a brick and mortar? The chutzpah is beyond believable ….


This is actually smart, if they keep the prices a little below Amazon.com. The reason people don’t go to stores in a lot of cases is because they can just get it for cheaper on Amazon.com. This will drive traffic away from Walmart and Target stores. I’m sure this will also help them with online order pick-ups and returns.
Retail is far from dead, if done correctly, as can be seen that Walmart , Target and Costco aren’t going anywhere for now.