Today Only: Save On Board Games From Amazon; Save On The Oregon Trail, Stratego, And More

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Today Only: Save On Board Games From Amazon

Sale valid until 11:59pm PST or while supplies last.

Sample deals:

Post what deals you find!

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Besides Stratego, I haven’t heard of most of these games. What does anyone recommend for teenagers?


It’s not here but settlers of Catan rocks

Ilan Cohn

Below are my suggestions as far as things that can be picked up by teens – thinking early teens, late teens can handle much more complex games (of which there are several very good ones on that list, if that’s what you’re looking for)

– Forbidden Island/Desert (beginner/intermediate) are excellent cooperative games by Matt Leacock. Forbidden Sky is the “expert” version, but is largely regarded as not as good. F.D. is considered the best of the series but F.I. is a good entry level game.
– Kingdomino is also an excellent family domino-style game.
– Onitama is chess-lite abstract.
– Santorini is another excellent abstract game, but this isn’t a great price for it.
– Castle Panic is a fun cooperative silly game

To decide how much you like any of these, 2 youtube channels you can check for decent reviews/playthrough are Rahdo and The Dice Tower. For “How to Play” try the channel Watch it Played.


Santorini, which is on the list, is an excellent strategy game with very durable pieces for 2-4 players. (If you search by name on Amazon, you can find it even cheaper. I see one for $16.99 with free shipping from seller VM Express.) Not listed here but also excellent and durable is Azul. For more complex strategy games, try Istanbul, 7 Wonders, Castles of Burgundy, Power Grid, or Isle of Skye. For very advanced strategy (like 2-4 hours per game with lots of moving pieces and many decisions to make), try Tzolk’in or Dominant Species.


The Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food looks like it comes with floppy disks. I wouldn’t even be able to use them because we got rid of our floppy disk readers about 15 years ago


“4 Retro Coasters (just for fun)”


@Liz, people really like Photosynthesis posted above.

Also, Azul is on sale:

Not my favorite game but still a good one.

If you’re looking for an excellent game: Splendor!!!! Easy to learn and fun to play, with business strategy. It’s on sale somewhat.

Ilan Cohn

You can regularly get Splendor for closer to $20, don’t get it for $30, but a good suggestion. That’s an OK price for Azul but not fantastic.


Good to know about Splendor. Can you tell me where to look out? I’d love to get more as gifts (BEST GAME!)


Stratego is really cheap


Wow, thanks everyone!

not dan

stratego not available!