Upcoming States Where Amazon Will Collect Sales Tax; Last Week For NJ Tax Free Shopping


Currently Amazon.com collects sales tax for items shipped to the following 9 states:
-New York
-North Dakota

Here are upcoming dates when Amazon will collect the sales tax for shipments to 9 other states:
-New Jersey: 07/01/13. Last week to order without sales tax!
-Virginia: 09/01/13
-Connecticut: 11/01/13
-Massachusetts: 11/01/13
-Indiana, Nevada, and Tennessee: TBD, 2014
-South Carolina: TBD, 2016.
-Florida: TBD

Even if Amazon does not collect sales tax most states ask that you include those items on your state taxes though it isn’t enforced for consumers.

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This country is ridiculous, I pay enough taxes in California I barely have bread on my table, seriously can we start a revolution?


what a disaster, another reason to move to cleveland!!


Joejoe, it’s not a new tax. it’s just a loophole closed. and the federal Gov isn’t involved at all in sales tax (so far…)


time to order that TV from amazon


We need to promote the tax-free alternative’s to Amazon, as they “close the loop”


@Joejoe: yo, California has already been collecting sales tax on your amazon purchases. all that changed is that now you know about it.


Ebay is the way to go


thanks for the post – time to order the goodies we’ve been waiting on.


Consumer collection is enforced once a consumer is audited. This is from a former state tax auditor I spoke to.


will this apply to Zappos, as it is owned by amazon?



are they asking for your credit card statments? if so it can be real trouble…


thanks for the info, i relayed it to other sites. good info to get out there.


Wow. This stinks.

Tec Analyzer

B&H charges tax only in NY.
drop amazon. and will use ebay as my case covers protecters and accessories sloping place.


Amazon only collects sales tax in CA on goods sold by Amazon. Independent sellers selling on Amazon may or may not collect CA sales tax on products.


MAC: That’s true for all states.



Couldn’t you get a Ink Card and purchase AZ GC and use those to purchase? 5X at OD and how would they know what your purchased?


Would they accept tax exempt (resale) status? Would that throw me off prime?


Very annoying- I always paid the Safe Harbor tax (one sum to cover all internet tax) at the end of the year, plus sales tax on expensive (>$100) purchases. Now will I have to pay taxes on Amazon goods (big percentage of my online shopping) AND the Safe Harbor tax for the other sites? Way more expensive.


If you use gift cards do they charge tax?


@ baby

yes they do


I do not think that you will pay tax on diapers/wipes.
Anyone from NY can confirm?


I don’t have amazon Mom, but I’ve shipped diapers to NY, they do collect tax ~4.4%