Sunlite Kosher Certified ShabBulb, Shabbat Permissible LED Light Bulb, For $18.71 From Amazon After 25% Off Code!


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Sunlite Kosher Certified ShabBulb, Shabbat Permissible LED Light Bulb, For $18.71 From Amazon After 25% Off Code!

Use 25% off code: 25SHABBULB

This was selling for $24.95 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever on Amazon.

These are fantastic for home lamps and for travel!

-OU Kosher certified for use on Shabbos.

  • This A19 household bulb has an Easy slide lever to hide, reveal and dim light making it permissible to use on Shabbat. This LED light bulb produces a warm white illumination like the classic incandescent bulb. This bulb is mechanically dimmable.
  • No special hardware, lamp, or light fixture necessary to operate this light bulb. Light bulb fits any medium base bedside lamp, living room lamp, or any other lighting fixture.
  • Reading in the dark or sleeping in light doesn’t make for a restful Shabbat. Whether you’re home or traveling, the ShabBulb offers manual light control without compromise.
  • This Multi-volt (110-240 Volts) bulb makes it compatible with international fixtures, making it ideal for travel or a great gift for anyone.
  • Endorsed and Certified by the OU, Belz Kosher Supervision and many other Orthodox rabbis, See packaging for details.
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There should be a deal, Buy One ‘Lace Shietel’ – Get One Shabbos Permissible Light Bulb (Lol)


What’s the difference between a ShabBulb and a Shabbos lamp?


If you have a Shabbos lamp you don’t need this. This seems to perform the same function – instead of turning the housing on the lamp, you turn the shield on the bulb.


Unless you want to use this in a regular lamp. Or you want some of these bulbs to travel with.


This gives way better light in a regular lamp than the Shabbos Lamp does.

Better light



from what i have heard ,there are poskim who prohibit this based on the fact that unlike a shabbos lamp where the cover is a detatched seperate object ,this cover is somewhat screwed /latched on and is muktza because its part of the kli.this was a while back so i dont remember exact details/reasons or names but i know when it came out there were rabbonim who prohibited. bkitzur AYLOR


It actually was made specifically in a way that the cover is easily removable, for this reason.




FYI, We find that the ShabBulb and Kosher Lamp work in complementery ways.

We first tried the the ShabBulb in a lamp and it worked fine. Then we moved it to a ceiling light fixture (a ceiling fan on an 8 foot ceiling, where the open light fixtures are about 7 ft off the ground and are within easy reach from the floor). We find that it gives MUCH more light from a ceiling fixture when it was in a lamp. One ShabBulb is all we need to light our bedroom. This way we can leave our ceiling light on for Shabbos and use the light and “turn off” the ShabBulb when we wnat o go to sleep.

However, dimming the bulb (with the built-in lever) in teh ceiling is NOT the same as dimming it in the lamp, as it gives a weird dusk-like light when it is partially closed , so we also have a Kosher Lamp to use at night when all we want is dimmable lamp light.

David Staum

What hechsher? And is it pareve? Milchig? If it’s pareve, was it prepared in fleishig kelim? Need to know before I sautee it.


Just like some vegetables (i.e. broccoli) need a Hechsher but not because vegetables (in Chul) have issues of treif or fleishigs but because of bugs also other things need a Hechsher for various other reasons. A sheitel can possibly need a Hechsher that its not made out of Indian hair or an investment may need a Hechsher that there’s no problem of Ribbis involved. Because this lightbulb appears to be allowing one to turn off a light of Shabbos, the makers (smartly) decided to get some Rabbinic OK before they started marketing it. Smart product, smart marketing.


Using this ShabBulb requires more “work” than flipping a switch.


Walking to shul is also more “work” than driving to shul.
What’s your point?


It’s interesting how modern people interpret ancient literature

High school mathematician

I don’t think so.
Work = mass x acceleration x distance.
The mass of your car is almost certainly more than the mass of a person.


Or, work=calories burned?

Mordy 13

Just Bought one , Thank you . The product works great !

Nate nate

For those who aren’t jewish, can confirm my understanding of how this works. My understanding is that a turning on a light bulb isn’t allowed on the Sabbath, but utilizing a light bulb already on is okay. Does this just cover / uncover the bulb using the slide lever? And the bulb stays on underneath the cover? I’m curious, so please respectfully educate me.


You got it 🙂

Charles Kuttner

On the comment of these bulbs being brighter than a Kosher Lamp—they are, but the Kosher Travel Lamp is amazing, almost uncomfortably bright, but the shade can go to a somewhat reduced position.




Wouldn’t take discount