Updated Polycom OBi200 With Google Voice For $39.93 Shipped From Amazon: Make Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month!

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Updated Polycom OBi200 With Google Voice For $39.93 Shipped From Amazon

This is an updated model of the Obi200, it is now a Google Voice Officially Supported Device.

This was selling for $50.51 and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

Here is an easy tutorial is set this device up with Google Voice for a free landline phone.

  • Google Voice Officially Supported Device
  • Easy to Set-Up Using OBiTALK.com
  • Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric, Voip.ms, etc.
  • Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

Quick FAQ’s about this device:

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Is there any difference between the original obi200 and this one or just the sticker? In other words should they both work with Google voice no problem? Thank you


Same thing. Polycom bought OBi and rebranded it.


If I want two phone lines, is it better to buy 2 of these or the OBI202? Also, do they both allow porting of existing numbers?


OBi202 is better for that. Porting allowed from cellular numbers. You’d first have to port a landline to call and then to Google.


Thank you


Is this as reliable as a regular landline phone? I’m thinking to get rid of my landline from Optimum (NYC) and put this instead – wanted to lower my payment of $90 a month for phone and internet if anyone has another suggestion


Yes. I have it. The reliability actually depends on your internet reliability.


I have it on 100MB FIOS. Do not use with DSL 🙂


Link is to Amazon for the same price, so AMEX/Discover discounts etc should apply 🙂

Verizon took 2 weeks to port my home number to the cell phone provider, and Google ported the number from the cell provider within a few hours of receiving it.

I believe this is just a repackaged 200 – Polycom still directs you to the OBIHAI site for support, which is more of a community forum than a support portal.

It does work well, however be prepared to dig a bit should you encounter any technical issues. I understand that in-person support is quite poor -I had occasional disconnects on calls until I went into the device itself and changed some obscure settings after digging through the forums. The good thing is that there are a few really knowledgeable folks that monitor the forum and most questions are answered there.


Dan, please mention in the main post that this does NOT allow calling 911. This is important since if this is the only landline you have and for example, you have a babysitter without a cell phone, she won’t be able to call 911.


You can upgrade to 911 service.

love deals

@Dan.. Can you explain how? and how much that costs?


When you set up the OBI it tells you about the 911 issue and offers links to several service providers. I use Anevo, about $10/year and it autoconfigures itself


I pay $15 a year for 911 through Anveo
A worth it expense if your using for land line


911 costs $1.50/month with CallCentric.


These devices can general also be used with more highly configurable phone services than google voice (with customer support ) such as http://www.phonepower.com


how much mbps o i need in order to get clear voice ?


Not much.


Thank you.
I have an optimum 30mbps. Is that considered not much or not enough?




I just bought this and it’s great I now have free landline. Thank you. My question is if I have another line do I need to buy another obi or you can use that for multiple phone numbers?


The obi can support multiple phone numbers


is caller id coming up ONLY phone number like a cellphone or caller id with NAMES as well?


Depends on which provider you used the device with. Google Voice will only show the number but not there name, unless you use a third party for the name. Most other providers will show name and number.


This device saves me tons of money! I run it off of a public hotspot, so free internet and free calls!


Please explain how you do this? Don’t you need a router to connect this device to?


i bought the obi wifi but cant get it work on public wifi /optimum
did it work for u ?


You need a strong WiFi signal.


Any recommendations of which prepaid phone service to port my number to before porting to Google voice and how to do it? Do I need to buy a prepaid phone with a SIM card?


Ting is a great choice. You can use an old Sprint phone or a T-Mobile SIM.

Another choice many use is T-Mobile Prepaid.


How can I retrieve my voicemails from the phone and not have to go online?


If the answering machine on the phone is set up it goes to that first. However, a busy call will go to the google voice voicemail online instead of a “beep”


Google Voice voicemail grabs the call after only five rings. If your answering machine takes longer to take the call, it’ll go to Google Voice voicemail instead


call your own number and put in the passcode!


Can this device be used as a fax line ?


Faxing is hit and miss. If you’re technical savvy there are settings you can change to make faxing more successful.

David R

I use the Obi202 which has two phone jacks. Incoming calls ring both lines simultaneously. If one line is on the phone when another call comes in, the person already on the phone hears a call waiting tone while the other line rings. So if the call is for the person already on the phone, he can hold his call to answer it; if not, he can allow another household member to answer the other phone. Can it work in a similar way if you use two of the Obi200 devices?


Anyone have experience with porting over their landline phone number and use a service like this?


First port it to any wireless carrier. Then port it to Google Voice.

More bang for your buck

Can you use this in Israel? If so, how?



Yes. No difference where it is used.


It costs $0 per month after you buy the machine.
It makes regular outgoing and incoming calls with caller ID for $1/month.
You can upgrade to 911 service for $1.50/month with CallCentric.


I want to port my landline to google voice so I can use the number with my OBi. the link to a prepaid t mobile sim card leads to an “oops” page. so I don’t know what exact sim card I’m supposed to buy and my old iphone was deemed not compatible with t mobile. any suggestions about a phone? I’m looking for the cheapest way to import my landline phone number to my OBi . thanks


Not for nothing, but the service and issues they are having right now are really bad.


I know this thread is older but i hope someone sees this. So, I purchased the Obitalk and now have my old landline connected to it. Is there a way to set it up to block robocalls. Also, how can I set it up to show me callerid with the name of the caller? Thanks for any help here.