In Stock: [Now Free After Reimbursement From Insurance] BinaxNOW COVID‐19 Antigen At Home Self Test 2 Pack For $19.38 From Amazon

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Update: Alive again, the US Government announced that up to 8 monthly home COVID tests per person must be reimbursed by insurance companies. Read this post to see the full details and contact your insurance provider to for reimbursement details.

Update: DEAD!

In Stock: BinaxNOW COVID‐19 Antigen At Home Self Test 2 Pack For $20.89 From Amazon!

This is not valid for travel.

  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: The BinaxNOW Self Test from Abbott requires just a shallow nasal swab that you can do yourself; includes easy-to-follow instructions
  • SEE RESULTS IN 15 MINUTES: Convenient, fast results anytime, anywhere; no need for a prescription or sending to a lab
  • FOR AGES 2 TO ADULT: The self-test is indicated for children as young as 2 years old when administered by an adult, and for all people 15 and older to self-administer
  • DESIGNED TO DETECT ACTIVE COVID-19 INFECTION: Includes 2 tests that are indicated for serial testing—simply test yourself twice within 3 days, at least 36 hours apart; designed to detect active infection with or without symptoms
  • FOR PERSONAL USE: Does not include a virtual visit for certified digital test results. For proof of negative COVID-19 test, the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test may be a better choice.
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Can this be used within 72 hours to enter Canada?


“This is not valid for travel”


$14 at Walmart (in-store, pickup, or free ship $35+ order).


Shows sold out on their site.


That may be for your local store(s) or for delivery. Try changing stores, as showing available for pickup at all my local stores (central IL). Seem to be a hot item to no surprise, but also replenished quickly I’ve noticed in the last 3 months.

Bronx Mama

Dead again


Back in stock on amazon! Alive again!


What is the point of these if tests are free at any health center?






As someone asked earlier, what do you do with this product? 1. It’s not for travel. 2. It’s not a certified test, which would be necessary for return to school/work 3. It’s free to do a formalized and approved test at a pharmacy or clinic.


Perfect for OCD


Some people test to see if they have covid, not just because theu are required to show a negative test!
Not everyone lives near or can easily get to a clinic. Sometimes test sites end up charging you or your insurance for medical fees (even if not for the test ) and it can be time consuming to straighten it out.
The tests are accurate enough (especially the Binax brand) that you can do a quick easy test , no shlepping with kids or late at night, and be pretty sure you’re ok. They recommend testing a couple of days apart for even greatet accuracy. And if you do test positive, you can immediately avoid going to work or school or shul or an elderly relative’s house and potentially infecting others (but go for a confirming pcr test). Some people use them before large gatherings and simchas to lessen the chance that anyone attending is infectious.
Obviously if you don’t need them, don’t buy them that leaves more for those who want them.


Alive again




Out of stock


Why do you have this link on as amazon is out of stock..Are you just aiming for the referral link if we buy anything else in Amazon and you get a commission..not cool Dan

Ed Travel

Dead again…


sold out on amazon again but in stock on walmart for the same price

Why buy

If you wait, Biden is making home test kits free soon


True – if you wait long enough Biden and his cronies will make everything free

Heshy T Eichkeichel



Thanks so much Dan!!!! Just sent to hard hit family in NY.


And dead… Unfortunately


Do you get reimbursed for 4 or 8 boxes?


8 tests (4 boxes) per person.


Useless and I also threw out the ihealth free testing kit that I received today from usps cos I learnt that it is useless for travel . Why test myself for covid for no reason when I am not around very Ill and elderly people ?I don’t test myself for cold so no reason to test myself for covid


I understand that you don’t feel like you need the tests. But I hope that instead of throwing them out you gave them to someone with children in school or who are around elderly or chronically ill family.




Was anyone reimbursed already?


reimbursed twice already from United Health Care


Anyone get reimbursed on NJ Amerigroup?