More Accounts Targeted: Use 1 AMEX Membership Rewards Point And Get 20% Off Anything Sold From Amazon!

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Update, 6/30: More people have been targeted for this promotion, so check again now to see if you have been targeted.

I was originally not targeted on my primary Amazon Prime account, but I was targeted on my Amazon Prime Free Household account, so be sure to check or add a household account.

I deleted my AMEX Membership Rewards cards from my primary Amazon account last week and then immediately enrolled it again. My primary account wasn’t targeted right away, but it has been targeted today, so now I have this offer on both of my Amazon Prime accounts. I’m not sure if that’s due to additional targeting or because of removing and adding the card, but give it a try and see for yourself!

Originally posted on 6/25:

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This offer is targeted to select users. If it doesn’t work for you then you can try calling Amazon (888-280-4331) or chatting with Amazon and see if you can get it manually applied to your account…YMMV!

You can also try linking your American Express Membership Rewards card to your Amazon account and check back in a couple days to see if you become targeted.

If you clip the “Click here to activate” coupon via this link it will tell you if you are targeted to save 20% off anything sold from Amazon when you redeem 1 AMEX Membership Rewards Point.

Last year this promotion stacked with some Prime Day sales and made for some incredible deals as it took 20% off of the original price. Last year this promotion also was able to be used before Prime Day and then again on Prime Day.

You can link your American Express Membership Rewards card to your Amazon account by clicking here.

Once you do that, just add items that are shipped and sold from Amazon to your cart. This won’t work for items sold by 3rd parties.

You can save up to $50 off $250 with this offer.

You can use this offer on multiple orders until you reach $50 in max savings.

This offer expires 7/16.

This will only work with AMEX cards that earn Membership Rewards points, including:

  • AMEX Blue Business Plus
  • AMEX Platinum Business
    • $595 annual fee, earn 1.5 points per dollar on eligible $5K+ transactions, $200 in annual airline fee credits, $200 in annual Dell credits, 1 year WeWork Global Office Space, Marriott and Hilton Gold status, 35% points rebate on paid airfare redemptions, Global Entry/Pre-check, AMEX Global lounge collection access.
    • For rates and fees of the AMEX Platinum Business Card, please visit here.
  • AMEX Gold Business Card
  • AMEX Gold Consumer Card
    • $250 annual fee, 40K points welcome bonus, $100 in annual airline fee credits, earn up to 4 points per dollar.
  • AMEX Platinum Consumer Card
    • $550 annual fee, up to 60K points welcome bonus, earn 5 points per dollar on airfare, $200 in annual airline fee credits, up to $200 in annual Uber credit, up to $100 in annual Saks credit, Marriott and Hilton Gold status, Global Entry/Pre-check, AMEX Global lounge collection access.
  • AMEX Everyday Preferred Consumer Card
    • $95 annual fee, up to 20K points welcome bonus, earn between 1.5-4.5 points per dollar everywhere with 30+ monthly transactions.
  • AMEX Everyday Consumer Card
    • No annual fee, up to 15K points welcome bonus, earn between 1.2-2.4 points per dollar everywhere with 20+ monthly transactions.

Save 20% on Amazon deals such as deals found here.

If you have multiple Amazon accounts, you should try to save this offer to all of them before the offer fills up.

If you are also targeted for the $30 off $60 offer then Amazon will give you the better offer at checkout, so if your order is between $60-$149.99 you will get the $30 off promo, while other orders will get the 20% off promo.

Gift cards sold by Amazon that work for this promotion include:

At checkout select the Membership Rewards card that you linked.

You may need to click “Change” by the credit card at checkout if it’s showing a different default credit card.

On the final checkout page click on “Apply rewards points” and enter $0.01 to use 1 point to save 1 cent (Don’t use more than 1 point as buying on Amazon only gives a paltry value of 0.7 cents per AMEX point!):

For example I added $250 of Uber gift cards and got the $50 off with the 20% off AMEX Promo and $0.01 from the 1 point used at checkout:

You can also try linking your AMEX card to another Amazon account and see if it works from there as well!

What will you buy with 20% off?

HT: Joel2, via DDF

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Will this deactivate the $30 off $60 promo that I haven’t use up ?


God point!
Might be that’s why I’m not targeted on a prime account.


Seems like this may be valid on Prime Day


0/4 accounts targeted.



Any way?

Any way you can post a screenshot of the actual offer? TIA


Activated. Thank you Dan!


i think they’re doing a better job limiting offers to 1 per card; only 1 account was targeted even though other accounts had the same card


Targeted, Thanks JJ!

Henry Cohen

Anybody targeted? Tried me and my wife. Nope. Tried chatting with Amazon and they said they have no access and it’s all automatically done.

Dan, how have you had success getting Amazon to apply it?


Same here, Amazon said I should contact Amex instead

Prime day

Prime day deals getting in gearrr

Yitz Weiss

Thanks! In for $150 in Uber & $100 Netflix!


2/2 thanks.


i still have the 30 off 60 you posted on the amex deal that I did not get around to use do i lose that now

Deal Guy

Do you usually need to have active prime to be eligible for these offers?


would l lose this offer or the 30 off 60 offer if i had to cancel before it shipped out or does it go back to my account?


are all your amazon prime accounts targeted for this promo,dan ? or only some are?


Can you please explain how you can use this offer, if possible, by paying with 1 Amex point and the balance with existing Amazon gift card credit already loaded into your account? I’d like to buy more amazon gift cards with this offer if possible.


Nice camera flash, to replace a battery-damaged one


I got both offers ($30 and 20%) on my household account but not on the primary account.


If I wasn’t targeted now, does that mean that I probably won’t be targeted on Prime day?


My spg doesnt work with this but I have new bonvoy business amex card, will that work for membership rewards?


Thanks Dan! Targeted.


Thanks, targeted on one account! Just got a pair of AirPods at a discount!


None of my 3 accounts were eligible.
Hope they expand it to more accounts b4 prime day.


For some reason I’m never targeted , did anybody figured out what type of accounts they’re targeting?


Unfortunately I was not targeted this time and the previous promotion as well. I email Amazon back and forth. They claim that this after comes from Amex, and it completely up to them who’s targeted for this promo, not Amazon. Anything else that can be done? I


Auto correct and word prediction didn’t really help much here… But I believe you get what I meant to say…




When is prime day? Yes


Bummer, still wasn’t targeted. I’m going to remove my MR cards now and enroll them again, like you suggest. Do you think they’ll target more people on Prime Day???

Mountain Man

More have been targeted

Michael Farhi

how many times can i use this offer once redeemed?


Will i lose the $30 off $60 if i delete my amex card and then re-enroll?


I called amazon and they said I had to call Amex. Called Amex and they said I had to call Amazon! Stuck in a loop. Tried deactivating and reactivating card to no avail. Any ideas what to do now?


Just chatted with Amazon. They said that if I used points within the past year I cant get this promotion. Anyone else had this issue?


Can the Amex discount be spread over several orders? If so, how?